How to Get to & around Datong

Get to/away from Datong

By Air

Datong Airport (Datong Yungang Airport)

With 17 kilometers away from Datong downtown, the Datong Airport in Datong County has limited flights from/ to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xian, Guangzhou and so on. Each day there are 2 flights to Beijing (09:20-10:00 & 22:30-23:10); and only one to Shanghai during 20:40-22: 55.

Datong Airport

Datong Yungang Airport

By Train

Datong Railway Station

Located in downtown, Datong Railway Station has convenient railway running through Beijng, Xian, Nanchang, Hangzhou and other major cities in Shanxi province, like Taiyuan, Yuncheng, Linfen, etc. Each day there are 12 trains between Datong and Beijing, taking 6 hours or above.

Note: No. 40 Bus can arrive at airport from train station.

Check Details about Datong Xian High Speed Trains


Datong Railway Station

Datong Railway Station

Get Around Datong

By bus

Taking the local bus helps tourists to know the city more. There are over 30 bus routes in Datong, with two charging standards. One is self-service with a fare of 1 rmb (mostly); the other charges for 2 or 3 rmb, according to some certain buses.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi to tour around Datong city can save you much time. The fare is CNY6 for the first 3 kilometers, then charging CNY1.2-1.4 for each additional kilometer by the type of car you rent during 06:00-22:00.

Datong Bus

Datong Bus

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Datong to Wutaishan bus
Hi there, I read on your website that there are buses from Datong to Wutaishan. Where exactly do they set off from and arrive? I will travel from Datong to Wutaishan on July 27. On July 30 I need to return to Beijing. Can I return from Wutaishan on that day? Is the bus service to and from Datong reliable? And also can I buy tickets in advance online?

Thank you,

2018-07-05 01:24
Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your question. On July 27, there will be one distance bus departing from Datong Bus Station (大同汽车站) at 07:30 and arriving at Wutaishan Bus Station (五台山汽车站). Wutaishan Bus Station is quite close to the scenic area and the whole journey takes 4~5 hours usually. Without Chinese ID Card Number, you are unable to book the tickets on line. You have to go to the station or ticket agency to book one. 2 full days is enough for a classic Wutaishan tour, so you can return to Beijing on July 30. There are 3 trains from Wutaishan to Beijing (departing at 01:49, 17:19 and 22:54) and the train trip takes about 6.5 ~ 7 hours.

Wish you a nice trip.

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