Chengdu to Guilin/Guilin to Chengdu Transfer Guide 2024

Chengdu is located in the west of China, and Guilin is down to the south, and the geological span covers about 1136km/706mi, including about 4 provinces. Though the distance from Chengdu to Guilin is comparatively long, it is still quite convenient to take a flight or high speed bullet train there, and the two cities are usually planned together in one tour to bring you different facets of China, a laid-back land in Chengdu where giant panda lives and distinctive karst landscapes in Guilin.

Chengdu Guilin Flight

There are still some flights departing from Chengdu to Guilin all year around, though the number is not as great as the train's. It usually takes about 2 hours for a non-stop flight. All the flights arrive/ depart at Terminal 2 of Guilin Liangjiang Airport, due to the temporary maintaining process in Terminal 1. Similarly, almost all the flights depart/ arrive at Terminal 2 of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. The followings are 4 recommended Chengdu Guilin flights for your reference.

Chengdu to Guilin/Guilin to Chengdu Flight Schedules

Flight Route Dep. ~ Arr. Terminal Flight ScheduledDep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Frequency
Chengdu to Guilin Chengdu Shangliu (T2) → Guilin Liangjiang (T2) SC4764 11:45~13:30 1h 45min SMTWTFS
CA4323 19:15~20:55 1h 40min
Guilin to Chengdu Guilin Liangjiang (T2) → Chengdu Shangliu (T2) SC4763 08:45~10:30 1h 45min
CA4324 21:45~23:35 1h 50min

Note: Since the information always changes, please don't hesitate to contact us to get the updated flight schedules.

Where to take a flight to Guilin/Chengdu

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (成都双流国际机场,IATA: CTU)

Address: Airport North Road, Shuangliu County, Chengdu 成都双流县机场北路

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is in the southwest of Chengdu, 16km/10mi to the city center. It is the busiest aviation hub in to the west region of China. There are two terminals - Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is used for Sichuan Airlines, international flights and flights for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; and Terminal 2 is used for domestic airlines except Sichuan Airlines. Chengdu has become a city offering 144-hour visa free transit for 53 countries since 2019.>> Learn more about Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (桂林两江国际机场, IATA:KWL)

Address: Liangjiang, Lingui District, Guilin, Guangxi 桂林市临桂区两江镇

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is the only airport serving passengers in Guilin. It is located in the southwest suburb of Guilin, Liangjiang, about 28km/17mi to the city center (1h, by car). There is no subway running in Guilin, but you don't need to worry about getting a vehicle to your hotel, since the buses to downtown Guilin are arranged in line with the flight schedules. No matter if you arrive either early in the morning or late till the midnight, there are always buses waiting for you.>> Learn more about Guilin Transportation

Chengdu Guilin High Speed Bullet Train

There are about 24 bullet D trains running between Chengdu and Guilin, and usually the duration for each train is around 7.5 hours. All the bullet trains depart at Chengdu East Railway Station, while arriving at two different stations in Guilin. Similarly, all the bullet trains bounding for Chengdu East Railway Station depart from Guilin West Railway Station and Guilin Railway Station. The earliest train to Guilin starts at around 6:30am, and the last one ends by 2pm. For the 12 bullet trains back to Chengdu almost run between 9am-4pm.

Ticket FYR: Second Class Seat CNY 402; First Class Seat CNY 655

From To Frequency (day) Operating Hours Duration Bullet Train Schedules
Guilin/Guilin West Chengdu East 12 about 09:50-16:00 about 7-8 hours Detailed Schedule >
Chengdu East Guilin/Guilin West 12 about 06:40-14:15 about 6.5-7.5 hours Detailed Schedule >

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Where to take a train to Chengdu/Guilin

Chengdu East Railway Station (Pinyin: Chengdu Dong Zhan 成都东站)

Address: Qingyijiang Rd, Chenghua District, Eastern Chengdu 成都市成华区青衣江路

Chengdu East Railway Station is the most frequently used high speed train station in Chengdu. It is located in the east Chengdu, about 9km/5.6mi to downtown Chengdu (20min by car), 23km/14mi to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (40min by car), 15km/9mi to Chengdu Railway Station (25min by car), 12km/7mi to Chengdu South Railway Station (20min by car). With developed traffic system, tourists can get to the station by Metro Line 2 (from Chunxi Road, Tianfu Square, Renmin Park, Kuanzhai Alley) & Line 7 (at Chengdu North Station, Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu South Railway Station), and airport express from Shuangliu International Airport. >> Check more about Chengdu East Railway Station.>>Learn more about Chengdu Railway Stations

Guilin Railway Station (Pinyin: Guilin Huochezhan 桂林火车站)

Address: 39 Zhongshannan Rd, Guilin 桂林市中山南路39号

It is right in the city center, about 6km/4mi to Li River Cruise Ticket Office (20min by car), 30km/19mi to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (45min by car), 64km/40mi to Yangshuo (1.5h by car). Serving as the foremost train station in Guilin, Guilin Railway Station runs about 100 high speed trains to Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming and other cities every day. It is the nearest train station in downtown Guilin. The station is also called Guilin South Railway Station (Pinyin: Guilin Nan Zhan桂林南站) by the locals, but actually, the formal name is Guilin Railway Station (桂林站) on train ticket.>>Learn more about Guilin Train Stations

Guilin West Railway Station (Pinyin: Guilin Huochexizhan 桂林火车西站)

Address: Zhuangshang Village, Dingjiang Town, Lingchuan County, Guilin 桂林市灵川县定江镇庄上村

Serving as an assistant bullet train station, Guilin West Railway Station is the smallest train station in Guilin. It's about 35km/22mi (35min by car) to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, 10km/6mi to downtown (15 min by car), 7km/4mi to Guilin North Railway Station (15min by car), and 15km/9mi to Guilin Railway Station (30min by car).

How to Travel Chengdu and Guilin

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is a city you never want to leave once you arrive. Reputed as a very "laid-back" city, it is so large and diverse abounding with options. You can go to visit the giant pandas, or more historic sites, such as Jinli Old Street, Wenshu Temple, Three Kingdoms-era Wuhou Temple, appreciate the architecture in Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1840AD) at Kuan-Zhai Alley, or get to the suburb to explore the ancient Dujiangyan Irrigation System. Guilin is also a world-famous scenic city located right to the north of Shenzhen, attracting millions of tourists to come every year to see its spectacular karst landscapes. Either taking a boat on Li River or hiking at Yangshuo and Longsheng Rice Terraces, you will fully enjoy its idyllic beauty. Here is our most recommended Chengdu Guilin Tours that you will explore the real essence sites in China:

>>3 Days Classic Guilin Tour - Guilin Brief Vacation

>>13 Days Chinese Treasures Tour with Panda

>>21 Days China Holiday with Yangtze River Cruise Tour

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Travel with China Discovery

China Discovery provides you worryfree private tour packages which covers sightseeing, dining, tour guide and transfers between Chengdu and Guilin. The tour guide and driver will pick you up at airport, railway station to your Hotel, and escort you all the way to focus on sightseeing and save your time on complicated local transfer. If you have more questions about transportation between Chengdu and Guilin, please free to contact us and our experienced travel consultants are always ready to help!

Idyllic Landscape in Guilin

Idyllic Landscape in Guilin

Chengdu Baby Pandas

Baby Pandas in Chengdu

Recommended Chengdu Guilin Tours

Top 3 Chengdu Guilin tours chosen by most customers to explore Chengdu Guilin in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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