Travel with Samantha: 2 Days Wonderful Trip in Western Sichuan - Yuzixi & Moshi Park

There is a unique region in China that can be described as "breathtaking", "diverse" and "pure", which is Western Sichuan. Western Sichuan as one of the most beautiful destinations in China is super popular to admire the pleasant snow mountains, alpine lakes, verdant forest, vast grassland, and featured Tibetan cultural places. Western Sichuan has always been my dream destination, and after a short and enjoyable vacation in Mount Siguniang last year, I can't wait to embark on the journey to Yuzixi and Moshi Park in Western Sichuan this year. Now, I would like to share this wonderful trip with you.

Day 1: Self-drive Tour from Chengdu to Xinduqiao

Western Sichuan refers to the land in the west of Chengdu Plain, and it is mainly composed of Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. With epic mountain vistas, lively Buddhist monasteries, grasslands peppered with yaks and alpine lakes, traditional Tibetan-styled houses dotted in the idyllic villages or along the roads... This piece of land is vast, wild, undeveloped and gorgeous. The Last-Shangri-La or called the Last Pure Land on Our Blue Planet - Daocheng Yading is in this region.

Driving is the best and most popular way to explore Western Sichuan. Since I live in Chengdu, I can basically choose a weekend to go on a road trip to Western Sichuan. So on an ordinary weekend in November, my friends and I embarked on another driving trip to Western Sichuan. Given that we had already been to the beautiful Siguniangshan, this time we decided to go to Yuzixi to watch the sunset, as well as Moshi Park.

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Xinduqiao Travel Blog

Self-drive from Chengdu to Xinduqiao

Start from Chengdu, we drove to Xinduqiao with pass endless snow mountains, emerald alpine lakes, vast grasslands, glacier park, primitive valleys, holy Buddhist monasteries, featured Tibetan houses, ancient watchtowers, red stone beach... On the way, wild flowers blooming by the winding river, golden poplar forests showing their elegance on the two sides of the road, Tibetan-styled houses scattered among the farmland, roaming yaks and goats... all of us immersed into the picturesque landscape along the way.

Xinduqiao Travel Blog

Beautiful Scenery On the Way to Xinduqiao

After nearly 5 hours of driving, we finally arrived at Xinduqiao. Xinduqiao (新都桥) is a picturesque small town located in the west of Kangding City. Reputed as "A World with Lights and Shadow" and "A Paradise for Photographers", Xinduqiao is the must-visit part for your Kangding Sichuan travel. Xinduqiao Town is located on the crossroad of National Road 318, between Kangding City and Tagong Grassland. On the National Road 318, Xinduqiao Platform is the best place to shoot the light and shadow of Xinduqiao. The small Tibetan villages scattered artistically on both sides of the Road 318 with clear streams following through, the white polar trees standing in front of the houses in row, shining in golden when autumn coming, yaks and goats grazing leisurely on the grassland... I think the most surprising thing about travelling to Western Sichuan is that you never know how beautiful and healing the landscape is along the way. Sitting on a swing by the lake, looking at the crystal clear streams and feeling so lucky we stumbled upon such a paradise.

Xinduqiao Travel Blog

Samantha Enjoyed Happy Time in Xinduqiao

We continued to drive to the Yuzixi (鱼子西) Scenic Area, which is located at the top of Yuzixi village in Xinduqiao. The view from Yuzixi is distant, and you can have an unobstructed view of the snow-capped mountains on both side, with the Yala Snow Mountain to the left and the rolling Mount Gongga - the King of Mountains in Sichuan region to the right. We were very lucky to have good weather, watching the white snow-capped mountain tips gradually shrouded in the sun's golden light sunshine indulgence wrapped around the mountains and clouds. Even though the cold wind was blowing, it could not cool the excitement and enthusiasm of seeing such a beautiful view. I remembered a saying that I read earlier, "If you see the sun shining on the mountain for one day, you will have good luck for one year."

Yuzixi Travel Blog

Yala Snow Mountain and Azure Clear Sky

I highly recommend wearing a thick hat and gloves though, otherwise the wind on the mountain will blow your head to the point where it hurts, I was having an adverse reaction coming down the mountain, but luckily I recovered relatively quickly.

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Yuzixi Travel Blog

Charming Day and Night Scenery in Yuzixi

Day 2: Encounter with Spectacular Stone Forest in Daofu

With the reputation of "The Art Capital of Tibetan Folk Houses", Daofu (道孚) is also a charming tourist site in Western Sichuan with an atmosphere of Tibet well. Daofu feast tourists’ eyes and hearts with imposing alpine sceneries and sacred Tibetan culture, like epic snow mountain vistas, immense grasslands dotted with yaks, horses and flowers, holy Tibetan monasteries and towers...

Daofu Travel Blog

Samantha Experience Tibetan Culture in Daofu

Besides, in Daofu you will also encounter with spectacular stone forest with special shapes and postures at Moshi Park! Reputed as "China’s Eighth Most Beautiful Boulevard", Moshi Park features in unique geographical landform due to thousands of years’ geographic movement and weathering. It is the only stone forest on plateau in China and its spectacle can be compared with South China Karst. Moshi implies the ink-like black color of the stones there. Take the sightseeing bus to view the stone forest erecting magnificently on the green land surrounded by mountains. You can shoot many amazing pictures in this park.

Moshi Park Travel Blog

Samantha shoot Amazing Picture in Moshi Park

If the other landscapes in Western Sichuan are colourful, vivid and varied, the Moshi Park is its "rebellious" existence. Stepping into Moshi Park is like stepping onto an exotic planet. This unique geology has to make people marvel at the ingenious work of nature. It is an absolute must for all photography enthusiasts and science fiction fans fascinated by outer space!

Moshi Park Travel Blog

Stunning Exotic Scenery in Moshi Park

All in all, the scenery of Western Sichuan is destined to have no off-season throughout the year, and every visit will be a different experience. For travelers who want to seek for the charm and feel the primitive beauty of Western Sichuan, there are two recommended tourist routes - Western Sichuan Small Tourist Loop and Sichuan Large Tourist Loop. Western Sichuan Small Tourist Loop is relatively easy to finish while the large one is a big challenge for most travelers.

Western Sichuan Small Tourist Loop: Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Yinxiu - Wolong - Siguniangshan - Xiaojin - Danba - Bamei - Tagong - Xinduqiao - Kangding - Luding - Ya'an - Chengdu. The whole distance for the loop is about 1800 kilometers. You need to plan for 6~10 days for the trip.

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Western Sichuan Large Tourist Loop: Chengdu - Wenchuan - Lixian - Ma’erkang - Sertar - Luhuo - Garze - Dege - Batang - Litang - Daocheng Yading - Xinduqiao - Kangding - Luding - Ya’an - Chengdu. The whole distance for the large loop is about 3600 kilometers. Compared with the small loop, it goes deep into the bordering destinations in Sichuan which is more wild and pure. The estimated visiting needs about 15~20 days and even longer. It is not recommended for regular travelers.

Western Sichuan Map

Western Sichuan Map

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