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Xining High Speed Trains

As the capital and economic center of Qinghai Province, Xining enjoys convenient transportation conditions to visit the northwestern cities of Gansu, Tibet and Xinjiang. Actually, all the trains traveling from Lanzhou or Xian to Urumqi (Xinjiang) must make stopover at Xining. Besides, as a plateau city with a history of more than 2,100 years, Xining also has its own attractive tourism landscapes like the Qinghai Lake, Ta’er Monastery, Donguan Grand Mosque, etc.

High Speed Trains from Xining

There are altogether over 65 High Speed Trains passing through/to Xining. High Speed Trains from Xining can get directly to Jiayuguan, Zhangye, Urumqi, Lanzhou, Xian, Jiuquan, Yumen, Hami, Turpan, etc.

Xining High Speed Rail Map

Xining High Speed Rail Map

Popular Xining High Speed Train Routes

Usually, High Speed Train travelers choose Xian as their first stop to visit the northwestern China, and choose Xining to visit the wonders of Qinghai Province. Below are some popular High Speed Train routes from/to/through Xining, you can have a check before planning your own northwest exploring tour.

● Xining - Xian High Speed Trains

Stations: Xining – Xian North

Length: 756 km (470 miles)

Duration: about 4.5 hours

Stops on the Route: Lanzhou, Tianshui, Baoji, Xianyang, etc.

The total traveling time of taking High Speed Train between Xining and Xian is less than 5 hours. During morning 7:42 to 17:50 every day, about 11 High Speed Trains (all D-trains) travel from Xining to Xian. Also, Xian has 12 High Speed Trains traveling to Xining every day, from 7:50 to 17:52. Along the journey, High Speed Trains must make stopover at Lanzhou, thus for the Lanzhou enthusiasts, you can travel to Lanzhou first and then continue the journey.

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Xian Xining High Speed Train Route Map

Xian Xining High Speed Rail Map

Xian North Railway Station

Xian North Railway Station

● Xining - Lanzhou High Speed Trains

Stations: Xining – Lanzhou, Lanzhou West

Length:188 km (117 miles)

Duration: less than 1.5 hours

For every High Speed Train traveling from Lanzhou to Gansu and Xinjiang must pass Xining, thus Xining Lanzhou High Speed Rail is the busiest section along the Lanzhou Xinjiang High Speed Rail (Lanzhou-Urumqi High Speed Rail). There are about 24 pairs of High Speed Trains serving between Lanzhou and Xining. For there will be a High Speed Train available every one hour around, you can easily find the perfect-suit one for your journey plan. Besides, it takes less than 1.5 hours to travel from Lanzhou to Xining by those High Speed Trains. You don't even feel like you're traveling.

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Qinghai Lake in Qinghai

Qinghai Lake

Pagoda Mountain (Baita)

Pagoda Mountain (Baita)

● Xining - Urumqi High Speed Trains

Stations: Xining – Urumqi

Length: 1,672 KM (1,228 miles)

Duration:about 10 hours ~ 10.5 hours

Stops on the Route: Zhangye, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, Yumen, Turpan, Hami, etc.

After passing Zhangye, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, Turpan, Hami, etc., High Speed Trains traveling from Xining finally arrive at Urumqi, the capital city of the northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. The total traveling time takes about 10 hours to 10.5 hours. Till the end of August 2018, about 4 D-trains are available to achieve the Xining Urumqi journey. All the trains depart in the morning and early noon, no afternoon and night trains available. Most convenient Business Class Seats have already equipped on those High Speed Trains, which can give travelers a better experience along the way.

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Xining Railway Station

Xining Railway Station

Kumbum Monastery, Taer Monastery

Kumbum Monastery, Taer Monastery

● Xining - Zhangye High Speed Trains

Stations: Xining – Zhangye West

Length: 297 km (185 miles)

Duration:1 hour 42 minutes ~ 2 hours

Xining now has 16 daily High Speed Trains (all D-trains) to Zhangye, the perfect place to have a visit about amazing Danxia landforms and the Silk Road culture. The earliest High Speed Train departs from Xining at about 8:43 every morning, while the last one departs at 20:03. Thanks to the frequent High Speed Trains, traveling from the monasteries and lakes from Xining to Zhangye within a half day tour becomes easy and simple.

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Zhangye West Railway Station

Zhangye West Railway Station

Zhangye Danxia Landform

Zhangye Danxia Landform

● Xining - Jiayuguan High Speed Trains

Stations: Xining, Xining West - Jiayuguan South

Length: 509 km (316 miles)

Duration: 3 hour and 3 minutes ~ 3.5 hours

You must have ever heard Jiayuguan before, more or less. Jiayuguan pass is the greatest and most legendary pass of the Ancient Great Wall. Its history can be even traced back to 1372. Xining enjoys 14 daily High Speed Trains to Jiayuguan. All the trains travel from Xining Railway Station to Jiayuguan South Railway Station after about a 3-hour-journey. Along the Journey, High Speed Trains travel from Xining and make stopover at Zhangye.

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Jiayugaun Pass

Jiayugaun Pass

Xian North Railway Station

Jiayuguan South Railay Station

● Xining - Turpan High Speed Trains

Stations: Xining - Turpan North

Length: 1440 km (895 miles)

Duration: around 8.5 hours ~ 9 hours 16 minutes

If you have watched Journey to the West before, you must have a brief memory of the Flaming Mountain (Mountain of Flames), where Son Goku must borrow palm-leaf fan from Princess Iron Fan to kill the flames of the mountain. The real prototype of the Huoyanshan is exactly in Turpan, the city with more than four-thousand-years history. Xining now has over 4 D-trains travel to Turpan every day, from 9:16 to 12:02. For the journey takes about 9 hours, a little bit long, you can choose the most convenient Business Class Seats or First Class Seats for a better travel experience.

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Turpan North Railway Station

Turpan North Railway Station

Flaming Mountain in Turpan

Flaming Mountain in Turpan

More High Speed Trains from Xining

Though the High Speed Trains from Xining can only directly reach to the northwestern cities of China. Its nearby city Lanzhou enjoys a huge High Speed Train network connecting most of the tourist cities of China like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Changsha, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Huashan, etc. The Xining Lanzhou High Speed Train journey takes less than 1.5 hours. Thus you can take a High Speed Train to Lanzhou first and make a transfer to other tourist destinations by High Speed Trains from Lanzhou. For more information about Lanzhou High Speed Rail, you can check Lanzhou High Speed Rail Train from our website.

If you are interested in a China high speed train tour package from or to Xining, please select from our recommended High Speed Tours, or just contact our travel experts, they will help your tailor make the itinerary and arrange the train ticket and accommodation quickly and professionally.

Business Class Seats on Bullet Trains

Business Class Seats on Bullet Trains

Related High Speed Railway Stations of Xining

There are two mainly used High Speed Railway Stations of Xining, namely Xining West Railway Station (Xiningxi Railway Station; 西宁西站) and Xining Railway Station (西宁站). Xining West Railway Station is located in Chengbei District. Xining Railway Station is located in Chengdong District, near to the city center and about 12km (7.5 miles) away to the Xining West Railway Station.

How to Plan a Xining Trip

How to Get to Xining: You can fly to Xining from Beijing (2.5h), Shanghai (3h), Guangzhou (3h15min), Lhasa (2-3.5h), Xian (1.5h), etc. or take a train to Xining from Xian (4-5h), Lanzhou (70min-2.5hrs), Zhangye (2h), Jiayuguan (3.3.5h), Dunhuang (6h), etc.

Best Time to Visit Xining: Suitable to visit all year round, especially from May to October.

Where to Stay in Xining: Xining downtown around Chengzhong District. If you are going to visit far attractions like Qinghai Lake, you can also choose the hotels nearby.

To explore the cultural and natural highlights of Xining, about 3 days are needed. Qinghai Lake which is not far away from Xining is a must-see. You can spend a whole day here appreciating the water scenery, hiking or biking along the lake or taking a Qinghai Lake cruise (cruise is only available from May to October). Main attractions in Xining city such as Taer Monastery, the birthplace of the Tibetan Buddhism master - Tsongkhapapay, and Dongguan Great Mosque, one of the "Four Greatest Mosques in China" are also worth a go.

☛ 3 Days Qinghai Short Stay Tour

If you have more days, you can expand your Xining trip to more destinations in Qinghai such as Chaka Salt Lake, known as Mirror of the Sky for its stunning mirror-like natural beauty. If you are interested in Amdo Tibet culture, you are strongly advised to extend your tour to Tongren and nearby Xiahe (in Gansu) to explore Regong Art and Tibetan Buddhism.

☛ 4 Days Qinghai Lake Chaka Lake Tour from Xining
☛ 5 Days Amdo Tibetan Culture Experience Tour

Tourists also prefer an extensive trip to the ancient Silk Road to appreciate Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Zhangye Danxia Landform, and more witnesses of history such as Jiayuguan Pass, head to the Bardain Jaran Desert in weatern Inner Mongolia for desert landscape and exciting activities, or reach the roof of the world in Tibet (Lhasa, Shigatse, Mount Everest, Namtso Lake, etc.). You can also contact us to customize a trip according to your own itinerary and interests. Just tell us your needs and we will take care of everything!

☛ 7 Days Miraculous Land Tour from Dunhuang to Zhangye Xining
☛ 7 Days Qinghai Lake Zhangye Danxia Badain Jaran Desert Wonders Tour
☛ 6 Days Xining and Lhasa Train Tour

Qinghai Lake Erlangjian Scenic Area in Qinghai Lake
Chaka Salt Lake Ride the little train in Chaka Salt Lake
Badain Jaran Desert Badain Jaran Desert Jeep

Recommended Tours

Top 3 tours chosen by most customers to explore in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Qinghai Tibet Railway
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Xining / Lhasa

Magnificent Wutong Monastery in Tongren
5 Days Amdo Tibetan Culture Experience Tour

Xining - Tongren - Xiahe - Linxia

Shaman Festival
6 Days Tongren Shaman Festival Tour

Xining / Qinghai Lake / Tongren / Xining

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