Travel with Riley: Explore the Most Down to Earth Market in Chengdu

If you are interested in the real daily life of the locals of a city, go to their markets. I am not talking about that kind of fancy grocery stores or super markets in shopping malls, but the down to earth markets where vendors gathering in a lane nearby communities. Caojia Lane Market (曹家巷) is one of the typical local markets where shows you the “old Chengdu” life style-how people eat, live and interact with each other in the most authentic Chengdunese way.

Address: Caojia Lane in Jinniu District

How to get there: It’s only 4km away from Chengdu center area (Chunxi Road & Tianfu Square), you can either take a taxi or take public transportation.

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Walking along the lane, you will enter a residential community built in the 1970s, You’ll get to have the local food from stalls, such as Jiaozi, Baozi and Pies, Roasted Ducks etc. From noodle-making or traditional housewares you could not imagine that existed, to hairdressers and even a dentist!

Like other ordinary grocery markets, Caojia Lane Markets have various sections for fruit, vegetable, breakfast, deli etc.

Caojia Lane Market

First Sight of Caojia Lane Market

Market traders and farmers start their day in very early morning, 4-5am in Summer, 6-7am in winter. The busiest time of the market always is 6am-9am when retired elderly swarm into the market with their shopping cart to get freshest produce.

Caojia Lane Market

Vendors started working in the Early Morning

What can you get from Produce Section?

Caojia Lane Market

Fresh Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits in Caojia Lane Market

This market is also the heaven for foodies!

Caojia Lane Market

Various Food and Snacks in Caojia Lane Market

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Something you’d never imagine that a market can have.

Caojia Lane Market

Dentist, Barber and Ear Cleaner

There are so many interesting stalls and stories in the markets that I can never say enough about! Some stuff may not be so nice for the most sensitive people, but I totally recommend taking the chance of seeing this, as many times it felt like going back in time one century.

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