Things to Do in Yangshuo

In Yangshuo, miles of mountains and rivers meandering, idyllic scenery is wonderfully paved in this distinctive karst land. A famous writer in Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD), described its river as "the emerald belt" and the mountains as "jade hammers". The Li River in Yangshuo stretches out for more than 100 kilometers.

There are plenty of attractions, such as the Yulong River, Moon Hill, Xingping Ancient Town, Xianggong Mountain, etc. Besides the scenic spots in nature, the show "Impression Sanjie Liu" and West Street are also worthwhile spending time on. Here we offer some top-recommended Yangshuo attractions and activities for your reference.

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Cycling at Yangshuo Countryside

No.1 Cycling at Yangshuo Countryside

Type: Outdoor Activities

Location: Yangshuo, Yangshuo County

Yangshuo perhaps is the most famous county with distinctive views of karst formation. The former US president Carter has been here, biking with his wife along the Ten-Mile gallery. Cycling at Yangshuo Countryside is still the best way to enjoy the scenery of it and also the picturesque Yulong River. Renting a bike, cycling with the one you love, and enjoying the idyllic views in a restful afternoon, will become a memorable experience in your lifetime. If biking around the longer Yulong River route, you will have a lot of chances to ride through the ancient villages to experience the lifestyles of the locals and for biking along the Ten-Mile gallery is only about 5km with the essential attractions of Yangshuo, such as the Big Banyan Tree and the Moon Hill.

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Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

No.2 Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

Type: Outdoor Activities

Location: Yulong River, Yangshuo County

The Yulong River is so limpid and clean that you can even tell, by naked eyes, the water plants and fish vibrantly living upon the shallow riverbed which covered with pebbles. Resting on the bamboo chairs, the boatman slowly rowing the bamboo raft, you just need enjoy this leisure time peacefully, passing through the picturesque scenery with the flowing river, feeling the tranquility of nature. The reflection of wavy mountains, green trees, emerald bamboos embraces you on both sides. The ripples caused by bamboo rafts echos with your heartbeat in this idyllic world that purifies and takes away all your anxiety and pressure. Especially the scenery from Shuiedi wharf (水厄底码头 Pinyin: Shuiedimatou) to Gongnong Bridge is the essence of the bamboo rafting on Yulong River. Check more about Bamboo Rafting experience in Yangshuo.

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Hiking along Yulong River/Moon Hill

No.3 Hiking along Yulong River/Moon Hill

Type: Outdoor Activities

Location: Yangshuo, Yangshuo County

The road for hiking is well-paved , with trees and flowers planted on both sides. You can see the locals farming in the field, appreciate the reflection on the river, get refreshed in the fragrant air with birds chirping upon your ears. A vast of stretch of golden rape blossoms greet you in early spring. Autumn scenery is also very pastoral and pleasant. To finish the whole hiking section of Yulong River needs about 2.5-3 hours. It is recommended to visit the essence section of Yulong River, namely, the section from waterwheel sidewalk (水车步道 Pinyin: Shuichebudao) to Shuiedi wharf (水厄底码头 Pinyin: Shuiedimatou). You can see waterwheels, vivid reflections, rippling river carrying bamboo rafts. Compared with other sightseeing ways, hiking is also the safest and most cost-effective.

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Sightseeing Bus at Yulong River & Ten-Mile Gallery

No.4 Sightseeing Bus at Yulong River & Ten-Mile Gallery

The sightseeing bus in Yangshuo is not available in 2024!

Type: Outdoor Activities, Sightseeing

Location: Yulong River & Ten-Mile Gallery, Yangshuo County

If you can't go hiking or biking, don't hesitate to take the sightseeing bus to enjoy the scenery of Yulong River and Ten-Mile Gallery. There are double-deck buses, running safely. Some buses are totally enclosed, while others are convertible. Every other sightseeing bus leaves in 20 minutes. The bus running along Yulong River departs from Chaoyang Wharf and arrives at Gongnong Bridge. There are Chinese broadcasting tips at different stops on buses in the Yulong River section. For buses visiting Ten-Mile Gallery, the site prompts are bilingual in Chinese and English. The bus ticket for the both sights is CNY 20 per person per day. You can enjoy the scenery outside window on the bus or get off anywhere you want to enjoy the scenery and then get on the next sightseeing bus.

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Watching Impression Sanjie Liu

No.5 Watching Impression Sanjie Liu

Type: Concerts & Shows, Performances

Location: Lijiang Shanshui Theater, Yangshuo County

You may have watched operas in the theater, but Impression Sanjie Liu is a performance in the open space and the backdrop is the picturesque Yangshuo scenery. It is just one mile away from the west street and has been performed over 10 years for thousands of times by hundreds of professional dancers. Sanjie Liu is a fairy lady with incomparable beautiful voice in Zhuang people’s legend stories. She is a famous representative singer known by every household of Guilin and even the whole China. The featured music and spectacular stage effect in the nature, and the stunning performance and lighting attract tourists to watch it and get to understand the virtues of Zhuang People’s culture in an artistic way.

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Chinese Food Cooking Class

No.6 Chinese Food Cooking Class

Type: Chinese Food, Vegetarian Friendly

Location: Chengzong Road, Yangshuo County

Besides the scenery, Yangshuo cuisine is also very distinctive. There are some restaurants offering such Chinese cooking class. Professional chefs who speak fluent English will take you to the West Street local market to buy vegetables, to help you get to know the dishes and ingredients, then go back to the restaurant. After the preparation, the chef will guide and teach you in details. When finished, the dishes can be served as your lunch/dinner in the restaurant. The Yangshuo Cooking Class takes about three hours and costs about CNY 100. It usually cooks four dishes. There are some common Chinese dishes, such as Gongpao Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork, and specialties in Guilin such as Mint & Beef and Beer Stewed Fish.

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Photography at Xianggong Mountain

No.7 Photography at Xianggong Mountain

Type: Photography at Xianggong Mountain

Location: Xiangong Mountain, Yangshuo County

Xianggong Mountain is a famous scenic spot and photographic spot in Guilin. The ticket is about 60 yuan. Looking down from the mountain top, you can see the mountains scattered magnificently, and Li River like a green ribbon lingering among the green mountains. In the rainy season, standing in the cloud and mist and enjoying the heavenly view are like living in a traditional Chinese ink painting. The most famous sight here is the sunrise. Watching the sun rising and the sun ray gradually falling upon the peaks, you can't help but marvel at the wonder of nature. A random shoot here is a wonderful picture of the scenery. However, there may be a lot of people taking pictures. Most photographers will set up machines in advance before the dawn to capture the great scenery. Check more about Yangshuo photography.

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Local Family Visiting
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No.8 Local Family Visiting

Type: Outdoor Activities, Points of Interest

Location: Jima Village, Yangshuo County

Biking along Yulong River, you will see many villages with different ethnic cultural features. Pan’s family is a representative traditional family in Jima village, Yangshuo. You can see ancient wells, traditional farming implements, ancient household goods of the local farmers, and get to know the structure of this house, including halls, bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms. You can also participate in activities such as grinding soybean milk, dressing in straw rain cape, taking pictures and so on, by which you can get to understand the life style of farmers here more. Although it is a century-old house, it is still well maintained. The host is hospitable and often share his homemade fruits and nuts with the visitors. If you are interested in local housing and want to experience the lifestyle of the local family, undoubtedly, this is a good opportunity. It is suggested that the host can be given about CNY 20 as tips to appreciate his hospitality.

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Taichi Class

No.9 Taichi Class

Type: Outdoor Activities, Classes & Workshops, Sports Camps & Clinics

Location: 88 Jima Village, Yangshuo County

Taichi is a kind of traditional Chinese Kungfu. If you want to experience Chinese culture through Taichi, there is a traditional Taichi school having Taichi classes open for overseas Kungfu learners in Jima village, Yangshuo. Professional Kungfu masters will teach you, and help you restore the inner peace and harmony, irregardless of your gender, age, and previous knowledge about it. Practicing Taichi in a picturesque environment will be an excellent travelling experience.

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Calligraphy Class

No.10 Calligraphy Class

Type: Classes & Workshops

Location: Jima Village, Yangshuo County

AS an unique oriental art, Chinese calligraphy and painting have a long history over 2000 years. using the traditional brush pen and ink stone, watching the demonstration of experienced Chinese teacher, you will be able to finish pieces of Chinese calligraphy/painting work to bring home as meaningful souvenirs, in the calligraphy and painting class in Yangshuo. If you are interested in art and Chinese culture, it is a class you can get to know what is deeper beyond the great land.

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