Hong Kong to Chengdu Tour Plan - How to Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu 2023

Chengdu, located in southwestern China, is known as Giant Panda's hometown attracting numerous panda fans. Beyond Giant Pandas, the relaxing lifestyle and special Sichuan cuisine also lure travelers around the world. It's easy to travel Chengdu from some foreign cities and most big China cities. Among these gateway cities which provide convenient transfer to Chengdu, Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the best. It is a famous international metropolis linked with over 150 international cities by airlines. Moreover, citizens of the specified 170 countries or people holding one of the appointed documents can visit Hong Kong without visa. Therefore, many travelers always travel from Hong Kong to other destinations of China, including Chengdu.

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How to Get from Hong Kong to Chengdu

At present, taking a flight is the best way to get from Hong Kong to Chengdu. Though both Hong Kong and Chengdu are well-equipped with developed high speed railways, there is no train operating between them currently. You can take a nonstop or connecting flight from Hong Kong to Chengdu easily. If you want to use high speed train, you need to make a transfer in other cities, like Guangzhou, Guilin, Guiyang, Kunming etc.

Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu

Hong Kong Chengdu Transfer Map

Hong Kong to Chengdu Flights

There are 5 ~ 6 daily nonstop flights and over 10 daily connecting flights from Hong Kong to Chengdu usually. The linear distance between them is 1351 kilometers (839 miles) and the whole flying journey takes about 2.5 ~ 3 hours. If you fail to book a nonstop flight, it is available to choose a connecting flight instead. Most connecting flights have a stopover in Shanghai and the whole trip takes 8 ~ 30 hours. It's quite easy to find a flight within 10 hours' flying duration.

Flight No. Operator Plane Type Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Frequency
KA886 Cathay Dragon Airbus330 10:00 12:40 2h40m SMTWTFS
CA412 Air China Airbus320 11:10 13:45 2h35m SMTWTFS
3U8618 Sichuan Airlines Airbus321 17:10 20:00 2h50m - - TWTFS
KA824 Cathay Dragon Airbus320 19:25 21:55 2h30m SMTWTFS
CA428 Air China Airbus319 19:45 22:15 2h30m SMTW - F -
HX452 Hong Kong Airlines Airbus320 20:50 23:45 2h55m SMTWTFS


How to Get to Hong Kong International Airport

Address: Lantau Island Area, Hong Kong (香港大屿山岛), about 34 km away from Hong Kong Downtown

Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG) is the only airport in Hong Kong and is connected to about 180 destinations in China and other countries.

International Flights to Hong Kong Airport: You can take a direct flight to Hong Kong International Airport easily from many international cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, through over 1000 daily flights by more than 100 airlines.

Hong Kong to Hong Kong International Airport: If you are already in Hong Kong, you can get to Hong Kong Airport by MTR Airport Express from Central area (50 minutes), or different airport buses from Hong Kong Island (including Central, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay) and Kowloon area.

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to Hong Kong International Airport: If you get to Hong Kong by international cruise, you will arrive at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal usually. This terminal is about 40 km away from Hong Kong International Airport, and we suggest you call a taxi which may takes about 50 minutes.

Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu Hong Kong International Airport

How to Get from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport from Chengdu City

Address: Jichang Yingbin Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu (成都市双流区迎宾大道)

Shuangliu Airport is the major international airport serving Chengdu as well as an important aviation hub to western China. As you fly from Hong Kong to Chengdu, you will reach Terminal 1 which serves international and regional airlines. Upon your arrival, you can find various accessible transportation means to Chengdu city.

By Metro: You can take metro Line 10 to Taipingyuan Station (太平园) and then transfer to most other parts of Chengdu, like metro Line 3 to Chunxi Road, Tianfu Square and Panda Base, and Line 7 to Chengdu East Railway Station.

By Airport Bus: There are 5 airport bus lines available to take you from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to most important transportation hubs and popular attractions, like Chengdu East Railway Station, Tianfu Sqaure, Chunxi Road, Jinli Old Street, Kuanzhai Alley…

By Scenic Shuttle Bus: Scenic Shuttle Bus is available to take you directly to the main attractions in Chengdu downtown, including Wuhou Tempole, Jinli Old Street, Kuanzhai Alley and Chunxi Road.

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Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Location Map Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Location Map (click to enlarge)

Hong Kong to Chengdu Trains

Though there is no direct high speed train or normal train running from Hong Kong to Chengdu directly, it's available to enjoy a Hong Kong Chengdu train journey if you are really fond of train experience. Till now, Hong Kong operates high speed trains to many popular cities of China, including Hangzhou (7.5 hours), Kunming (7.5 hours), Guiyang (5.5 hours), Wuhan (about 4.5 hours), Xiamen (about 4-4.5 hours), Changsha (about 3.5 hours), Chongqing (7.5 hours), Tianjin (10 hours), Fuzhou (about 5-5.5 hours), Zhengzhou (6.5-7 hours), etc., and most of these cities are linked with Chengdu by high speed trains.

If you want an efficient high speed transfer, it's recommended to make a transfer in Chongqing, which runs about 100 daily high speed trains to Chengdu. However, there are many other stopover destinations worthy of a short stay as well. We strongly suggest you take a stop in Guilin or Guangzhou - both located between Hong Kong and Chengdu. Guilin is blessed with incredible Karst landscape which makes it the world-famous tourist destination for natural beauty. Guangzhou is a city tremendously thriving but not losing its traditional flavor. In the city, you can savor its Lingnan culture, Cantonese food and legendary history.

How to Get to Hong Kong West Kowloon Terminus

Address: Jordan‎, ‎West Kowloon‎, Hong Kong (香港西九龙佐敦)

Hong Kong West Kowloon Terminus is the only high speed train station served in Hong Kong. Located in the prosperous downtown, you can quite easily to get there from different corners of Hong Kong by taxi, subway or local buses. It's quite convenient to take Hong Kong MTR Tung Chung Line (东涌线) and Airport Express (机场快线) to Kowloon Station (within 15 minutes' walking to West Kowloon Terminus), or West Rail Line (西铁线) will transfer you to Austin Station (within 15 minutes' walking to West Kowloon Terminus).

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Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu Hong Kong MTR

How to Get to Chengdu City from Chengdu East Railway Station

Address: Qingyijiang Rd, Chenghua District, Eastern Chengdu (成都市成华区青衣江路)

By Metro: Metro Line 2 can take you to the Tianfu Square and Chunxi Road (where most travelers like to accommodate around) within 25 minutes, People's Park within 30 minutes. Making a transfer in Chunxi Road, you can take Line 3 to Chengdu Panda Base.

By Public Bus: There are buses available to take you from Chengdu East Railway Station in Chengdu City, but it takes longer time.

By Driving: It takes about 25 minutes to get to Tianfu Square from Chengdu East Railway Station without traffic congestion.

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Chengdu East Railway Station Location Map Chengdu East Railway Station Location Map (click to enlarge)

How to Plan a Hong Kong Chengdu Tour

Generally speaking, it needs about 6 days to cover the highlights in Hong Kong and Chengdu if you choose to transfer by plane.

How to Plan A Hong Kong Tour

Usually, a classic Hong Kong tour can take 1 ~ 3 days based on your interests. If you just come for a tight transit, you can spend 1 day enjoying the best of Hong Kong. Take Peak Tram to Victoria Peak to enjoy one of the world's most stunning skylines first, and then relax yourselves in beautiful Repulse Bay and explore Aberdeen Fishing Village where old Hong Kong meets the new one. 2 or 3 days allows you to see more highlights of Hong Kong, like discovering Taoism in Wong Tai Sin Temple, appreciating Hong Kong Skyline from a different angle in Avenue of the Stars, taking an enjoyable Star Ferry cruise to see moving Hong Kong and learning Hong Kong's past in Hong Kong Museum of History. If you want to stay longer or travel with young kids, don't miss Disneyland and Ocean Park. Read more about How to Plan A Hong Kong Tour>

After a metropolis-savoring experience, it's a good option to take a high speed train or flight to Guilin before arriving in Chengdu. 3~4 days' stay in Guilin permits you to witness the spectacular landscape among the jagged-peak limestone karsts. Li River, Yangshuo and Longsheng Terraces all show you that Guilin's natural endowment never fails to be alluring.

Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu Take the Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu Yangshuo Yulong River Landscape

How to Plan A Chengdu Tour

It needs 1~ 3 days to see the highlights of Chengdu as well. It goes without saying that Chengdu Panda Base is the first place to visit no matter how many days you have in Chengdu. Here you can observe the daily activities of Giant Pandas, like sleeping, chomping bamboos or playing with each other. If you have only one day, you are suggested to stay in the city area and enjoy the essence of Chengdu city after your panda visit. Just pay a leisurely trip to People's Park to experience local people's extremely relaxing life, step into the incense-smoked Wenshu Temple to take a suck of the Buddhist atmosphere, and stroll in bustling Jinli Old Street and try some local snacks there. If you have more days, you can go to more historic and cultural sites, like Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Jinsha Site Museum, etc. or add some interesting activities to your itinerary, like watching Sichuan Opera Show, being a panda volunteer, or join in a Sichuan Cuisine cooking class. Read more about How to Plan a Chengdu Trip>

In fact, Chengdu is a popular gateway city to Sichuan's UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Leshan Giant Buddha – the Largest Buddha Statue in the World, Mount Emei – famous Buddhist Mountain with golden statue of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Jiuzhaigou Valley - breathtaking park with the world's best waterscape, Huanglong National Park - alluring calcified scenery near Jiuzahigou, Qingcheng Mountain – famous Taoist Mountain with natural beauty and Dujaingyan Irrigation System – embodiment of ancient people's wisdom.

Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu Lovely Pandas in Chengdu Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha in summer Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu Beautiful Lake in Jiuzhai Valley

Travel from Hong Kong to Chengdu with China Discovery

China Discovery is a leading travel agency based in Chengdu. We are specialized in offering high-quality private tour packages to all travelers who have desires to have an authentic China discovery. From the moment you have a travel plan to the moment you finish your China tour, we are always here at your service. Before your travel, you will be provided with our one-to-one consulting service as well as all itineraries-covered tickets-booking and hotels-booking. During your tour, our knowledgeable local tour guide and skilled driver will pick you up and escort you to your hotel and every attraction without any hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation. All details will be taken care of, and you just need to focus on sightseeing. All tours can be tailor-made according to your plan, time, interests and demands. Please be free to contact us to unveil you Hong Kong Chengdu tour or China tour.

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