Dali to Shaxi: How to Get from Dali to Shaxi Ancient Town

Mention the best ancient towns in whole Yunnan Province to any tourist who has slight research and the first place he or she will say in response is almost certainly Lijiang Old Town. Besides, Shaxi Ancient Town, with the last old market on the world-renowned Ancient Tea and Horse Road, is often close behind.

To get to Shaxi Ancient Town, tourists prefer to go from Dali or Lijiang, while in this transportation guide, we will introduce you the detailed and latest information of how to get to Shaxi Ancient Town from Dali, including bus and private car. Let’s check it right now to know ways getting close to the hidden gem - Shaxi.

Where is Shaxi Ancient Town & How to Get There

Shaxi is a small but authentic ancient town located at Jianchuan County between Lijiang and Dali, with a driving distance for about 148km from Dali and 107km from Lijiang. Though it is a little bit closer to Lijiang than Dali, it belongs and is under the jurisdiction of Dali. Therefore, many tourists choose to get there from Dali.

Since Shaxi is hidden in the peaceful remote area of Dali that far from railway stations and airports, you can only ride a coach or private car to get there. Those long-distance coaches will take you to Jianchuan County in about 2.5 hours. From Jianchuan County, you are required to hop on a local minibus to Shaxi, which need about 1hour or so. Certainly a lot faster and less complicated if you go with private car. You will be in Shaxi from Dali in about 2.5~3 hours by direct private car.

Address: Jianchuan County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan (云南省大理白族自治州剑川县,沙溪古镇)

Dali to Shaxi Map

Dali to Shaxi Map


Dali to Shaxi Private Car (Hottest and Best Choice)

  • Time Needed: 2.5~3 hours

The best way from Dali to Shaxi is to with a local driver with licensed private car, because you can go from your hotel in Dali to Shaxi Ancient Town directly, without hassles to looking for the right coach station and transfers on the middle way. Besides, the departure time can be arranged according to your trip plan and personal needs, while those coaches usually depart during scheduled hours.

We China Discovery also have convenient private car service and we have helped many visitors go from Dali to Shaxi in ease and speed. If you travel with us, our professional and kind local driver will pick you up in front the door of your hotel and escort you to Shaxi Ancient Town directly. During the car journey, our English-speaking guide will accompany you all the way and tell you some interesting stories and insider travel tips. If you need such a service, please feel free to let us know.

Our Best Shaxi Tour includes Private Car Service:

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Dali to Shaxi Taxi + Coach + Minibus (Cheapest but most Time-consumption)

  • From - transfer station - to: Dali North Coach Station (大理汽车客运北站) / Dali Old Town Coach Station (大理古城客运站) / Dali Fast Coach Station (大理快速汽车客运站) - Jianchuan Coach Station - Shaxi Ancient Town
  • Time Needed: from 4 hours

There are also long-distance coaches available at Dali North Coach Station (大理汽车客运北站), Dali Old Town Coach Station (大理古城客运站) and Dali Fast Coach Station (大理快速汽车客运站). You can ask a taxi to one of these three coach stations to take a coach to Shaxi. These coaches run from Dali to Lijiang and make stops at Jianchuan County on the middle way. Every half an hour or sometimes one hour around from 8:30am to 18:00pm, you will find a coach departing from each coach station in Dali. And Dali Old Town Coach Station will end its service after 14:00 or sometimes 14:20 or so. The coach ride takes about 2.5 hours.

After arriving at Jianchuan Coach Station, you will find local green or yellow minibuses, by which you can get to Shaxi Ancient Town in another one hour around. These minibuses are offered by locals, so there is no real timetable. The will start their journey when they think they have get enough passengers.

Dali North Coach Station: No.30, Yuhua Road, Xiaguan, Dali (大理市下关榆华路30号,大理汽车客运北站)

Dali Old Town Coach Station: Middle Section of Shuanghe Road, South Gate of Dali Ancient Town (大理古城南门双鹤路中段,大理古城客运站)

Dali Fast Coach Station: No.1, Huanchengnan Road, Dali (大理市环城南路1号,大理快速汽车客运站)

Warm tip: the timetable mentioned above may be changed according to real-time situation. You are suggested to have a check about it in advance with the help of locals before going to the coach stations.

Dali Taxi Dali Taxi Dali North Coach Station (大理汽车客运北站) Dali North Coach Station (大理汽车客运北站)

How to Plan a Shaxi Ancient Town Tour

Shaxi is a small town in Dali. Usually, about half day around is enough to explore its highlights like Sideng Street, Xinjiao Temple, Ouyang Courtyard, Yujin Bridge, etc. However, it usually takes at least 2.5 hours to get there from Dali and another 2.5 hours to come back. Therefore, most of the visitors will make a one-night stay at Shaxi. You are suggested to stay at Shaxi Ancient Town for at least one night too. This authentic old town offers many traditional houses with wooden carving products to see and interesting historic stories to tell. If you happen to visit Shaxi on Friday, you will also be welcomed by a vibrant Friday Market, which is the last traditional market on Tea and Horse Road.

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Considering its unbeatable location of sitting between Lijiang and Dali, you can arrange a Shaxi tour during your Lijiang Dali tour. Such a Dali Shaxi Lijiang tour or Lijiang Shaxi Dali tour needs about 5~6 days.

>> 6 Days Dali Lijiang Tour with Shaxi Ancient Town

Shaxi Ancient Town Shaxi Ancient Town

Travel Dali, Shaxi Ancient Town & Lijiang with China Discovery

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The tour can be tailor-made according to your group size, time, physical condition, plan, interest, budget and every special need. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help!

Lijiang Ancient Town Lijiang Ancient Town

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