Travel with Samantha: A 3-Day Fairytale Journey Exploring Magical Metropolis Shanghai

Looking back on my 3-day trip to Shanghai four years ago, I'm transported back to a vibrant and bustling cityscape that left an indelible mark on me. As China's most developed and populated metropolis, Shanghai is located in the south estuary of the Yangtze River in China east coast, and borders on Jiangsu to the north and west, Zhejiang to the south. As a renowned Chinese saying goes, Xian is the best place to trace back to ancient China of 3,000 years ago, Beijing is ideal for exploring China 1,000 years ago, while century-old history was best staged in Shanghai, a magical place where every corner brims with excitement and energy, having impressed me so much.

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Day 1 Nanjing Road - The Busiest Pedestrian Street in Shanghai

The purpose of our journey was to celebrate my birthday and what better way to do so than by exploring the enchanting world of Shanghai Disneyland? For my friend and me, the prospect of spending my special day in this fairytale kingdom was simply irresistible and very fairytale for girls! So we decided to fly from Chengdu to Shanghai on a weekend. Upon touchdown, we wasted no time and hopped on the metro to dive headfirst into the heart of the city. Shanghai boasts a wealth of attractions, conveniently connected by its extensive metro system. Among considerable attractions, our first stop was Nanjing Road, hailed as "China's first commercial street" with a storied history spanning over a century and viewed by us as the great highlight at Day 1. Strolling along this iconic thoroughfare, we couldn't help but feel the echoes of bygone eras, where Shanghai's grand trading houses once stood tall, immortalized in films and TV shows. Across the river from Lujiazui loomed the majestic skyline of The Bund, adorned with the twinkling lights of the Oriental Pearl Tower, a symbol of Shanghai's modernity and allure.

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Prosperous Shanghai Nanjing Road

Day 2 The Bund - An Exhibition of International Buildings

Then the Bund, the busiest part of Shanghai and top 1 highlight in today's exploration, I believe that not many tourists come to Shanghai for the first time without going to the Bund around. The street architecture of the Bund section speaks of individuality and constitutes a collage of scene effects. Each building, a testament to Shanghai's rich history and global influence, told its own story. From the neoclassical elegance of British trading houses to the ornate baroque facades reminiscent of European grandeur, every step along the Bund was a journey through time and culture.

There are British, Italian, French, Spanish and so on. Of course most tourists also come for the night view of the Bund, which offers an excellent night view of Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, an unmissable iconic scene while you're visiting Shanghai and also called Lujiazui Skyline or Pudong Skyline. Naerby stands the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, a landmark building in Shanghai and a very hot tourist place since visitors can appreciate the panorama of the whole Shanghai city with various types of entertaining items. Also, you can witness World Financial Centre, the third tallest building in China and the fifth tallest one in the world, as well as Shanghai Tower boasting the tallest observation site with a height of 546 meters.

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Famous Lujiazui and Oriental Pearl Tower

Day 3 Shanghai Disneyland - The 6th Disneyland in the World

In the Disneyland trip, we stayed at a B&B near Disney the night before and would have a shuttle to take us to the park, so we went to queue early in the morning. As soon as the gates opened we rushed in, there were so many items to play that I honestly can't remember them all, but my favourites were the Tron Speed Wheel (创极速光轮) and the Soaring Horizon (飞跃地平线), both of which gave me visual and sensory stimulation that other amusement parks can't, so it's worth playing again if time permits!

On top of that, I have to say celebrating my birthday month at Disneyland added an extra sprinkle of magic to our visit. Greeted warmly by Disney cast members and showered with special surprises throughout the day, it truly felt like stepping into a fairytale come to life. The whimsical atmosphere and the camaraderie among fellow visitors heightened the sense of joy and wonder.

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Magical Shanghai Disneyland Full of Surprise

Then there's the spectacular fireworks show at night, where "Fairytale Castle" becomes a shining star in a nighttime light show that encourages everyone to open and light up their dreams. Mickey will guide visitors through the show. As he discovers the castle's entrance to new adventures, scenes of projections, lasers, fountains, balloons and fireworks will unfold. A grand mass of fireworks opens up in the night sky like a giant umbrella flower; like a cluster of dazzling lamps lighting up the night sky; like a cluster of flowers in full bloom and floating with golden powder. Fireworks bloom in the night sky in bunches and bunches, and finally like countless meteors dragging a long tail, reluctantly gliding through the night sky.

✔ More details about amazing Shanghai Disney Resort

At the enchanting night filled with fireworks and music, I closed my eyes and made a wish, feeling the magic of the moment wash over me. I can't remember what I wished for at the time but I think it must have come true. Finally, we bought some gifts for our friends at the gift shop and left Disneyland.

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Fairytale Castle and Spectacular Fireworks

Finally, we set off back to Chengdu with great satisfaction. Because I was still a student when I went to Shanghai, I had a very small budget and there were a lot of things I couldn't afford and a lot of places I didn't get to visit because of my budget. Now that I'm working, I've saved up some money, but I don't have as much time as I used to when I was a student. But I think this is the meaning of travelling, to find what you really want in different experiences and immerse yourself in the essence of each experience. If I have the chance, I'll go to Shanghai again and see how my perspective has evolved over time.

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