Hangzhou to Wuzhen: Distance, Bus, Car & Travel Map 2023

The Wuzhen Water Town is located in a county-level city named Tongxiang City in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is within the triangle formed by Shanghai, Zhangzhou and Suzhou, with 128 kilometers to Shanghai in the northeast, 86 kilometers to Hangzhou in the southwest and 70 kilometers to Suzhou in the northeast. These three cities are also the top picks to get to Wuzhen Water Town, while Hangzhou is the most popular choice.

To get from Hangzhou to Wuzhen, visitors can ride a private car (1.5~2 hours) or bus (from 3 hours). Private cars are the best choices, because it is the fastest way and you can get from Hangzhou to Wuzhen at anywhere and anytime as you like.

Our best-selling Hangzhou Tours with Wuzhen Water Town:

☛ 3 Days Best Hangzhou Tour with Wuzhen Water Town

Hangzhou to Wuzhen Map Hangzhou to Wuzhen Map

Top 1: Hangzhou to Wuzhen Private Car with China Discovery (Top Recommended)

  • Time needed: 1.5~2 hours

By booking a private car in advance, you can start your Hangzhou to Wuzhen tour at anytime and anywhere. You can even hop on your car after an early morning jogging along the West Lake.

All of our tour packages include such a warm private transfer service. Therefore, you are highly suggested to go with China Discovery. Once you booked a tour (in unbeatable price) with us, our experienced local driver will pick you up at the airport/train station/hotel/tourist site in Hangzhou, and then escort you to Wuzhen in direct. Along the way, there will be an English-speaking guide accompanying you, so you will never meet with the language barriers. The guide will also select the best hotel to stay, best restaurant to dine, best attraction to visit and best visiting route to follow. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

☛ 3 Days Best Hangzhou Tour with Wuzhen Water Town

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Top 2: Hangzhou to Wuzhen Bus (Recommended for Independent Travelers)

  • Time needed: from 3.5 hours

In addition to the private car, you can also get to Wuzhen Water Town from Hangzhou by public bus. Hangzhou Bus and Passenger Transport Central Station, Hangzhou Tourism Distribution Center, Wulin Square and many other bus stations in Hangzhou all have direct buses to Wuzhen. These buses make stops at both Xizhan (West Area) and Dongzha (East Area) of Wuzhen Water Town. And the entire bus journey takes about 3~3.5 hours. There is no fixed bus schedule. Therefore, you are suggested to book your bus ticket in advance or you may find no bus to take on your departing day.

Hangzhou to Wuzhen Bus Schedules and Price (for your reference only):

From To Timetable Price
Hangzhou Bus and Passenger Transport Central Station
Wuzhen Water Town 12:50 45
Hangzhou Tourism Distribution Center
07:10~13:30 35
Wulin Square
07:20~14:15 35

Notes: the above schedule and price are only for your reference. There may be adjustments according to real-time situations. Sometimes, you may find no available bus at a bus station.

Hangzhou Bus and Passenger Transport Central Station (杭州汽车客运中心站)

Location: No 3339, Daodedong Road, Jiubao Street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang (浙江省杭州市江干区九堡街道德胜东路3339号), about 12 kilometers (half an hour) to Hangzhou downtown and 20 kilometers (1 hour) to the West Lake Scenic Area by car

Hangzhou Tourism Distribution Center (杭州旅游集散中心)

Location: 1F, Hangzhou Station, No.1, Huancheng Dong Lu, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China (浙江省杭州市上城区环城东路1号杭州站1F层), about 2.8 kilometers (15 minutes) to the West Lake and 4.6 kilometers (20 minutes) to Hangzhou downtown by car

Wulin Square (武林广场)

Location: No.480, Wulin Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (杭州下城区武林路480号), about 8 kilometers (half an hour) to Hangzhou downtown and about 2 kilometers (15 minutes) to the West Lake Scenic Area by car

Hangzhou to Wuzhen Bus Hangzhou to Wuzhen Bus

Top 3: Hangzhou to Wuzhen High Speed Train + Bus/car (The Most Complex)

  • Time needed: from 3 hours, including about half an hour from Hangzhou to Tongxiang by high speed train plus 2~3 hours around from Tongxiang to Wuzhen by car/bus

From Hangzhou, you can also ride a high speed train to Tongxiang and then catch a bus/car to Wuzhen Water Town. Every day, there are over 28 bullet trains running between Hangzhou and Wuzhen. Most of them depart from Hangzhou East Railway Station, while the rest depart from Hangzhou South Railway Station. The train ride takes less than half an hour. After arrive at Tongxiang, you can take another bus or public car to Wuzhen. Driving from Tongxiang Railway Station to Wuzhen takes 1 hour or so. However, there is no direct car or bus. You are required to catch a bus to Wuzhen Bus Station first and then catch another bus to Wuzhen. The whole bus journey needs at least 2 hours. Because high speed trains cannot take people from Hangzhou to Wuzhen in direct. Seldom tourists choose it. However, it is still an alternative option.

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Hangzhou East Railway Station (杭州东站)

Location: No.2, Quanfuqiao Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (浙江省杭州市江干区全福桥路2号), about 9 kilometers (half an hour) to Hangzhou downtown and 12 kilometers (half an hour) to the West Lake Scenic Area by car

Hangzhou South Railway Station (杭州南站)

Location: (浙江省杭州市萧山区站前路1号), about 24 kilometers (1 hour) to the West Lake Scenic Area and 17 kilometers (half an hour) to Hangzhou downtown by car

Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhou South Railway Station

Hangzhou South Railway Station

How to Plan a Hangzhou Wuzhen Tour

A Hangzhou Wuzhen tour needs 3 days around. Such a tour introduces visitors not only the beautiful West Lake and traditional Wuzhen Water Town, but also many other wonders like Dragon Well Tea. The tour usually starts from Hangzhou, because Hangzhou is the bustling capital of this region and has frequent domestic flight, international flight, high speed train and bus.

☛ 3 Days Best Hangzhou Tour with Wuzhen Water Town

Because Wuzhen is located on the way from Shanghai to Hangzhou, some visitors also choose to visit Wuzhen from Shanghai first and then head to Hangzhou for further visit. Such a Shanghai Wuzhen Hangzhou tour needs 4~5 days. Want more surprises of this region? Some visitors also add the elegant gardens and interesting silk culture in Suzhou into the tour. Such an Ideal Triangle Tour needs 7 days around.

Have your own preferences? Contact us and customize your personal tour now! Whether you are fond of Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Zhangjiajie or anywhere else in China, our experienced Travel Consultant will arrange a perfect itinerary for you!

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Looking for a worry-free Hangzhou Wuzhen tour? Travel with us China Discovery and let our professional travel consultant help you! Before the tour, we will give you perfect itinerary according to your budget, interest, group size and every special need! Hotels, attractions and visiting routes will be confirmed before you heading there. During the trip, your English-speaking guide will accompany you all the way and introduce you the best beauty and most interesting cultural background of the tourist sites in both Hangzhou and Wuzhen. Private car service is also included, and thus you will make convenient transfers in each city and in between the cities. The tour won’t be end until we get your final affirm. Feel interested? Travel with China Discovery now!

Recommended Hangzhou Wuzhen Tours

Top 3 Hangzhou Wuzhen tours chosen by most customers to explore Hangzhou Wuzhen in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Hangzhou / Wuzhen

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