Why Visit Weizhou Island, Guangxi, China?

Weizhou Island is located 21 nautical miles south of the harbour in Beihai City and 36 nautical miles away from the center area of Beihai City. It is the youngest volcanic island in China and the largest island in Guangxi. A bird's eye view from high above, Weizhou Island looks like an arched jade floating in the sea. Weizhou Island is integrated with coral deposits accumulated by volcanic eruption, forming a high and steep landscape in the south of the island, which contrasts sharply with the open and gentle beaches in the north. The coastal water of Weizhou Island is clear and blue. The living corals and precious marine organisms at the bottom are magnificent and magical with a wide variety of species.

Besides enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunset over the sea, taking a leisure island ride, exploring the beautiful sea erosion landscape and taking photos of some distinctive old buildings are also great experiences on the island. If you're looking for something a little bit different, get up early and go out to the sea with local fishermen.

Weizhou Island Attractions

The main characteristics of Weizhou Island are its unique volcanic landform and the beautiful sunrise and sunset landscape, rich ecological species as well as its very special religious and belief culture......

Best Places to Appreciate Sunrise: east side of the Shell Beach, Five Colors Beach (Sunrise time in Summer: 5:00~6:00, in winter 6:00~7:00)

Best Place to Enjoy Sunset: Shiluokou, Dishui Danping, north side of the Shell Beach (Sunset Time in Summer: 19:00, in winter 18:00)

Crocodile Mountain Park (鳄鱼山公园)

Also known as Volcano National Geopark. Weizhou Island Crater is famous for its spectacular volcanic lava and is the main scenic spot on Weizhou Island. Volcanic rocks here are in various shapes, making people marvel at the amazing nature.

The park also has the landmark building of the island, the lighthouse (灯塔), which is the fishermen's guard lamp. Standing on the top of the tower, you can look at the blue coast from the highest point, and on a good day, you can faintly see Beihai City on the far bank. Moon Bay Square (月亮湾广场) is another huge viewing platform. Many couples come here and make a vow of love to the sky and the sea.

Weizhou Island Crocodile Mountain Park

Dishui Danping (滴水丹屏)

Dishui Danping was formerly known as Dishui Rock. The top of the cliff is shaded by trees. Water overflows from cracks in the upper layers, drip, drip, drip, like a hanging bead curtain. The sea near Dishui Danping is blue and clear. After the ebb tide, the sand is fine and smooth, and there are many people swimming here. Dishui Danping is the one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. On clear days, the setting sun will shine the last brilliance at the end of the day, presenting the most gorgeous glow.

Weizhou Island Dishui Danping

Shiluokou Beach (石螺口沙滩)

Shiluokou is the center of recreation at sea, visitors may try sea speed boats. here. The clean sea water is the most attractive part of Shiluokou. Due to its geographical location, the sediment content here is low, so the sea here is as clear as sapphire. When the weather is fine, the magnificent corals and colorful fishes in the sea can be seen clearly. Shiluokou Beach has a steep slope. The waves are undulating significantly, lapping on the beach. The sea breeze blows lazily and makes people feel comfortable.

Weizhou Island Shiluokou Beach

Five Colors Beach (五彩滩)

Five Colors Beach is originally known as the Sesame Beach, because there are many colorful rocks all over the beach, dark brown, bright yellow, inkiness black, egg white, which are interlaced and accumulated layer by layer, solidified and immovable, but not rigid, showing lines like water flow. Besides, there is a 2,000-meter-long and 200-meter-wide beach, with black and white sand grains scattered like sesame seeds, which further confirms its name.

Five Colors Beach is also the most suitable place to see the sunrise in the southeast of Weizhou Island, usually 5:00~6:00, the sun rises from the east. Visitors can see the unique volcanic rock sunrise.

Weizhou Island Five Colors Beach Sunrise

Catholic Church on Weizhou Island (天主教堂)

The local people call it Shengtang Catholic Church. This is the earliest church built in Beihai by the French Parisian Missionary Society. The church is a typical French Renaissance Gothic architecture. On an island with a population of just over 10,000 (more than 3, 000 are religious) it is surprising to have a Catholic Church of such a grand scale.

Weizhou Island Catholic Church on Weizhou Island

Shell Beach (贝壳海滩)

The Shell Beach is the longest beach on Weizhou Island, starting from the east coast of Weizhou Island and ending at the beach where Lanqiao Pier is located. The island's only roundabout road runs from north to east along the shore of Shell Beach, from the roundabout road can enter shell Beach. There are 3 viewing platforms along Shell Beach. It is suitable for swimming and shellfish gathering. The eastern part of Shell Beach is the best place to see the sunrise, while the northwest part of the beach near Lanqiao Pier is a great place to see the sunset.

Huandao Road / Colorful Road (环岛路 / 彩色公路)

Weizhou Island has a ring road, which is the first tourism dedicated colorful asphalt road in Guangxi. The often mentioned Colorful Road is in one section of Huandao Road, from the reservoir dike on the west corner to Shengtang Village Intersection, through the Shell Beach and the Bird Nature Reserve. It is the only road that can see both beach scenery and subtropical rainforest on Weizhou Island. And because the road is flat, with no steep slope, and the surrounding scenery is stunning, it has become the best section for cycling and hiking.

Geological Museum (地质博物馆)

Weizhou Island National Geological Museum is the first Volcanic Geological Museum built on an island in China. A number of functional areas with different functions including volcanic evolution and relics display have been built in the museum. There are 106 volcanic rock samples from Weizhou Island and 50 volcanic rocks from other places in Guangxi, as well as more than 50 kinds of shells and coral samples.

3 Days Weizhou Island Beach Tour

Recommended Routes to Visit Weizhou Island

Traveling to Weizhou Island is mainly to experience the life of fishermen on the island, and to enjoy the natural volcanic landscape and seascape. It is generally recommended to stay one or two nights (2~3 days) on the island. The scenic spots on Weizhou Island are scattered round in the east, west and north, and almost all of them can't be reached by foot. Therefore, the travel route can be divided into east, west and north, three different directions, taking 3 days to visit.

From May to October, the sun is very toxic at noon. It is recommended to stay in the hotel until 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon and then go out to visit scenic spots. So basically, if you prefer a relaxing vacation, visit 2-3 sites a day at most. If you have plenty of time, you can also arrange to stay on the island for more days and try sea fishing.

3 Days Classic Weizhou Island Tour Route

Day 1: Nanwan Port - Dishui Danping & sunset

Day 2: Crocodile Mountain Park - Geological Museum - Monument Square - Huandao Road - Shiluokou

Day 3: Fiver Colors Beach - Catholic Church - Return to Beihai by Boat

☛ 5 Days Beihai & Weizhou Island Vacation Tour

4 Dayas Weizhou Island and Beihai Bests Route

Day 1: Nanwan Port - Dishui Danping & sunset

Day 2: Crocodile Mountain Park - Geological Museum - Monument Square - Huandao Road - Shiluokou

Day 3: Fiver Colors Beach - Catholic Church - Return to Beihai by Boat

Day 4: Beihai Old Street - Guantouling National Forest Park - Beihai Silver Beach - Flight / Train off Beihai

☛ 5 Days Beihai & Weizhou Island Vacation Tour

How to Get to & around Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island Weizhou Island Location Map

Get to Weizhou Island

The only way to get to Weizhou Island is by boat. The only ship port to Weizhou Island is Beihai International Passenger Port. So no matter where you are from, you must arrive in Beihai city first and make a ship transfer from there. The number of ships from Beihai to Weizhou Island is determined by the passenger flow volume and weather conditions at that time. The next day's schedule usually comes out in the previous afternoon. Normally, there are 3 round trips every day:

Location of Beihai International Passenger Port: No.3 Road, Beihai Silver Beach Avenue, Beihai City (北海市银滩大道3号路)

Departures (Beihai City - Weizhou Island): 8:30, 11:30, 15:45

Return (Weizhou Isand - Beihai City): 10:00, 14:30, 17:00

Hours Underway: 1.5~2 hours

Ticket Price of Ship (One Way): CNY 150 ~180 / person

(The scheduled time of the ship will be a fluctuation of 1-1.5 hours. Major holidays, wind and other bad weather, the adjustment of schedule might be larger than usual.)

Notice: Seasick tourists can take seasick medicine in advance and sit as close to the stern as possible, as the bow heaves more.

Travel to Weizhou Island with China Discovery

To arrive at Weizhou Island without any worry, it is highly recommended to book a private tour package covering local private car services. So, the local guide and driver of China Discovery can take you to Beihai International Passenger Port with the comfortable private vehicle with convenience and speed, help you board on the right ferry and speed and help you arrange the accommodation and check in at the hotel. If you are interested, please book a private tour package with us which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer, etc. Our local tour guide and driver will take care of all the details!

Get around Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is not large in area. The main means of transportation on the island are bicycles, electric cars, tricycles, vans and sightseeing buses, which can be taken or rented easily.

Cycling (bicycle/electric bicycle) around the island has been the most popular way to explore Weizhou Island in recent years. There are many car rental spots on the island, such as the town center, Shiluokou and Dishui Danping, etc.

Weizhou Island Weather & Best Time to Visit

The temperature of Weizhou Island does not change much all year round. The annual average temperature is around 23°C. It is also one of the places with the most precipitation in Guangxi. After entering April, the temperature rises faster, and July and August is the summer peak season. The temperature is higher, generally around 35°C, and the sun radiation is strong. Tourists should pay attention to sunscreen. In November, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Early morning, night or rainy days are slightly cool, travelers should be careful not to catch a cold. Generally after May, the sun is better, suitable for swimming. It’s the beginning of the tourist season in Beihai city and Weizhou Island. Among them, May, June, October and November are the best. Travelers can avoid both the crowd, and typhoons and heat waves.

Weizhou Island Ticket & Price

Travelers need to buy island tickets and boat tickets when visiting Weizhou Island. Weizhou Island is a national geological park, so tourists need to buy a ticket when they go to the island. It is a scenic pass ticket, including all scenic spots on the island, but not including entertainment projects.

Island Ticket: CNY 115 per person

Steamer Ticker: varies from CNY 150~180 per person

Hotels on Weizhou Island, Weizhou Island Accommodation

Weizhou Island is not big, each area has its own highlights: the beach nearby Dishui Danping scenic spot has gentle slopes and smooth sand, suitable for swimming, but more visitors; Shiluokou is a famous diving base on Weizhou Island. The slope into the sea is relatively steep; The biggest advantage of staying around Shell Beach is that the place is quieter and the sea is clean. There are small wooden houses scattered along the beach, which is the best choice for people who prefer a leisure vacation. Five Colors Beach is the best place to catch crabs. For those families with children can choose to stay nearby and experience the fun of gathering seafood on the beach when the tide is ebbing. Living in Nanwan Town is relatively convenient to eat and shop, market goers suggest staying here... You can also choose accommodation based on sunrise and sunset viewing.

Generally speaking, the accommodation conditions of Weizhou Island are average. Accommodation is not very expensive, but there is a large price difference between high-season and off-season. The seascape hotels located in the South Bay Area have relatively better accommodation conditions.

• Recommended Hotels on Weizhou Island:
Weizhou Island Rian Oriental Hot Spring Guesthouse (花筑奢·涠洲岛日冉东方温泉酒店);
Kafuka Bespoke Hostel (涠洲岛卡夫卡定制酒店);
Weizhou Island Fanjian Villa (涠洲岛繁简别墅);
Weizhou Island Shanhai Culture and Art Hotel (涠洲岛山海文化艺术酒店)

Weizhou Island Weizhou Island Fanjian Villa ©ctrip.com
Weizhou Island Kafuka Bespoke Hostel ©ctrip.com

Weizhou Island Foods & Specialties

Seafood is certainly the highlight, but due to the unique volcanic geological environment, Weizhou Island also derived a lot of tasty specialties, such as Banana Pork, Volcano mutton and Xieyang Chicken, etc. You can enjoy seafood at the Seafood Restaurant in Dishui Village. It is the most representative seafood restaurant on Weizhou Island.

How to Plan a Weizhou Island Tour?

Weizhou Island is the biggest highlight of Beihai City. Generally, travelers would choose to stay on the island for around 2 days, enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset at beaches, explore the magical volcanic island landforms, ride a bike along the coastline and feel the fresh sea breeze, find a barbecue to eat seafood at night... If you have more time, you can also stay on the island for 3 days and try some sea activities, such as sea fishing and angling, etc. If you are interested in arcade and old street, you can also spend half a day visiting Beihai Old Street and Beihai Silver Beach before or after your Weishou Island tour.

☛ 3 Days Weizhou Island Beach Tour

☛ 5 Days Beihai & Weizhou Island Vacation Tour

If you have never been to Guangxi before and have extra days to travel, do not miss the biggest highlight of Guangxi - Guilin, one of the hottest tourist destinations in China with the world-top landscape. It takes 3 ~ 5 days to explore the highlights of Guilin, including Li River, Yangshuo County, Longsheng Rice Terraces, Elephant Trunk Hill… Besides, there are many other famous attractions in Guangxi worth visiting, like the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge in Sanjiang County (1 day), Detian Waterfall in Chongzuo City (2~3 days), etc.

☛ 4 Days Guilin Highlights Tour (Li River, Yangshuo & Longji Terraces)

☛ 5 Days Best Guilin In-depth Vacation (Li River, Yangshuo & Longji Terraces)

☛ 3 Days Detian Waterfall & Bama Longevity Tour from Nanning

Li River Guilin Li River
Detian Waterfall Detian Waterfall in Chongzuo

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Recommended Tours

Top 3 tours chosen by most customers to explore in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Detian Waterfall

3 Days Detian Waterfall & Bama Longevity Tour from Nanning

Nanning / Detian Waterfall / Bama

Weizhou Island Sightseeing, Photo by China Discovery in October, 2021

5 Days Beihai & Weizhou Island Vacation Tour

Beihai / Weizhoudao / Beihai

Weizhou Island Sunrise, Photo by China Discovery in October, 2021

3 Days Weizhou Island Beach Tour

Beihai / Weizhoudao / Beihai

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