Potala Palace-The Center of Lhasa

Potala Palace, situated on an extremely high mountain in the northwest of Lhasa, with an altitude of over 3,700m, is an important symbol of Lhasa. Known as the heaven of arts, this white and red palace with its ancillary buildings and numerous invaluable treasures collected, attracts thousands tourists to unveil its mystery.

Featuring the large scale and artistic wealth, Potala Palace is an outstanding example of theocratic architecture in modern world. And it was listed as one of the World’s Culture Heritages by UNESCO in 1994.

Lhasa Potala Palace

Lhasa Potala Palace

Potala Palace History

Built in 7th century by Songzain Gambo, the King of Tubo, Potala Palace has been playing a role of high religious divinities and status in the local Tibetan people since then.

After the restoration in the 17th century, the Potala Palace became the winter palace of every Dalai Lama and the political center as well, which symbolizes Tibetan Buddhism and its central role in the traditional administration of Tibet.

The Inside of Potala Palace

As a large architecture group consisting of temples, palaces, dormitories and office areas, the interior of Potala Palace can be an immense structure, with an excess of 130,000 square meters, to fulfill numerous functions.

It was not only the residence of the Dalai Lama and his political staff, also the seat of Tibetan government to hold all ceremonies. Nowadays, Religious training of monks and administrators and the tombs of past Dalai Lamas are also located inside. What’s more, here are some chapels survived from old times, draws thousands of Tibetan pilgrims each day.

Interior of Potala Palace

Interior of Potala Palace

As time went by, this historic ensemble of Potala Palace has owned thousands of collections of various cultural relics of Tibetan paintings, precious Buddha materials about Tibetan history, and many multi-ethnic cultural fusions. Walking along the corridor, there are kinds of wall paintings full of different themes and arts. Today, as a museum, Potala Palace acts like more a historic center for tourists to appreciate the Tibetan Buddhism and a religious land for the locals to bless for peace.


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