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Rita - Our Experienced Travel Consultant

Rita Jiang


Hi, dear friends! I’m Rita Jiang, your travel consultant from Chengdu Bamboo International Tours.

I’m glad to be in this family which is full of friendliness, enthusiasm and great cooperation. During my work, I’m a hard worker to serve you with my passion, knowledge and experience. After my work, I’m an enthusiastic traveler to explore the beautiful scenery and nature like you. I’m well prepared to help to DIY the tours you want most. Right here waiting for you!

See my blog:
Travel with Rita: 7 Days Classic Lijiang / Dali / Kunming Tour

Why not take the advantages of Rita's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away! Ask her a question about your travel.

Photos of Me & My Clients

Our Travel Consultant - Rita Our Travel Consultant - Rita Our Travel Consultant - Rita Our Travel Consultant - Rita Our Travel Consultant - Rita Our Travel Consultant - Rita Chengdu Travel Tour Chengdu Travel Chengdu Travel Henan Shaolin Temple Tour Chengdu Travel Panda Tour with China Discovery Hong Kong Tour with China Discovery Panda Tour with China Discovery Beijing Tour with China Discovery Yangtze River Cruise Tour with China Discovery Yangtze River Cruise Tour with China Discovery Beijing Cruise Tour with China Discovery Jiuzhaigou Cruise Tour with China Discovery

Hi Rita,

It was interesting. They did not want me to take pictures of the work I did while I was working. When we hugged the panda, they did allow pictures. Here is one of them.

I will keep you in mind if there are more adventure needs.


The following pictures were shared by Mike.

Panda Tour

Mike's Close Contact with Giant Panda

August 1 2017

Hi Rita,

Thank you for organising such a fabulous trip for us. We loved the yellow mountains and thought Hong Cun was beautiful. The guide Jerry was absolutely amazing! He made the trip fabulous.

My family are heading to Xian in October and I would like to know if you could organise a one day private tour to the Teracotta warriors for us. On the way back I would like to stop at a few spots such as the wild goose pagoda and any other sites that you recommend. I have been to Xian before so we can do the things in the town (wall, bell tower, old street etc) by ourselves.

Many thanks,


July 10 2017

Hello Rita,

Firstly I would like to thank you and your company for making our holiday to China so enjoyable. All your staff were friendly and professional and I would highly recommend your company to all my friends.

We have not yet sorted the iPad problem. Due to the flight delays because of the weather we did not have the time we expected in Shanghi to organise a driver for the iPad. It is still in lost property at Hongqiao airport.

Through your company are we able to organise pick up of the iPad and then have it sent back to Australia?  If not can you suggest a company that we could contact to help us.

Once again I would like to thank you for all your help and concern.



The following picture was shared by Clare.

Yu Garden

Clare Couple viistied Yu Garden

Suzhou Gardens

Beautiful Lotus Pond in Suzhou Gardens

Wuzhen Water Town

Peaceful Wuzhen Watertown

July 5 2017

Dear Rita, 

Apologies for the delay in responding.

We had a great time on the tour and had a fabulous time in Chengdu and will definitely recommend your team and you to my friends in the future.  We are definitely interested in doing a Yangtze River cruise sometime in the spring and will definitely reach out at the appropriate time.

I hope you are having a nice day and you had a great weekend.


Kind Regards,


November 15, 2016

Hi Rita,

I want to thank you for a wonderful Silk Road Trip.  The guides were good along with the drivers.  Yes, I would recommend your company to my friends going to China.

I am interested in going back to China and combining two of your tours into on continuous trip. 

First tour: Classic Yunnan Tour (CD-HBT-04) 8 day tour, second tour:

Lhasa Nyingchi Tour (CD-TT-07A) 6 days. 

I am in good shape and high altitude does not bother me.

Please send me a proposal and I will be awaiting your reply. Your recommendations and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

With regards,

Stephen Morishige

Stephen Morishige
October 11, 2016

Hello Rita,

Sorry to take so long to write. I came down with a cold and haven't been feeling well.

All of our expectations were met. Eben was on time and very informative about the city of Chengdu and surrounding areas. He is a very pleasant young man and answered or many questions with very good English. He was very helpful as well at the airport in seeing us off and helping with luggage.

Eben had suggested we go on our free day to the Chengdu Panda Reserve and I am so glad we did. I did not realize that was where the baby panda nursery was so we were able to see the newborns.

The arrangements for the d reserve went very well. It was a lifelong dream of mine to hold a panda. Eben lead us through the reserve and handled the arrangements for the photo.

The restaurant we ate at for lunch was very nice and the food was wonderful!

From there Eben helped us navigate our way through Jingli Street and was very patient as I shopped for gifts and souvenirs.

The taxi driver drove very responsibly and we were able to relax and enjoy the scenery.

If I know of anyone going to China and would like to connect with tours I would definitely recommend you. You were always prompt when responding to questions and very accommodating to our plans and very helpful with the changes we made.

It was a pleasure working with you and if I return to China I will be sure and get in touch with you.

Thank you,

LaDonna Elvig

The following pictures were shared by Stephen.

Ladona's close contact with cute giant panda

LaDonna Elvig
October 14, 2016

Hi Rita,

Hope you are well. 

Thank you for arranging excellent tours for me and my family. I highly recommended you to my friend, Mr. Joseph Borda, for his 2017 China trip. Please try your best to have Mr. David Sun(孙先生 as the tour guide in Inner Mongolia) & Mr. Wang(王先生 as the tour guide in Beijing). I've cc Mr. Joseph Borda in this email so you can get in touch with him directly.

Thank you for your excellent service.

Best Regards,


October 12, 2016

Dear Rita

We are back from a fantastic trip to the Yangtze. You don’t have to miss us, we still are in China and will stay here for another 3 years :)

The Century Legend was fantastic. We were surprised. The staff of this ship is great.

When they keep this high quality standard, I can highly recommend this tour to everyone and I will do in the near future.

If you need more detailed information, please feel free to ask.

Best regards


October 11, 2016

Hi Rita,

Feedbacks are as follows

1.    Rita is very efficient and meticulous in her dealings with us; she always responded to our emails very quickly, even on weekends

2.    Very professional – all requests and changes were affected very quickly to our full satisfaction

3.    Yes, I’m willing to recommend your service to my friends who also have an interest to visit China.

4.    Your organization appears to be very approachable and easy to deal with; your consultants, especially Rita are very knowledgeable and helpful


September 30, 2016

Hi Rita:

We have returned from our trip to China and I want to provide you with just a few comments.  Overall, we had a good time without any problems. We enjoyed seeing all the sites and being on a "private" tour. We didn't have to wait for other people and were driven close to the entrance of all the sites. 

We liked all the guides (Linda, Waldner, Steven, Diana, Frank and Frank). We liked Steven the best because he was very calm, patient and spoke English well. The drivers were also good. The driver who only drove us back to the hotel from Disney was professional and had a nice car - we wish we had him the entire time in Shanghai.

We did like that all the drivers had bottled water for us. Mr Tang (driver with Linda) was especially prepared with Kleenex, wipes and candy - very nice!

We enjoyed the cruise and were pleased with the arrangements.

We were also very pleased with all the hotels that we stayed in.  Good locations and easy to walk to restaurants for dinner.

Thank you for making our vacation a very enjoyable one.  We definitely liked learning about Chinese history and culture.

Joanne and Phil Tokeshi

Joanne and Phil Tokeshi
September 30, 2016

Dear Rita

Yesterday we ended our trip in Lhasa. Our guide gave us a customer satisfaction paper so that we could give you back our opinion.

Unfortunately, we forgot that paper at the hotel. The guide told us that the paper was important to him because of his future jobs.

That is why I send to you this mail. Please consider it as our customer satisfaction paper.

We are really satisfied for the services. The driver was very respectful and the guide so kind. He knows a lot about Tibetan culture.

Please I’ll wait for your answer. And thank you for everything. We will always have the Tibet in our hearts.

Santiago Saulig & Maria Natalia Luque

Santiago Saulig & Maria Natalia Luque
September 13, 2016

Hi Rita,

I just arrived in San Francisco.

It was the best tour I had so far. Thanks to the guide assigned to us. He is great, Tenphel Sonam.

Shangri-La  was a bit of a downer... I was expecting some more interesting places to see and appreciate. Though the guide was also great, It would have been better if there were more interesting places to see... more cultural.

I would definitely recommend your company to anyone wishing to go to tibet!!!

Thanks again for all!!!!


September 12, 2016

Hi Rita,

I just arrived in San Francisco. It was the best tour I had so far. Thanks to the guide assigned to us. He is great, Tenphel Sonam.

I would definitely recommend your company to anyone wishing to go to tibet!!!

Thanks again for all!!!!


September 12, 2016

Hello Rita,

The trip was fantastic. For sure we will recommend you and your agency. All hotels, transport, arrangements, local guides and tours were above any expectation. For sure the best way to go to China with no doubt, even more traveling with the whole family.

If we visit again Asia, for sure we will directly contact you given the wonderful experience we had.

Thanks and regards,


The following pictures were shared by Marta.

Beijing Hutongs Travel

Marta's Group visited Beijing Hutongs

Beijing Culture Travel

Traditional Confucius Culture Presentation

Beijing Summer Palace

Had a Nice Time in Summer Palace

Beijing Summer Palace

Summer Palace Beautiful Scenery

September 11, 2016

Good Morning Rita,

Firstly, I wish to apologize in delaying your reply as I became very busy in my office as soon as I arrived back in London. I arrived back on Sunday night 21st August from Hong Kong.

I wish to thank you very very much for all the arrangements that you made for me and my family during the whole China Tour.

The experience was unbelievable and we had a fantastic time in China with all the places we visited and saw and met everyone while on tour.

The Guides and Drivers were very very good and they made our tour even friendlier considering a new country with new language.

The guides helped us everywhere and got what we wanted including good vegetarian food everywhere.

The choice of the 5 Star hotels that you offered were the best I have had so far and their position in the cities were very good within easy reach of town centre as well for us to walk in the evenings. The hotel upgraded all the rooms for us where they were available at no extra cost to us.

The cruise ship was very nice as well and the Chef on board made special vegetarian food for our family at every meal time.

Also, you may have heard that two of our suitcases did not arrive in Beijing from Dubai when we first arrived and all my medicines and hearing aid batteries where inside and I was stranded, but Linda did her best and got me a Hearing Doctor urgently and I managed to get extra batteries for my hearing aid otherwise I would not be able to hear anything at all while in Beijing.  When one of the suitcases arrived in Xian, the guide helped me obtain it from the airport on the morning we were travelling to Guilin. Then the second suitcase arrived in Guilin and the hotel concierge helped to get it from the airport for me.

Overall, your support and guidance on the whole tour was very very good and I will recommend you and your company to whoever i know who wishes to travel to China in future.

My children are busy trying to arrange all the photographs they took while in China and maybe in the near future I will send you some as soon as they complete the photo album.

Once again, I wish to thank you for the wonderful service that you have offered to me and my family and request you to pass on the message to all the guides as well.

Kind Regards,

Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah
August 25, 2016

Dear Rita,

Jacqueline Beaulne was very satisfied on the whole trip which was organized by China Discovery, especially appreciated a lot of the local tour guides’ service. She loved the most is Shangri-La because of its’ manifique mountains, pure air, incredible Buddhist temple and the variety plantations. She will send me later some photos to show me how beautiful and enjoyable of her trip 10/10 Congratulations!!!

With best regards,

Shirley Bu

Shirley Bu
August 20, 2016

Hi Rita,

We had a great time on our cruise. There were only 10 English speakers but we were made to feel very welcome with Vivi looking out for us. My adult daughter, husband and myself enjoyed the scenery, the excursions, and had a great time at the Captain's welcome  and the Theatrical night as well as working on our table tennis each night after dinner, We would definitely recommend your services to our friends.


Hilary Davis

The following pictures were shared by Hilary Davis.

Hilary Davis's Family visited Yangtze River

July 24, 2016

Dear Rita

We arrived home from our China tour last Wednesday after visiting Chengdu, the Yangtze, Yichang and Shanghai. Apart from the cruise I made my bookings on the internet. However I would like to commend you on your service and attention to the booking of our cruise.  Every time I emailed you regarding the cruise, before, during and after making the booking, your reply came courteously and promptly.  You answered all our questions and at all times your service was outstanding.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to other clients interested in booking travel to China.  We really enjoyed the cruise and, although there were few English-speaking people on board, we were looked after by a young lady named Gracie. The cruise was very pleasant - the food, the cabin and the facilities were all very nice.  

Once again we thank you for making our booking and for your excellent service.

Kind regards

Christine Foster

Christin Foster
July 12, 2016

Hi Rita

Thank you, and be sure that if I need help I’ll contact you, since I receive a great service, fast answer and polite, Kind attention from you.

Feedbacks as follows:

Everything on time, really good hotels, meals Ok, and al attention by the agency was great, 

I would recommend your service to those who would like to come to China without any doubt

I got good service and kind attention

We would be happy to publish some pictures on our website. Photos often tell more than words and we would appreciate if you share some of them with us.

Thank you again for all your attention 



The following pictures were shared by Ortiz.

Ortiz's Family visited Panda

Ortiz's Family visited Great-Wall

Ortiz's Family visited Tiananmen Square

July 9, 2016

Hi Rita,

The trip is amazing brilliant more than I expected. I would highly recommend your company in Dubai to all my friends. It's really. Amazing experience we are happy in this trip, the tour guide she is amazing I would request her again once we comeback and to my friends. I post on Facebook and everyone asking me and interested to come to Chengdu. Thank you sooo much for your help and for your patient.

Mebs and Mike

Mebs and Mike
July 7, 2016

Dear Rita,

Thank-you for your e-mail. We were about to send one to you today, having now recovered from our jetlag.

Firstly, many thanks to yourself and your company for organizing such a superb trip. Everything was perfectly organized from collection and delivery to hotels.  The hotels themselves were excellent and we compliment you on your choice.

Secondly we would like to thank Carina, Cherry, Ningima and Sandy and also the drivers for the professional way in which they conducted their guiding and driving duties . They gave us a wonderful insight into your country, its customs and traditions.

We would definitely recommend your company and look forward to travelling with you again in the future.

As a final comment, apart from the pandas, our favorite place has got to be Lijiang. Please promote this lovely old city and the Hexi Hotel, it was like going back hundreds of years in time and seeing how China was then. This isn't a negative reflection on any of the other places we visited; simply this was the ultimate conclusion to our trip.


David and Barbara Harland

David and Barbara Harland
June 28, 2016

Hi Rita

We had a very good holiday in Hulunbuir. The driver Mr Huang was excellent. He was pleasant, had good attitude and took good care of us. We will be happy to recommend him to our friends in future.

On the hotels - the rooms and amenities were upto expectations.

It was a good holiday, well organized.

Thank you

June 28, 2016

Dear Rita,

Hope you are well. Since we left China we have been very busy, thus it took us some time to answer you, sorry about that.

First of all we both would like to thank you very much for everything from the itinerary you prepared, to the help you gave us with any issues that occured during the trip and last but not least for your kindness. We really hope that next time we go to China we visit Chengdu so we can meet. We also hope that by now you have received a postcard we sent to you from Portugal before we left to China :)

For sure we will share our experience with our friends, in fact we have already started to do so with a few friends we have met since we came back.

We also hadn't forgotten about the feedback, so here it goes.

1. The tour arrangements prepared by Rita were amazing. We cannot think of a better person to plan it or a better plan according to our preferences. Regarding the places visited we enjoyed very much the tour, from the cultural part (visiting ethnic villages) to the history of the Forbidden City and the scenery of the Great Wall and Stone Forest among many others. From all the Hotels we must highlight the Guilin Golden Oriole Hotel, excellent, above and beyond our expectations. From the guides Maria in Shanghai was amazing, but Eric (Beijing), Angela (Xi'an) and Mary (Kunming) were also very good. Even though flexible and overall making an effort to help us we cannot say that Michael did a good job for the reasons discussed in previous emails and promptly clarified by Rita. The meals were very good and we were also very happy with the transportation arrangements. Additionally, the care to our travel arrangements by the guides was impressive and made us feel very comfortable.

2. Yes. I’m willing to recommend your service to those who would like to come to China

3. In our opinion ChinaDiscovery makes a great effort to provide a worriless tour and is very efficient in addressing our worries and problems. Of course this impression is to a great extent due to the amazing work of Rita Jiang.

4. We would be happy to publish it on our website. Photos often tell more than words and we would appreciate if you share some of them with us.

6. We have many things to do now, but we might make a photo album about our trip. Still, since we do not know when that will happen, please find attached some memorable photos of our trip that we hope can help you. In any case, when you use them please tell us so we can keep track of it.

Hope this can help you.

All the best to you Rita,

Goncalo and Sandra

The following pictures were shared by Goncalo and Sandra .

Goncalo and Sandra visited Guilin

Goncalo and Sandra Visited Great Wall

Goncalo and Sandra Visited Suzhou

Goncalo and Sandra
June 27, 2016

Dear Rita

It was a busy day at work after such a long vacation. I didn't even have time to breathe.

We did share our beautiful pictures and emotions on facebook day by day during our journey, and off course with mentioning about about you and your great supporting.

1. The tour was arranged very well. We felt comfortable and happy all the time.

- The Guide - Mr. Dhargye have a good knowledge about Tibet history and Buddhism, speak English fluently as well. He just need to improve his photo taking skill, lol.

- The Driver is skillful and funny on the way.

Both the Guide and Driver are very helpful.

- Accommodations was ok as we only stay at night.

- Pick up services was excellent for all: Vehicles, Guides and timing. They are very helpful and we was happy with the services.
2. Yes, we did recommend your services to our friends who are planning a trip to Tibet/China after watching out journey. After all, i'll recommend you on tripadvisor also.

3,4. Lower the cost!!! Beside, we are happy that our trip was arranged by professional like you and your office.

5. I'm writing a travelogue with a lot of photos but I feel too lazy right now to translate into English.

6. We are planning to visit Nine Villages Valley in Autumn, I'll contact you when time comes.

Thank and best regards

Nguyen Bang Viet

Nguyen Bang Viet
June 22, 2016

Hi, Rita!

We are in S Korea now and the tours in China were very good I will get back to you as soon as we be back at home by the end of this month thanks again


June 17, 2016

Hello Rita.

We hope you are doing well. Please see our answers below.

The guides, flights, itinerary, hotels, and attractions all worked pretty well. We made a few minor adjustments as we went. A couple days we were too tired to do everything.

The hotels we upgraded to were absolutely wonderful, eg. Temple House, St. Regis, Intercontinental Kunming and Lijiang, Tenino Lamborghini. Also the Sky Valley Boutique Hotel, Songtsam Retreat, and Lin An Hotel were very nice. Our least favorites were the Shilin Yinruilin and the Sheraton Jiuzhaigou.

As you would expect, we enjoyed some things more than others, but overall it was a very interesting trip with a nice mix of cultural and natural attractions. The Shanghai skyline and Suzhou canals, he many temples and monasteries, the other national parks, the Stone Forest, the many local parks and gardens, the markets, the giant Buddha, etc were spectacular.

In total I believe we had 9 local guides. Most were very good and took care of us. The transportation was quite good. We would not recommend Johnny in Dali, perhaps it was just personality.

W would recommend China Discovery.

We think that overall the trip went well. Virtually all of the travel arrangements went as planned and we visited all of the attractions etc. listed in the itinerary. The guides (and drivers) were courteous, knowledgeable, and for the most part helpful.

Denny & Ginny Porter

Denny & Ginny Porter
June 12, 2016

Hi Rita,

The trip that you arranged for us was wonderful and just about everything worked out perfectly.

Your tour guide, Waldner, and driver in Xi'an were exceptional and the Sofitel hotel was very nice and in a perfect location for visitors.

The Century Paragon was a great experience for us as well, as they balanced the need to entertain and feed western and Chinese passengers perfectly. The ships facilities were very nice, as the boat is relatively new.

All of our agreed arrangements worked out perfectly, and when the low river level in Chongqing changed our plans, your team worked quickly to get us back on track.

We were very pleased with working with you and I will recommend your company to all my friends interested in a trip to China.

I will also post to the trip advisor web site about our positive experience.

Thank you, again, for helping to make our tour of China so pleasurable.


June 5, 2016

Dear Rita,

We did need some time to get back into the Dutch normal life. We saw so many beautiful things in China & Tibet and we had a great time!

Actually we needed a vacation when we got back Last weekend we finally saw all our pictures (2100 in total) and films we made.Thank you so much for all the arrangements! You made our trip unforgettable! The most beautiful place for us was Jiuzhaigou. So glad we went there!In blue we put our comments/advice about the trip.

Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this trip together for us.

Kind regards!

The following picture were shared by Daniela & Wiebe.

Daniela & Wiebe Visited Panda

Daniela & Wiebe
May 18, 2016

Dear Rita,

Thanks again for organising a memorable tour.

The arrangements are very well organized with reliable services and good tour guides. I’m willing to recommend our service to those who would like to come to China. Your team is very professional and I think you will do better if you mix in more of the local visits that are not in the guide book.

Kind regards!

Gijs ten Bosch
May 15, 2016

Hello Rita!

Sorry for the late reply.  Work is crazy!!  We had a fabulous time on our trip and enjoyed all the places that our guides took us to.  Our guides were knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  We think they enjoyed that we were interested in eating the local cuisine including rabbit and yak.  You were also very patient as I figured out my payment due to expat finance complications.  I enjoyed you and your service so much I plan on using you to plan my sister's trip in June!  So I would recommend others to use your service.   I will be sending you another email soon with what I want in my next trip!


April 21, 2016

Dear Rita,

Very good. Always very responsive, friendly and well organised. Everything was good and we were very happy with all the arrangements. We enjoyed the trip very much. Definitely recommend your service to our friends.

Thank you again for everything.


April 14, 2016

Dear Rita,

Thanks for the excellent service and we really enjoyed the Century Paragon Cruise on the Yangtze River. Excellent Cruise with great service & very good Cabins with Balcony and well arranged transfers.

This is a  premium Cruise for international travelers as half of the travelers are international travelers and half are Chinese.
Staff speaks partly English and all tours on board were available in English language which was very easy for us.

We certainly engage you when we visit China again and thanks for your hospitality and excellent service.

Johan van Haften

April 07, 2016

Hello Rita,

Excuse me for the late replay, I want to tell you every thing was fine, we are very satisfied with you and China Discovery. All the tour guides were well, but Tony in Hangzhou and Timo in Xian are the best.

Thank you very very much.

Samuel Romero

Samuel Romero
April 05, 2016

Dear Rita,

We will miss you too and thank you for arranging everything for us! We will definitely contact you when we come back to China.

Everything was perfect. Our tour guide in Beijing, Sabrena, did an spectacular job. She helped us with our problems at the hotel. She explained everything very thoroughly and was very friendly and nice. We loved her! The cruise was very nice and so was the hotel at Xian.

We felt very relaxed and at ease, because we knew we were being taking care of.

Thank you for everything!

Valerie Muniz

Valerie Muniz
Mar.15, 2016

Dear Rita,

Thank you for your email.

We arrived safely last week after our wonderful tour in China.
I want to thank you for the perfect organization that made our tour smooth and pleasant at all times. Even when the weather prevented us from going to Mt. Hua, you were very fast to come up with an alternative plan, and also thanks to the tips of our guide we still had a great time in Xian. In Yangtze river, although we were the only English speaking travelers, we had always someone guiding us and translating everything and we really felt welcome. And in Beijing and Chengdu our guides were tireless in sharing interesting stories about the places, and making sure we got the most out of our tour.
We are strongly recommending China as a great place to visit, and your services to any friend wishing to visit China.

  1. Your service regarding the tour arrangement was effective and kind. You had a fast and clear communication during the process of organizing the tour; showed good flexibility regarding the arrangements; overall the organization was perfect, everything was well organized as planned, so we could really have a smooth and hassle free tour.
  2. Definitively yes. We are already recommending you to our friends, shall they wish to visit China. 
  3. Our overall opinion is clearly positive. It would have been a challenge for us to travel to China by ourselves, and with your organization and our local guides we had a wonderful experience. We could enjoy a smooth and well-planned tour, but still we had the opportunity to get to know and be close to the local culture.
  4. Our suggestion is that you keep the good work, taking care of your customers so that they can enjoy and take the most out of their tour. And if we come back to China, we will probably be interested in doing some more hiking, and it would be great if you can also arrange tours fully dedicated for a complete hiking experience.
  5.  Kindly find enclosed some photos, you are welcome to share them if you want.

All the best to you and Happy New Year!

Ana Mónica

(The following photos were shared by Ana)

Yangtze Cruise Tour

Ana and her family visited Shibaozhai Pagoda along Yangtze River

Yangtze Cruise Tour

Ana visited Shibaozhai Pagoda along Yangtze River

Feb.11, 2016

Hello Rita, 

Thank you for sending a follow up email. I've been back from China for one week now and have been very busy at work, so I haven't had time to write to you.

I'd be happy to answer your questions and give you feedback on our tour experience. Below are my answers to your questions.

We had no problems at all with the arrangements of our Tibet tour. The guide and driver were always on time and never late. The itinerary went as planned and we had no problems on the road.

Hope this feedback is helpful for you, and thanks again for everything!


Jan.31, 2016

Hi Rita.

Back home safely. It was a great trip over all. Here are some observations. There were so many places we visited I may have some of them mixed up.

Dorsett Hotel in Shanghai was excellent. ($75/night)Well located across from Park where we spent a nice afternoon on bike and boat, saw some weddings, and in the evening a great fireworks show for the National holiday. Our visit during the holiday period made everything more crowded, particularly traffic and attractions.

Next day we took subway to town, very clean and easy for tourists and inexpensive. Visited shopping street, Museum ( good explanation of Chinese cultural history). Dined at local restaurant.

Next day tour started. Anna was very good and informative, but rain made outdoor sights and Bund stroll poor. Liked the Museum of Shanghai history in the tower and the tea ceremony very much. Also visit to Pearl factory.

Next day good flight to Chongqing. Boarding vessel delayed till 9pm so had a very good tour of the city and museums and a nice dinner ashore. Oliver was an outstanding tour guide. Best of all of them. River cruise was great in all respects.

In Yichang Fay met us . Flight was scheduled late at night so all lot of time to fill. Yet another Museum visit and another silk embroidery shop were not very interesting but the luncheon was the best. Helga had a nice massage. Fay was a good informative guide. Arrival in Beijing our driver to the hotel arrived about 45 minutes late...we nearly hired a taxi.

The group tours in Beijing were only average. There were big crowds everywhere because of the holidays so we missed Tianamen Square and did not see as much of the Forbidden City as I had seen previously. Also the best parts of the Summer Palace were missed on the short stop there. We liked the visit to the Great Wall which was at a more distant location than on my previous visit. I have a walking problem so the Cab!e Car was helpful. More visits to a Jade factory and a Herbal Medicine pharmacy made it seem that all the tours were designed to try to sell us something. The heavy air pollution made it difficult to see much of the taller towers.

We had more fun in the last two days after the tour was over when we went to the Walking Street near the hotel, watched the line dancing on the street, ate at the nighttime food stalls and spent time meeting people and talking about how they lived. Took the subway to Summer Palace for a second and much better visit than on the tour.j

Be sure to warn foreign visitors that the weight limit on domestic flights is 20 kg while on international flights it is 23kg.

Visitors have an impression of China that is probably not realistic and I would like a tour to spend more time introducing us to what it is like to live day to day in China with a different form of Government than in the West and a different lifestyle. Thus I would have enjoyed spending a quiet day with you learning what you believe and experience as a citizen of China compared to my life. That was my tour guide offered on my previous visit many years ago.

I think I would like my children to visit China when they can afford it in time and money. ( perhaps their Inheritance from me). I hope you will try to stay in touch with them as future customers (but they may not respond).

Thanks. I hope this feedback is helpful.

John Lankester

John Lankester
Nov.10, 2015

Hi Rita

I am well thanks, I hope you are too.

The tour was great, seeing and holding the Panda’s was an amazing experience.

Many thanks and all the best.


Nov.05, 2015

Dear Rita,

Thank you. We had a wonderful time in Ping'an Village. 

Kind regards

Dalia Yaacov

Dalia Yaacov
Sep.30, 2015

Thank you Rita.

It is a wonderful tour and I am very happy.



Sep.17, 2015

Dear Rita,

Everything is going well! Thank you for your concern!

First of all, I want to thank you, all, for your kindness and your very professional attitude and services. Our trip was Very good and exciting!My family really feel good and enjoyed every moment! Many persons, locals or foreigners, knowing that my family had this tour, ask me about! I had only good words to describe your services.

For sure I will recommend you! Professional services must be promoted! I want all my friends to have also a pleasant and exciting trip!

Rita, really thank you, all! Wish you, all, only the best and hope to meet you, again, soon! Take care of you!

Best regards,

Valentina, Paul and Laurent Decu

Valentina, Paul & Laurent Decu
Aug.15, 2015


The trip was brilliant. I will write a glowing recommendation on tripadvisor. And answer your questions below later on.


Comments on TripAdvisor by Ray:

"My family (3 children ages 19, 18, 14) and wife wanted to visited China so after searching the internet we found this company China Discovery (Chengdu). Who put a proposal together for a 10 day (12 nights with flights from and to London).

At first when I got the responses back I was a bit dubious due to the need to pay via paypal, bank transfer or western Union. I couldn't have been further from the truth. I booked a trip that would take me around Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Two plane journey's, 1 bullet train journey, daily private car (large people carrier), etc. with all events, hotel and Lunch paid.

I would say I have contacted Rita about 100 times!! including several changes during the holiday itself (e.g. I wanted to cut down on the amount of temples I had seen, etc) and all answered promptly.

All my guides (we had one per city) spoke very good English and had great knowledge about the various locations we visited. We had Lisa, Lee, Laura and Matthew.

The holiday was totally flexible e.g. we were tired on some days and just requested that we started later on certain days or we wanted to change the section of the wall we visit, or cut out another museum, etc, etc. We were in complete control of the itinerary.

What can I say. I rate this 10 out of 5!!!! By far the best travel agency we have been with, value was brilliant as you can suggest changes for better or more economical alternatives.

Last don't believe what people say about China (if bad) as the place was clean, people dressed immaculately, food was great, people were the friendliest we have met on a holiday. We must have had photos with 50 plus people!!

I may sound like Im working for the company... I do not. This holiday cost me lots (with 5 adults) so I would definitely complain if anything was wrong. If I go back to China (as this was an epic journey in itself) I will 100% choose China Discovery again."

July 29, 2015

Hi Rita,

We were back to Sunny California and recovered from our jet lag now. 

All in all it was a great trip, excellent scenery and historical sites plus we had wonderful trip planner and tour guides. We all enjoyed it very much.

China Discovery is very friendly, very professional, very accommodating. All in all cannot ask for more. As a matter of fact, I’ve recommended some friend to use China Discovery already.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


June 19, 2015

Hi, Rita!

Thank you so much for the great pictures, and for helping us arrange the trip on short notice. We had a wonderful time at the Panda base!

All the best!

Asle & Beate

Asle & Beate
June 16, 2015

Dear Rita,

We had an amazing time in Guilin and the driver and the guide did a very good job.

Regarding the arrangement/offer for Beijing we would like to move.

Best regards


April 09, 2015

Dear Rita,

This is what I wrote on TripAdvisor. "I am only addressing the organizing of a customized tour of the Hunan province of China.

I totally lucked out as I found the most astonishingly responsive, capable and so nice travel agent I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Rita Jiang of China Discovery out of Chengdu. I sent out the same email to 3 companies who arrange custom tours to China.

I wrote them where I had been on my previous 2 trips to China, my age and my physical condition - which is excellent. I wrote I wanted to travel alone seeing the great sight of Hunan and listed a number of places I wanted included and that I wanted to spend approximately 17-19 days on this tour.

The very next day I got a fully described day by day itinerary along with hotels, type of transportation and guides and the complete price for this 15 day trip. Rita made suggestions as to what other sights I might want to include to bring the trip up to 19 days. I looked up all the places she described on line as well as the 5 star hotels she included.

I wrote back that evening asking how much I would save staying in 4 star hotels, and information on including the places she recommended seeing outside of Hunan. Next day again got all the details including travel arrangements getting there. Next I asked her to arrange my domestic and international air as well. Again the next day an email from Rita with the Domestic flights & their costs. She urged me to get my own International flights she said I'd do better with the price than she could arrange.

I then asked she detail the length of getting from one sight to the next for each day. Again next day all info furnished. When I saw that the train travel involved in seeing those sights outside of Hunan were 14 & another 21 hours long and they involved sharing a 4 person sleeping compartment, I wrote back saying I would skip those sights and just go to Shanghai & stay there for 3 days. Would she please inform me what the new price would be. The only time I did not hear the next day is over a weekend. Her responses were unfailingly complete very friendly and I am looking forward to the trip of a lifetime.

Re the other 2 companies I had sent the original email request - one wrote back about 4 days later and said they were trying to get information from their Chinese vendor. Never heard from them again. The other sent me a totally incomplete itinerary about a week after I sent out my request. It came without no hotels, no prices or info on transportation etc. I wrote back saying I found their response was inadequate. They said I needed to supply more details.

As I said I feel I completely lucked out. My next post will be to let you know if the trip measures up to the marvelous agent who has put it all together."

Dec.11, 2014

Dear Rita,

NYC is very grey today but my windows face Central Park and the leaves of the trees are very colorful.

I am going to give you a great write up on Trip Advisor as I think you are the best travel agent I have ever dealt with. And dealing with you has been a pleasure.

I have such an amazing trip to look forward to.



Dec.06, 2014

Dear Rita,

The experience in Guilin and Yangshuo was enjoyable, affordable, professional, and well organized. The guides and drivers were always prompt and friendly for pick-up and drop off at attractions. Guides imparted knowledge of attractions and history of sites. You are good value travel agency/tour operator.

I look forward to another trip to China perhaps within the year and will contact you for your services. 


Bret Harris

Bret Harris
Nov.27, 2014
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