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Hangzhou, praised as “City of Heaven”, attracts numerous tourists to its splendid West Lake and other scenic sites. Well equipped with high speed railways, it is convenient to be reached. Because of the close distance to Shanghai, many travelers prefer a tour combing Shanghai and Hangzhou. In everyday, there are 130 or more high speed trains from Hangzhou to Shanghai, which take 45 minutes ~ 1 hour 45 minutes. Most of the high speed trains are G-trains and most of them depart from Hangzhou East Railway Station and arrive Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The earliest train G1338 departs from Hangzhou at 06:48 and the last train G1660 arrives in Shanghai at 23:26.

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Hangzhou Shanghai Train Route

Since Hangzhou is close to Shanghai and the distance between them is only 144 km (90 miles), the railway just passes through several cities in Zhejiang Province and the trains take only several times’ (or no) stops along the route. Generally, the trains stops in some railway stations among Jiashan South (嘉善南), Jiangxing South (嘉兴南), Tongxiang (桐乡), Haining West (海宁西), etc. and stop for only 2 ~ 6 minutes. During the train journey from Hangzhou to Shanghai, you get an opportunity to enjoy the idyllic scenery of east China. Check the details about Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Rail Map:

Shanghai Nanjing High Speed Rail Map

Shanghai Hangzhou Speed Rail Map

Hangzhou East Railway Station (Hangzhoudong Railway Station, 杭州东站)

Location: No.1 Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou (杭州市江干区天城路1号)

Hangzhou East Railway Station is the most frequently-used railway station in Hangzhou. It is about 10 kilometers away from Hangzhou’s landmark – West Lake and about 30 kilometers to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. It can conveniently be reached by metro Line 1 and Line 4. If you want to transfer between this railway station and airport, you could take an airport shuttle bus.

Hangzhou Railway Station (杭州站)

Location: No.1 Huancheng East Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou (浙江省杭州市上城区环城东路1号)

Hangzhou Railway Station is only 3 kilometers (about 10 minutes’ driving) from beautiful West Lake and about 30 kilometers from the airport. Metro Line 1 and airport shuttle bus are also accessible to take you to Hangzhou Railway Station.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (上海虹桥站)

Location: No. 1500, Mingui Road, Minhang District. (上海市闵行区申贵路1500号)

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is a high speed railway station only operating high speed trains. It is built close to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, so you can transfer between the Terminal 2 and the station by walking. This station is also well-linked with other rapid transportation like maglev train, metro Line 2 and metro Line 10. Read more about Shanghai Railway Stations>

Shanghai Railway Station (上海站)

Location: No. 303, Moling Road, Jing'an District (上海市静安区秣陵路303号)

Located in the busy downtown, Shanghai Railway Station enjoys a close distance to many top attractions in Shanghai, including the Bund, Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden and Nanjing Road. Various transportations are available to take you there, like metro Line 1, Line 2 and Line 4.

High Speed Train Tips

Types of Seats

There are Second Class Seats, First Class Seats and Business Class Seats on most high speed G-trains. The second class is the standard type at a budget price. The First Class Seats feature in much quieter and more comfortable environment. The Business Class Seats offer a luxury experience onboard. The seats usually on D-trains can be divided into First Seats, Second Class Seats and Soft Sleepers (or Business Class Seats). Check more details about Types of Seats on China Bullet Train>

Book, Collect, Alter and Cancel a Ticket

The train ticket can be booked online, with a ticket agency, at the ticket offices in railway stations etc. Remember to book your ticket as soon as possible, especially in the peak seasons. Reading tickets carefully to make sure that you get to the correct railway station and board the correct train. For foreign travelers without Chinese ID card, you have to collect, alter and cancel your train ticket from the ticket offices. Check more details about How to Book, Collect, Alter, and Cancel Train Tickets>

Board & Disembark a Train

1) Prepare your documents well (passport, visa); 2) Get to the right trains station in advance 3) collect train tickets; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the Identity Check; 6) Security check & luggage check; 7) Find right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. After you get off your train, your ticket will be check again to leave the station. Check more details about How to Board & Disembark a Train>

Baggage Allowance

Each passenger is able to take a high speed train with personal luggage in certain weight and volume without limitation of amount and types. Generally, the luggage won’t be weighed and measured specifically, so you can take as much as you can hand it independently and place it in the train station. Besides, some items are prohibited to be carried to the railway stations and the trains, like weapons, knives, etc. Check more details about Check more details about Baggage Allowance for Taking a Train>

Facilities and Service

All high speed trains in China provide advanced facilities and good service to make your journey more convenient and comfortable. You have different luggage racks to place your luggage, plugs to charge your laptop or phones and sightseeing window to view the outside scenery as well as western-style toilets. There is also available dining area you can get some supplies. Bilingual signs and broadcasts use both Chinese and English so that you don’t need to worry about the language barriers. Check more details about Facilities & Services Onboard the Train>


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