Anything Special about Liziba?

You'll be thrilled by witnessing the whole process when the CRT 2 goes forward close to and then travels through the residential building little by little. The building more like a monster with its mouth wide open eats up this whole transporting vehicle. Every day from 6:30 a.m. to 11: 12 p.m. you get the chance to take photos with this fascinating scene. Besides, you are recommended to interact with the coming train by using different objects as the open mouth to swallow the coming train as if you were performing various types of conjuring tricks.

Since 2017 Liziba Station has become an online viral hotspot which attracts millions of tourists every year. Short videos about Liziba have widely spread across China. As a combination of tourist attraction and practical transportation station, it's one of the outstanding landmarks of Chongqing worthy of paying a visit to.

Liziba Station is more than just a well-known tourist spot for visitors to take a shot with. Listed as one of the China's 70-year Growth Landmarks, Liziba Station embodies distinct cultural and historical features of Chongqing, which is also known as the Mountain City, and the whole China. You are not advised to miss Liziba Station, especially when you attempt to experience authentic folk life of Chongqing locals.

Why Would CRT 2 Through a Residential Building Happen?

Many people wonder whether the building was constructed earlier than the train or after the train was built.

Here's the result. Amazingly, Liziba station and the block were under construction simultaneously. In order that residents won't be disturbed when the train rushes in and pulls out, the residential building and the railway were designed to separate from each other. Besides, special materials are adopted on the light-rail train to reduce noise and minimize vibration. With all taken into considerations, the block was completed with a total of 19 floors high, including the first 5 floors of business areas, the 9th to 19th floors of residential district, and the 6th to 8th floors for the CRT 2 to run through.

Liziba Station Liziba Station in a Block of Flats

Photography Sites for Liziba Through-building Train

From various angles in different positions, you will obtain lots of diversely remarkable pictures.

Option 1: Exit 2 of Liziba

Get off and leave at the Exit 2 of Liziba Station. Then turn right and there is a fantastic shooting site. Waiting for the moment when the train pulls out of the station, you'd better snap off a picture right away, trying to preserve the cinematic scene, such as incredible fusion of darkness and fervency at dusk, freshness in Summer. etc., for good, no matter what time in a day and which season it is.

Option 2: Observation Platform

Walk down the steps on the left of Exit 2 of the station and take the elevator downstairs directly to the ground floor where the official observation platform, the most popular place to take photos, is located. It's the best place for you to record the amazing train-being-swallowed scene. However, it can be really crowded in holidays, making it hard to interact with the train without other tourists in the frame.

Option 3: Datianwan Primary School

Get off and leave at the Exit 2 of Liziba Station. Then turn left and walk about 570 meters for around 8 minutes to go to Datianwan Primary School (大田湾小学), follow the left path in front of the school gate for 2 minutes near a small pavilion and you get the chance to take beautiful photos of yourself with the monorail just passing by from out of the photo frame to run away behind you. It's less crowded here. Go and find this treasure shooting spot!

Liziba Photography Sites Map Best Positions to Take Photos of Liziba
Liziba CRT2 through building CRT 2 Running through the building

Liziba Location & Transportation

• 13 km away from Chongqing North Railway Station

• 17 km away from Chongqing West High-speed Railway Station

• 25 km away from Chongqing Jiangbei Arirpot (重庆江北机场)

• 5.5 km (about 18 minutes' drive or CRT 2-taking) away from Jiefangbei Business District (解放碑商圈)

• 5.1 km (about 15 minutes' drive or 23 minutes' CRT 2 -taking) away from Hongyadong Carve (洪崖洞)

• 7.2 km (about 16 minutes' drive) away from Chaotianmen Square (朝天门广场)

Liziba Location Map Have a Clear Look at Liziba Location

Best Time to Visit Liziba Station

(open time: 6:30-23:12; tour for 30 minutes; for free)

You are recommended to visit the station in the daytime. By daylight, you can see clearly how CRT 2 goes through the block. However, paying a visit to Liziba at night is also a good choice. The glamourous light shining from the train in the gloom of darkness presents a dreamlike and enchanting beauty. If set against the background of the train going through the station at night, your pictures will be full of magic ambience beyond imagination.

It must be mentioned that the weather in Chongqing is typical humid subtropical monsoon climate. The average temperature in the hottest month is from 26℃ ~ 39℃ while the average temperature in the coldest month is from 4℃ ~ 8℃. The weather in Chongqing can be extremely hot and damp with lots of rainfall in Summer. Chongqing is abundant in mist and lacks direct solar radiation for which it gets its name as The City of Fog.

Consequently, try to avoid travelling to Chongqing at that time. Instead, spring and autumn are a good choice and the temperature in Winter will still be pleasant for you. Don't forget to wear sunscreen or sun-protective suit when you go there in Summer and bring an umbrella with you in case of frequent rainfall or as a shield against the sun. You're also advised to visit Liziba in the morning rather than on hot summer's noon.

Furthermore, Chongqing is a popular tourist city, especially during the holidays, to be more specific, May Day holiday, Dragon Boat Festival holiday and National Day holiday. It will be extremely crowded, and it will be hard for you to take pleasing photos without other people in sight. As a result, it would be better to stagger those vacations to avoid the crowds. You're also recommended to make reservations ahead of time.

Learn more about Chongqing weather and best visiting time.

Travel Liziba with Nearby Attractions

Not far from Liziba Station, there are other two wonderful attractions that deserve your visit-that is, picturesque Eling Park (鹅岭公园) and the fashionable Second Eling Factory (鹅岭二厂).

You are recommended first to Eling Park, then to the Second Eling Factory, and finally to Liziba Station. In this way you can go sightseeing by walking downhill all the way, which will, compared with other routes, save your time, and reserve your energy. Remember to wear a pair of comfortable flat-heeled shoes since you have to walk on steps uphill or downhill.

Or you can also take CRT 2 to experience the process when the train travels into the block of flats. You are recommended to take a front seat close to the locomotive so that you can clearly see the whole process and admire a panoramic view of Jialing River. Click to check more things you would like to do in Chongqing.

Eling Park

(open time: 8:00-22:00; tour for 1-2 hours; for free)

Eling Park lies in No. 176 Eling Zheng Street in the Yuzhong District, Chongqing. It used to be known as Li Yuan Gardenor Yi Yuan Garden, a private garden dated back to Qing Dynasty,built by the wealthy merchant Li Heyang (李龢阳) for his father.

The park blends the beauty of vibrant natural beauty with the creative artistic building style. Shisheng Bridge (石绳桥) with clear lake, luxuriantly green plants in Spring or Summer, or plants with golden leaves in Autumn, and exquisitely designed stone bridge well combined, antique 7 floor-high Kansheng Pagoda (瞰胜楼), and Huahui Garden (花卉园) with red carps freely dancing in the water and colorful flowers contrasting finely with one another, are Eling Park's landmark scenic spots.

Go to enjoy a leisure stroll and fabulous scenic views of plants, lakes and mountains and antique pavilions and bridges. etc. It's a good choice to try on various types of traditional costumes of different Chinses dynasties and take brag-worthy photos in such a picturesque garden.

Chongqing's Panorama Shot from Kanshenglou in Eling Park Chongqing's Panorama Shot from Kanshenglou

The Second Eling Factory

(open time: all day; tour for 1-2 hour; for free)

The famous Second Eling Factory is located at the No.1 Eling Zheng Street in Yuzhong District where is the highest place of the Yuzhong peninsula, making it easier for you to look out over a magnificent panorama of Yangtze River and Jialing River.

The Second Eling Factory's got a popular English name TESTBED 2. Similar to TESTBED 1 in London, it's composed of old factories having fallen into disuse for 50 years. You will be amazed by the landscape of rough luxury which means that the old buildings are transformed to be fashionable ones after combining with vibrant new designs. Soak yourself in the picturesque riverside natural beauty and stylish designs of buildings in the Second Eling Factory. Don't stop taking cool pictures with those colorful buildings to show your cool attitude!

The Second Eling-Factory Fashionable Areas Transfered from Old Buildings

Hunt for Chongqing Local Delicacies around Liziba

Chongqing as city of hotpot has got countless hotpot restaurants and other tasty meals. Not far from Liziba Station, there is a local restaurant called Feihujiangjing hot pot restaurant (飞虎江景) on No.62 New Jialing Road built riverside where you can feast on food while admiring the river view and witnessing the train passing by. Or find a seat in the Liziba Liangshan Chicken (李子坝梁山鸡) on the No. 60, Main Liziba Street. You can also try a drink of Yeah! Coconut (椰椰大吉) in the yellow block you just go by for just two minutes' walk from the Liziba Station. Numerous tourists give their thumbs up to show their likes for these delicacies.

Or you can choose to continue you trip to get on the CRT 2 bound for Jiaochang Station (较场站). You are recommended at Linjiang Station (临江站) where Jiefangbei Business District, Chongqing's most prosperous business center, are quite nearby. Centered in Jiefangbei Monument, Jiefangbei Business District involves lots of popular business streets with shopping malls and, most noteworthy, delicious food.

Chongqing Hotpot Chongqing Hotpot

There are some of the most popular foods.


Pangzima Salted Chicken(胖子妈盐水鸡); Bingfen(冰粉);ice sweet dumplings(冰汤圆);Bobo chicken(钵钵鸡);fried chunky potatoes(锅巴土豆); Suanla Noodles(酸辣粉)

Hot Pot:

Zhoushixiong Hot Pot(周师兄火锅)


The Yogurt Cow (一只酸奶牛)

Bingfen Bingfen, a Sweet and Cool Traditional Snack

More Wonderful Light Rail Experiences

Want more wonderful light rail experiences? You should not miss the following places.

Amazing Light Rail-taking Experiences

CRT2: If you prefer amazing light rail-taking experiences, you are advised to get on CRT 2 from Zengjiayan Station, via Niujiaotuo Station, to Liziba Station. This tour will be like taking a thrilling roller coaster, swerving along with the rail to the let or to the right, up and down. What a novel and exciting experience it will be! Just immerse yourself in this pleasing in-city play, and in the meanwhile overlook the entire Jialing River, capturing the bustling city below.

CRT3: If you want more exciting light rail experiences, CRT 3 is also a good choice. Take one bound for Yudong Station, especially from Longtousi Station (龙头寺站), via Shiziping Station (狮子坪站), to Tangjiayuanzi Station (唐家院子站), you will go through a stimulating and breathtaking 90-degree left turn.

Fantastic Light Rail Photography

CRT 2: If you want to take more fantastic photos about light rail landscapes in Chongqing, CRT 2 will be your top choice. Take one bound for Yudong Station, and you will get toZengjiayan Station (曾家岩站), Niujiaotuo Station (牛角沱站), Liziba Station and Xiejiawan Station (谢家湾站) in order of arrival along the way where lots of good photography sites is located.

At Zengjiayan Station, you can take pictures of the C-shaped railway with a coming light rail and overlook picturesque scenery of Jialing River on the Zengjiayan Jialing River Bridge. Standing on both sides of the bridge you've got the unparalleled position to record S-shaped railways and the moment when two light rails heading for opposite directions meet with each other. Chongqing people's auditorium and Residence of Mr. Zhou nearby are also good places to take a shot with.

S-shaped Railways S-shaped Railways Shot at Zengjiayan Station Jialingjiang Bridge Jialingjiang Bridge Shot from Residence of Mr. Zhou

Just get off at the Zengjiayan Station. Then you can easily find a suitable place near the CRT 10 where you can take pictures of the C-shaped railway, go out at Gate 2 directly to the Zengjiayan Jialing River Bridge, and on the bridge, you can record S-shaped railways. In this way you can just walk to the nearby Niujiaotuo Station, another photography site. Stand at the transfer channel of CRT 2 and CRT 3 and you will be able to catch wonderful scenes when one light rail crosses over the other.

Here you come to Liziba Station. In this way you can experience the spectacle of light rail passing through residential buildings. Continue you trip on CRT 2 to your next stop Xiejiawan Station. There you can take cartoon-like pictures of Egongyan Bridge (鹅公岩大桥) standing tall and upright behind as a light rail runs past, which presents integration of motion and quietness and provides naturally perfect arranged elements in pictures. Just get out of Gate A to walk on to the nearby overhead bridge and the beautiful landscape will unfold in front of you.

CRT 3: If you transfer to CRT 3 to Lianglukou Station (两路口站), just one stop from Niujiaotuo Station, there's another amazing photography site. Get out at Gate 3 and walk to the Lianglukou Bus Station, a few overpasses and light railways interweaving to form a three-dimensional transportation network come into view. There you will get in closer touch with Chongqing as a magical city.

Shot at Niujiaotuo Station Shot at Niujiaotuo Station Shot from Lianglukou Station Shot from Lianglukou Station

How to Plan a Chongqing Tour with Liziba Visit

Liziba Station is one of the tourist attractions that shouldn't be missed in Chongqing. Considering that Chongqing is known for elegant river views, magnificent mountains as well as classical traditional architectures and new-built prosperous districts, plenty of tourists would spare 5 days to explore the captivating city.

Chongqing City Exploration (1 Day)

If you are interested in folk arts and crafts and traditional architectures, you are recommended to travel to Ciqikou Old Town, the epitome of Chongqing. Then go to the Three Gorges Museumto learn about the Three Gorges and the Yangtze River. After that, you can get to Liziba to experience the whole house-through process.

Then go to Eling Park to stroll leisurely and admire beautiful garden scenery. Later, You are recommended to go to Hongya Cave by nightfall which will provide you with enchanting lights as well as spectacular nighttime scenery.

1 Day Chongqing City Highlights Discovery

Hongya Cave Enchanting Hongya Cave at Night

Wulong Karst (1 Days)

If you are fond of picturesque natural sceneries. You can go to Wulong Karst to immerse it all day. You are advised to go to Three Natural Bridges (天生三桥) to experience the uncanny workmanship of nature and continue your trip to Longshuixia Gap (龙水峡地缝) where you can see a beautiful scar of the earth. This whole place is a magnificent natural area with Karst hills, cliffs, gorges and caves. It's a paraside for wildelife lovers.

2 Days Chongqing & Wulong Karst Landscape Exploration Tour

Three Natural Bridges Three Natural Bridges

Dazu Rock Carvings (1 Day)

If you are keen on religious architectural arts, you can pay a visit to Dazu Rock Carvings, one of the World Heritage sites listed by the UNESCO. As one of the two monuments of Chinese grotto art, it deserves your visit. Then go to nearby Baodingshsan Rock Carvings. There you can appreciate valuable Buddhist art. Next stop is Beishan Rock Carvings. Plenty of exquisite statues there need your slow and careful appreciation.

2 Days Chongqing Tour with Dazu, Dazu Rock Carvings Tour

Thousand-hand Avalokitesva at Dazu Rock Carvings Thousand-hand Avalokitesva of Dazu

Chongqing-Yichang Yangtze River Cruise (4 Days)

If you want to appreciate more magnificent natural mountainous and water scenery of China and still have time. You are recommended to spare another 4 days to go on a Yangtze River cruise.

There you can make a shore excursion to Shibaozhai Pagoda (石宝寨) to indulge yourself in this architectural delight full of legends and beautiful stories. You will be mesmerized by gorgeous scenery on both sides as you sail through the spectacular Three Gorges. Then take an enjoyable adventure to primitive Shennv Stream (神女溪) to have a close-up views of green-clad mountains. You will reach Three Gorges Dam to marvel at this gigantic dam from different angles and know about the power of man's intelligence, creativity, and hard work.

4 Days Chongqing Essence Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

5 Days Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise & Wulong Karst Tour

Three Gorges Scenery along Yangtze River Cruise Three Gorges Scenery along Yangtze River Cruise

Recommended Chongqing Tours

Top 3 Chongqing tours chosen by most customers to explore Chongqing in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Peter's Family enjoyed a leisure break on Yangtze River Cruises

4 Days Chongqing Essence Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

Chongqing / Yangtze Cruise / Yichang

Our delighted customers from Singapore visited Wulong Three Natural Bridges, in 2023.

2 Days Chongqing & Wulong Karst Landscape Exploration Tour

Chongqing / Wulong / Chongqing

Luxury Yangtze River Cruise

5 Days Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise & Wulong Karst Tour

Chongqing / Wulong / Chongqing / Yangtze Cruise / Yichang

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