Hangzhou Public Buses

The public bus system in Hangzhou is mature and sophisticated. It can conveniently take you to most of the tourist sites in Hangzhou, including West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Meijiawu Tea Village, Liuhe Pagoda, Wulin Square, Yuefei Temple, Song Dynasty Town, China National Silk Museum, Hupao Park, Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi, etc. To help you explore Hangzhou especially around West Lake with flexibility and leisure, China Discovery has selected some public buses which are frequently used while visiting. Select the proper one and try!

Frequently-used Public Buses in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Public Bus

Y1: Lingyin Temple – Lingyin Temple (23 stops)

- Route: Lingyin Temple -> Hangzhou Huapu -> Guozhuang -> Jingjiashan -> Air force Sanatorium -> Yuhu Bay -> Su Causeway -> Jing Temple -> Chang Bridge -> Wansongling -> West Lake Avenue -> Hubin -> Shengli Theater -> Children Palace -> Broken Bridge -> Geling -> Xinxin Restaurant -> Yuefei Temple -> Jade Spring -> Hongchun Bridge -> Jiuli Song -> Lingyin Temple

- Ticket fare: 3 Yuan

- Running Time: 08:00~17:00

- Main Tourist Spots along the Way: Lingyin Temple, West Lake, Yuefei Temple

Y2: Chengzhan – Lingyin Temple (17 stops)

- Route: Chengzhan Railway Station -> San Yiyuan (the third hospital) ->Chaiduo Bridge -> Yongjin Gate -> Qianwang Ci -> Qingbo Gate -> Nanshan Road and Wansongling Road -> Chang Bridge -> Jing Temple -> Su Causeway -> Yuhu Bay -> Air force Sanatorium -> Maojiabu -> Huangni Ling -> Jiuli Song -> Shilian Pavilion -> Lingyin Temple

- Ticket fare: 3 Yuan

- Running Time: 08:00~18:00

- Main Tourist Spots along the Way: Lingyin Temple, West Lake, Yuefei Temple

Y3: Huanglong Tourist Center – Hangzhou Porcelain Market (27 stops)

- Route: Huanglong Tourist Center -> The Affiliated High School of Zhejiang University (Zheda Fuzhong) -> Hangzhou Botanical Garden -> Hongchun Bridge -> Huangni Ling -> Maojiabu -> Zhejiang Hotel -> Shaungfeng -> Nan Tianzhu -> Longjing Si -> Longjing Chashi-> Longjing Shanyuan -> Wenjiashan -> Yanxia Dong -> Yangmei Ling -> Shang Manjulong -> Shuile Dong -> Manjuelong -> Shiwu Dong -> Chishanbu -> Su Causeway -> Jing Temple -> Chang Bridge -> China National Silk Museum – Yuhuang Feiyun -> Shijiashan -> Hangzhou Porcelain Market

- Ticket fare: 2 Yuan

- Running Time: 07:20~17:30

- Main Tourist Spots along the Way: West Lake, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, China National Silk Museum, Longjing Tea Village

Y4: Songcheng – Yuewang Road (23 stops)

- Route: Songcheng -> Fancun Huayuan -> Wai Daqiao -> Yunqi Zhujing -> Meiwu Nongju -> Meiwu Nankou -> Meijiawu -> Xiaoyawu -> Meiling Tunnel -> Shang Tianzhu -> Zhong Tianzhu -> San Tianzhu -> Lingyin Temple p-> Shang Maojiabu -> Huangni Ling -> Hangzhou Botanical Garden -> Zheda Fuzhong -> Huanglong Dong -> Songmu Chang -> Shengfu Road Mituo Temple -> Shengfu Hall -> Xiaoche Bridge -> Yuewang Road

- Ticket fare: 3 Yuan

- Running Time: 06:30~20:30

- Main Tourist Spots along the Way: Lingyin Temple, Meijiawu Tea Village, Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Song Dynasty Town, West Lake

Y5: Future World – East Railway Station (25 stops)

- Route: Future World -> Wushan -> Songcheng -> Shahusha Reservoir -> Jiuxi -> Zheda Zhijiang Campus -> Liuhe Pagoda -> Hupao -> Hangzhou Zoo -> Yuhu Bay -> Air force Sanatorium -> Jingjiashan -> Guozhuang -> Hangzhou Huapu -> Zheda Fuzhong -> Huanglong Dong -> Songmu Chang -> Shengli New Village -> Wulin Gate -> Wulin Square -> Baoshan Bridge -> Bus Company -> Zhanongkou New Village -> East Bus Station -> East Railway Station

- Ticket fare: 3 Yuan

- Running Time: 06:30~19:00

- Main Tourist Spots along the Way: Liuhe Pagoda, Hupao Park, Jiuxi, Wulin Square

Y6: Wushan Square – Xihu Gymnasium (15 stops)

- Route: Wushan Square -> Hefang Street Hehua Chi -> Nanshan Road Wansongling Road -> Chang Bridge -> Jing Temple -> Su Causeway -> Yuqian Ancestral Hall -> Maojiabu -> Huangni Ling -> Hongchun Bridge -> Hangzhou Botanical Garden -> Zheda Fuzhong -> Qiushi Road -> Yugu Road Qiushi Road -> Xihu Gymnasium

- Ticket fare: 3 Yuan

- Running Time: 08:30~17:40

- Main Tourist Spots along the Way: Hefang Street, Hu Qing Yu Tang, West Lake, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Wushan Square

To know more public buses’ routes, please feel free to let us know. China Discovery is here ready to offer you useful suggestions and help!

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bus connection
Hi, I stay in Hangzhou Baileqiao holiday resort and like to know how to get Hangzhou downtown by bus?
2019-01-03 09:40
Hi Guenter,
Thanks for your question! Are you planning to visit the West Lake? West Lake is located in the downtown area. The essence of Hangzhou is West Lake and most of the attractions in Hangzhou are spreading around West Lake. If you want to visit West Lake from Baileqiao, you can take the No.7 bus at Lingyin Station (灵隐站), after about 6 stations, get off at Yuefen Station(岳坟站).

If you want to visit more places in Hangzhou and feel trouble about the traffic, you can also ask our experiment travel consultants for help. They will arrange a tailor-made Hangzhou tour for you. Then, our local travel guide and driver will accompany you and help you to finish a memorable Hangzhou trip. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!
Song Cheng in Winter by Bus No. 4
1)I want take bus o. 4 to Song Cheng from Westlake7 Apartment on Yuewang. How do I get to the bus stop and how long is the journey by bus?
2) Is Song Cheng worth going in Winter?
3) Also, are both train stations, Hangzhou station and Hangzhou East station connected by subway to Longxiangqiao station?
4) How would I get to Westlake7 apartment from there? Any landmarks? I have a bad sense of direction. Is it possible to take the subway from the train stations with suitcases? Are there escalators r plenty of stairs?
2018-08-30 06:38
Hello Sharon,

Thank you for the message. From Westlake 7 Service Apartment Hangzhou at West Lake to Song Cheng, if you want to take bus No.4, you need to walk about 550m to Longxiangqiao Bus Stop, and you will take about 50 minutes to get there. Song Cheng is actually a cultural theme park in Hangzhou, and it is suitable to visit during all four seasons. Both Hangzhou Station and Hangzhou East Station have subway connected to Longxiangqiao Station, and you can get there for about 10 minutes to Hangzhou Station and about 25 minutes from Hangzhou East Station. Besides, as the subway stations at the two railway stations are arranged within the railway station, you can get to subway station with a little walk. Also, there usually are some escalators and elevators, you don’t have to worry much about going with suitcases. From Longxiangqiao Station to Westlake 7 Service Apartment, you can choose the Exit D and walk left along Pinghai Road, turn right at the second traffic light to Yuewang Road, then keep walking for about 40 meters, you will see the apartment building across the road.

Have a nice day!
Bus travel
how do i get from four points sheraton 868 Dongxin Ave Binjian Hangzhou to Puyan Residential District Jiagnnan Avenue - Intellingent Tower Fu'erte Hotel Building 2 Binjiang Hangzhou
2018-06-11 17:30
Hello Pierre,

Greetings from China! Do you mean how to get to the “Fuerte Business Hotel” from “Four Points By Sheraton Hangzhou Binjiang”? If yes, you could directly take a taxi there for only about 6-8 minutes, since the two places are only about 1.1km’s walking distance away from each other. Actually, taking a bus is not so convenient for the really short distance. If you want to go there on foot, you could walk follow the GPS and input the start of龙禧福朋喜来登酒店 and the destination of富尔特商务酒店(杭州滨江店), which needs about 15-20 minutes.

Enjoy your day!

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