Travel with Lyn: Day Trip to Mount Qingcheng from Chengdu

A few years ago, I had a day trip to Mount Qingcheng. I guess there was nothing quite as refreshing as reveling in the natural oxygen of the forest plants while enjoying the mountain scenery on a lovely weekend.

Located 68 KM east of Chengdu city center, Mount Qingcheng is one of the four famous Taoist mountains in China. The whole scenic spot can be divided into two parts, and the anterior part is the Front Mountain, while the posterior part is the Back Mountain. Most historical and cultural relics are located in Front Mountain, while the Back Mountain is featured in beautiful and tranquil natural scenery. Like most tourists, I chose to visit the Front Mountain which is considered as the main attraction of Mount Qingcheng to enjoy both natural beauty and cultural relics.

In the early morning, a 40-minute intercity high speed train directly took me and my friend from Chengdu to Qingchengshan Station. Upon arrival, we headed to the entrance of the Front Mountain by bus and collected tickets that pre-booked online. The first attraction impressed me was Yuecheng Lake. The lake was lying quietly at the middle of the mountain, and we took a short boat to get to the lower cableway station. To save energy, we then took a 5-minute Buyun Cableway to the mountain, and Ciyun Pavilion was quite close to the upper station. The next attraction we reached is Shangqing Palace. It was originally built during the Jin Dynasty, rebuilt during the Tang dynasty, and has been rebuilt a few times since then. Due to the limited time, we didn’t climb up to the summit Laojun Pavilion. After a short break, we hiked downhill the mountain and returned to Chengdu by high speed train.

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Day Trip to Mount Qingcheng from Chengdu

Yuecheng Lake Shrouded in Clouds and Mists

Qingcheng Mountain is definitely a brilliant choice to spend the weekend and holidays, especially if you are based in Chengdu or other nearby cities. I may visit Qingcheng Mountain again, and next time, I’ll leave enough time for climbing, and fully explore the mountain. Dujiangyan Irrigation System is on my wish list as well. See you next time, Mount Qingcheng!

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