How to Travel from Guangzhou to Guilin / Guilin to Guangzhou 2024

Since Guilin is so famous for its picturesque landscape under heaven, and Guangzhou is also a hot gateway city with easy ways to fly in and out to other countries and regions, a lot of visitors also choose to transfer from Guangzhou to Guilin or from Guilin to Guangzhou. Only 390 kilometers away, Guangzhou in Guangdong and Guilin in Guangxi, both cities in South China belong to two provinces that are neighboring; therefore, you don’t worry about wasting much time on the transportation between the two popular tourist destinations in China. Normally, it needs about 5.5-6.5 hours to get to Guilin from Guangzhou by car, and the driving distance is about 480-670km. However, for most travelers from overseas, we suggest you to go by Guangzhou Guilin high speed trains, buses, etc. to save time and budget and also in comfort.

Guangzhou Guilin High Speed Train

For individual travellers, travelling by Guangzhou Guilin highs speed train is the most recommended way! As the fast bullet trains run only nearly 2.5-3 hours, and frequent over 45 trains operate during 07:00-20:15 from daytime till night daily, such transfer is the most time-saving and easiest-to-choose one. Among all Guangzhou Guilin trains, all G trains use Guangzhou South Railway Station for departure for Guilin and Arrival from Guilin. Please check the detailed Guilin to Guangzhou / Guangzhou to Guilin train schedule at below.

Guangzhou to Guilin Train

From To Frequency Duration Price (¥)
Guangzhou South Guilin West Station /
Guilin North /
Guilin Station
43 daily trains during 07:00-20:15 About 2.5-5.5 hours 156.0-235.5 for 2nd class seat;
250.0-376.0 for 1st class seat;
395.0 for business class seat
Guangzhou Station Guilin West Station /
Guililn North Station
5 daily trains during 07:30-19:30 About 2.5-3 hours 119.0-172.0 for 2nd class seat;
191.0-176.0 for 1st class seat

Guilin to Guangzhou Train

From To Frequency Duration Price (¥)
Guilin North Station Guangzhou South Station /
Guangzhou Station
12 daily trains during 07:30-20:00 2.5-3 hours 124.0-157.0 for 2nd class seat;
198.0-264.0 for 1st class seat;
495.0 for business class seat
Guilin Station Guangzhou South Station 6 daily trains during 09:00-16:15 About 3 hours 170.5 for 2nd class seat;
274.0 for 1st class seat;
512.5 for business class seat
Guilin West Station Guangzhou South Station /
Guangzhou Station
About 27 daily trains during 10:40-21:00 About 2.5-3 hours 156.0-164.0 for 2nd class seat;
250.0-263.0 for 1st class seat;
493.0 for business class seat

Optional Guangzhou to Guilin Overnight Normal Train

Besides Guangzhou Guilin bullet trains in daytime, there is also one normal K-train riding between Guangzhou Railway Station and Guilin North Railway Station, which launches at night and arriving in the next morning. The train runs for about 11 hours and the prices are not high, so individual visitors who are planning a Guangzhou Guilin tour based on budget can consider to take the overnight normal train to save some money from the accommodation. Please check the detailed train schedule of each direction.

From - To Station Departure - Arrival Duration Price (¥)
Guangzhou to Guilin Guangzhou Station - Guilin North Station About 18:50 - 06:00 About 11 hours 112.0 for hard seat;
194.0 for hard berth;
357.0 for soft berth
Guilin to Guangzhou Guilin North Station - Guangzhou Station 20:50-07:50

(Note: the above train time, number, stations and ticket fees are only for your reference, which may be adjusted according to practical situation.)

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Guangzhou Railway Stations

Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station have trains to and from Guilin City. Guangzhou South Station is located at Shibi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong (广州市番禺区石壁街道 - 广州南站), which is about 50 minutes’ driving distance from the city center and about 1 hour and 10-20 minutes to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. And usually, it takes 0.5 hour from the city center by local Metro Line 2. While Guangzhou Railway Station is located in the downtown, at No.159, Huanshi West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区环市西路159号 - 广州站). Such station is about 30-38 kilometers’ driving distance from Baiyun Airport for about 35-40 minutes. And it needs only 15 minutes to Yuexiu Park and only 18 minutes to Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall by Metro Line 2.

Guilin Railway Stations

All three Guilin railway stations serve for Guilin Guangzhou high speed trains. Among them, Guilin North Railway Station is at No.6 Zhanqian Road, Diecai District, Guilin (桂林市叠彩区站前路6号 - 桂林北站), about 40-50 minutes’ driving distance (about 9-11km) from city center. Guilin Railway Station is the nearest one, just located at No.39, Zhongshan South Road, Guilin (桂林市中山南路39号 – 桂林站) in the downtown and about 10 minutes to driver to Elephant Trunk Hill. Guilin West Railway Station is the farthest one, which is located at Zhuangshang Village, Dingjiang Town, Lingchuan County, Guilin (桂林市灵川县定江镇庄上村 - 桂林西站), and needs about 50-60 minutes to drive for about 15 kilometers from city center. For more detailed location map and transportation between the railway stations and your hotels as well as major tourist areas, please check more about Guilin Railway Stations.

Guangzhou to Guilin Bus

Guangzhou and Guilin also operate distance bus to each other. The buses will take about 5.5 hours between. Usually, from Guangzhou, it start at about 17:30 from Guangzhou Passenger Station and 18:30 from Luochongwei Passenger Station; from Guilin, there are about 3 buses to Guangzhou, please check the detailed bus schedule of some suitable buses at below.

From - To Departure Station Departure Time Duration Ticket(¥)
Guangzhou - Guilin Guangzhou City Passenger Station 17:30 About 5.5 hours 160
Guangzhou Luochongwei Passenger Station 18:30 150
Guilin to Guangzhou Guilin Qintan Passenger Station 10:00; 15:00; 18:00 140 / 160

(Note: the above bus time, number, stations and ticket fees are only for your reference, which may be adjusted according to practical situation.)

Guangzhou Bus Stations

In Guangzhou, there are two major stations served for Guangzhou Guilin buses. Guangzhou City Passenger Station is located at No.158, Huanshi West Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, just facing Guangdong Provincial Passenger Station (广州市荔湾区环市西路158号 (省汽车站对面) - 广州市汽车客运站). Also, it is very close to Guangzhou Railway Station, and usually needs about 20 minutes from the city center by car. While Guangzhou Luochongwei Passenger Station is situated at No.251-255, Zengcha Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (广州市白云区增槎路251-255号 - 罗冲围汽车客运站) and needs about 15 minutes to drive from the city center.

Guilin Bus Stations

Qintan Bus Station is the major used bus station in Guilin for buses to Guangzhou. It is located at No.31, Xiangshan District, Guilin (桂林市象山区翠竹路31号 - 琴潭汽车客运站) in downtown area, which needs about 10-15 minutes to drive about 4km to Elephant Trunk Hill.

Guangzhou to Guilin Flight

At present, there is no direct flight between Guangzhou and Guilin. All the flights available for booking need some layover or transfer at a third destination in China. Therefore, considering the very long time and much higher prices, we still suggest you choose to get to Guilin from Guangzhou by train or bus in order to travel more relaxedly.

How to Travel Guangzhou and Guilin

Guangzhou is one if the 4 gateway metropolises in China to welcome numerous visitors to China! Lying in the warm southern China, this city is recommended to be visited all year round to savor its typical traditional Lingnan culture, a series of historical and cultural relics about the thriving and opening to the world of China during the past decades. Most importantly, as a famous heaven for gourmet, Guangzhou is so attractive to mark its countless delicacy and dim sum into your must-do list before your traveling. For most visitors first to Guangzhou, we recommend you spend 2-3 days visiting the most renowned and essential Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall, Ancestral Temple of Chen Family, Yuexiu Park, etc. Also, you can have some leisure time to see the Canton Tower and enjoy the food offered along the very hold arcade-houses.

However, as Guilin has long been world famous for its painting-like sightseeing of water and hills, you can plan 3-6 days to see its different kinds of wonders and enjoy its laid-back life style according to your schedule. No matter how long you stay there, your must-visits are Li River by the cruise, Yulong River with idyllic countryside view in Yangshuo Town, etc. If you can stay in Guilin for over 3 days, we suggest you visit Longji Rice Terraces to see the talented artistic agricultural work of local ethnic minority villagers and enjoy the wonderful Reed Flute Cave in the city area.

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Worry-free Travel with China Discovery

To travel in Guangzhou and Guilin and transfer between the two popular places without any worry about the transportation, you can choose to enjoy our transfer service, and our local guide and driver would well arrange every step to provide you a comfortable trip from pick you up, escort you among the attractions and top destinations like Longji Rice Terraces, Li River in Yangshuo, Sun Yatsen Memorail Hall and Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, etc. to send you off to your next destination or home. Therefore, you could pay more attention to the wonderful highlights on the way. If you are interested, please feel free to ask our professional travel expert for details.

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