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Beijing Day Trips 2024
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3 Best Day Trips in Beijing for the First-timers 2024

Explore Beijing with Our Unforgettable Day Trips

What you can do in one day in Beijing?

Unveil the Majesty of the Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall: Hike along a restored section with stunning mountain views. Take the cable car for breathtaking panoramas, or challenge yourself on a steeper section.

Jinshanling Great Wall: Walk a less-crowded, yet equally impressive portion, offering a more tranquil experience with restored watchtowers and dramatic landscapes.

Simatai Great Wall: Explore a wilder section with fewer renovations, perfect for photographers and adventurers seeking a true off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Embrace the Splendor of Beijing's Imperial Past

Forbidden City Tour: Journey through the heart of China's imperial history. Explore the grand palaces, courtyards, and gardens, once the exclusive domain of emperors and their courts.

Temple of Heaven Tour: Discover the architectural marvel and spiritual significance of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Witness the intricate details and learn about the emperors' ceremonies to obtain blessings from heaven.

Summer Palace Tour: Escape the urban bustle and explore this sprawling imperial garden complex. Relax by serene lakes, admire exquisite architecture, and learn about the emperors' summer retreat.

Discover Hidden Gems and Local Delights

Hutong Tour: Delve into the maze-like alleys of Beijing's traditional neighborhoods. Sample local delicacies at hidden restaurants, meet artisans crafting traditional wares, and experience the authentic pulse of the city.

What you can enjoy in our Beijing day trips?

Immerse yourself in the rich history and captivating beauty of Beijing with our curated day trips! We, at China Discovery, are your local experts, offering unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

We are Beijingers who are passionate about sharing our city's wonders with visitors. We cater to small groups, ensuring a more intimate and enriching experience. We go beyond tourist traps, offering a glimpse into the real Beijing.

  • - Knowledgeable Local Guides: Immerse yourself in the stories and cultural significance of each location with our passionate guides.
  • - Comfortable Transportation: Travel in air-conditioned vehicles with convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off.
  • - Delicious Lunches: Savor authentic Chinese cuisine at carefully selected restaurants.
  • - Optional Activities: Enhance your experience with add-ons like cable car rides, cultural performances, or souvenir shopping sprees.
  • Beijing Day Trips 2024/2025
    1 Day Beijing City Highlights Tour (Tian'anmen Square/Foribidden City/Temple of Heaven)

    Pick up from your hotel then go to visit three most remarkable historical sites in Beijing - Tian'anmen Square, Foribidden City and Temple of Heaven. They are not very far away from each other. We will book ticket of Forbidden City for you too.

    Availability: Every day except Mondays
    Starting location: Your hotel
    Attractions: Tian'anmen Square (0.5hr), Foribidden City (2hrs), Temple of Heaven(1.5hrs)

  • Beijing Day Trips 2024/2025
    1 Day Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking Tour

    Mutianyu Great Wall is about 1.5 hours driving from downtown. It is less crowded, and very popular among foreign travelers. You can choose to hike all the way/half way, or use cable cars save time and energy. If you want to other section of Great Walls, feel free to let us know.

    Availability: Every day
    Starting location: Your hotel
    Attractions: Mutianyu Great Wall(3~4 hrs)

  • Beijing Day Trips 2024/2025
    1 Day Local Hutong Visit and Summer Palace Exploration

    If you want some local culture experience and enjoy some beautiful landscaple, you should go to visit Beijing's local Hutongs, then take a visit to Summer Palace which is very beautiful with many places to see.

    Availability: Every day
    Starting location: Your hotel
    Attractions: Hutongs (2hrs), Summer Palace (2.5hrs)

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Design Your Own Beijing Day Trips

Choose your favorite attractions in Beijing below to let our travel experts design a reasonable Beijing day trip itinerary for you.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Great Wall (3hrs)

#1 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - Mutianyu Great Wall, less-crowded, about 60km from the airport.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Forbidden City (2.5hrs)

#4 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - the royal palaces for Ming and Qing Dynasties for over 500 years.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Summer Palace (2hrs)

#3 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - the summer resort for the Qing dynasty's royal family.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Hutongs (1.5hrs)

#41 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - old folk dwellings, and good place for souvenir shopping.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Temple of Heaven (1.5hrs)

#5 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - the largest building for religious worship in China.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Jingshan Park (1hr)

#8 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - good location for photography and Forbidden City panoramic view.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
798 Art Zone (1hr)

#10 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - old-fashioned factory, numerous galleries and bookshops & cafes.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Dajuyuan (1hr)

#16 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - also known as National Center for the Performing Arts.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Olympic Park (0.5hr)

#21 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - modern architecture, where the Bird Nest and Water Cube locate.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Beihai Park (1hr)

#11 on Tripadvisor - free local park with a white pogoda. Good for a leisure stroll.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Lama Temple (0.5hr)

#12 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - A series of beautiful Tibetan-style pavilions.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Chaoyang Theater (2hrs)

#13 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - breathtaking routines of acrobats & gymnasts.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Old Summer Palace (1hr)

#36 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - beautiful, historical, and not crowded!

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Temple of Confucius (0.5hr)

#45 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - ancient Chinese academy culture, located at Hutong area.

Beijing Layover Tours 2024/2025
Back Lakes (1hr)

#47 of 1,619 on Tripadvisor - ancient Chinese academy culture, located at Hutong area.

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