Chengdu Accommodation: Recommended Hotels & Hostels

Staying in Chengdu with great comfort!

Among thousands of Chengdu hotels, we have carefully selected the following hotels and hostels for its good location and best value for money. No matter you want a luxury stay in a 5-star hotel, or want a special experience in local featured hostel, or like to accommodate a distinct boutique hotel, we will help you find the best hotel according to your needs and budget.

Chengdu Accommodation

Buddha Zen Hotel

Breakfast: Chinese

Add: B6-6, Wenshufang Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu, China

Surroundings: Wenshu Monastery; Tianfu Square; Chunxi Road Shopping Street

Distance to Shuangliu International Airport: 22km

Distance to North Railway Station: 4.5 km

Distance to East Railway Station: 7 km

It is the only one inn themed with the Buddhist Zen culture in China, with the featured decoration and design of that culture, rare antiques like paintings, etc. Guests can not only enjoy the spacious room with elegant ornaments of Buddhism, precious embroideries and ancient objects, but the delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes in this unique inn. Moreover, appreciating the ancient pavilions and view of Wenshufang on the balcony is really a wonderful experience.

Chengdu Dreams-Travel Wenjun Mansion Hotel

Breakfast: Chinese & Western

Add: No. 180, Qintai Road, Chengdu, China

Surroundings: Shufeng Yayun Opera House; Kuanzhai Alley; Qingyang Palace

Distance to Shuangliu International Airport: 20 km

Distance to North Railway Station: 7 km

Distance to East Railway Station: 13 km

Dreams-Travel Manshion Hotel is an old courtyard hotel located on Qintai road that is of rich antique flavor. All rooms are big with full equipment, advanced bedding articles, free WI-FI. There is a large yard, so guests can spend their leisure time here drinking tea and feel the local Chengdu tea culture. Bike renting and other considerate services are offered in this hotel, and buffet of Chinese and Western styles in this restaurant are very tasteful and various in types.

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