What to Do in Beijing

What to see, to buy, to experience in Beijing? What are the best you should never miss, and what are the feature activities only the locals know?

To help you plan your Beijing vacation, and to explore the real life of this city, here we collected the TOP 10 attractions that you can get a better understanding about Chinese culture and history, as well as some recommended featured things to do and activities you can choose to add much fun on your Beijing trip.

Beijing Attraction Map

the Bund in Shanghai

No. 1: Tasting Beijing Roast Duck

You may never miss a dinner of Beijing Roast Duck while visiting Beijing. There are many traditional restaurants, such as Pianyi Fang Roast Duck Restaurant, or Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, offering you the authentic Roast Duck that cooked in the traditional way. The Roast Duck has a crisp skin and the meat has some fat but not oily. A chef will slice the duck meat beside your table. You will be given freshly made pancakes to wrap the thin slices of duck. Just have a try!

Beijing Opera

No. 2: Watching Beijing Opera

Location: Liyuan Theater in Qianmen Jianguo Hotel

Recommended Length: Over 1 hour

Beijing Opera, or Peking Opera, is visually dramatic with the gorgeous costumes and make-up. The graceful type movements, as well as the sampling of singing, recitation, mime and acrobatics make it a pleasure to watch. The performance shown in Liyuan Theater (consists of separate little pieces) is a good sample of Beijing Opera for first-time visitors to get a taste of what Beijing opera is really like without paying a huge price and sitting through a quite long show.

Beijing Kungfu Show

No. 3: Watching Legend Kungfu Show

Location: Red Theater

Length of Performance: over 1 hour

Performed by best of China’s Kung Fu practitioners, the Legend of Kung Fu Show is recommended as a wonderful evening entertainment for all ages. Following the great story line - how a boy entering the monastery and making his way through life to finally become the Abbott. It is not just kung fu but dance and the music is all great. All the narrative is shown in both Chinese and English so you can easily understand the story.

Note: All audiences are not allowed to take photos or video the show.

Shopping in Beijing

No. 4: Shopping

No matter you want to shop in the fashion mall or go to the local market, you can always find somewhere interesting for shopping in Beijing. Wangfujing Business Center and Sanlitun Village are famous for the flagship stores for many world-famous brands. But to buy the souvenirs or some featured gifts, you can go to Panjiayuan Flee Market or Liulichang Ancient Cultural Street, where you can see many unique, ancient and traditional Chinese paintings, books, furniture and some other cultural products.

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