Gansu Accommodation: Dunhuang, Lanzhou, Zhangye, Jiayuguan

Compared to hot and developed areas, such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Gansu doesn't have plenty of luxury hotels for accommodation. But as the development of the economy, to meet the increasing demand for better accommodation, Gansu has established hundreds of quality hotels from economy class to luxury ones.

As the capital city and transportation hub of Gansu, Lanzhou offers the best accommodation. There are many different hotels for you to choose from. All hotels are fully equipped with amenities. Dunhuang is one of the most popular travel destinations in northwestern China, there are many great hotels of different standards. Besides Lanzhou and Dunhuang, lots of tourists would like to have a stay in Zhangye while visiting the stunning Danxia Geopark, and head to Jiayuguan fortress on their way to Dunhuang. We have selected multiple top-rated hotels in Gansu from luxury hotels to cozy homestays.

Deluxe Room of Dunhuang Silk Road Hotel

Mongolian Yurt in Kaoshan Tent in Zhangye

Crowne Plaza Lanzhou

Lanzhou Hotels

As the capital city of Gansu province, Lanzhou is the largest city of Gansu offering the best accommodation environment from 3 star to 5 star hotel. All hotels are well located, offering great service.>>Learm More about Lanzhou Hotels

Dunhu Hotspring Holiday Hotel ★★★★★
Jinjiang Sunshine Hotel ★★★★
Sapphire Hotel ★★★★
Legend Hotel ★★★★
New Victory Business Hotel ★★★

Dunhuang Hotels

Dunhuang Hotels

Dunhuang is one of the most popular travel destinations in China, there are many great hotels of different standards. We have selected some top rated hotels which have comfortable environment and pleasant service. >>Learm More about Dunhuang Hotels | Where to Stay in Dunhuang

Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel ★★★★★
Huaxia International Hotel ★★★★★
Grand Soluxe Hotel Dunhuang ★★★★★
Sun Grand Hotel Dunhuang ★★★★
Tianrun International Hotel ★★★★

Zhangye Hotels

Zhangye Hotels

Located in the geographic center of Gansu and influenced by the climate, the accommodation condition in Zhangye can not be compared with luxury hotels in Lanzhou. Tourists usually choose two places to stay in Zhangye: hotels near the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geopark and hotels in Zhengye City center. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Zhangye

Tianyu International Hotel ★★★★
Jinyang International Hotel ★★★★

Jiayuguan Hotels

Jiayuguan Hotels

People would like to stay in Jiayuguan to visit the famous Jiayuguan Fortress. However, there is no hotel built near the fortress. The accommodation choices are limited, mainly in the downtowm area, from the starred mid-ranged hotels to comfortable guest houses, hostels. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Jiayuguan

Kaitong Mansion ★★★★★
Zheshang Apartment Hotel ★★★★
Jiayuguan Hotel ★★★★

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