Why Visit Bada Rice Terraces?

Many photographers said “For a traveler, if you don’t go to Yuanyang and Yuanyang will be sad for you; for a photographer, if you don’t go to Yuanyang and God will be sad for you”. Every traveler come to Yuanyang for the Hani Rice Terraces and come to Bada Rice Terraces for the magnificent SUNSET.

Bada Rice Terraces, a part of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, was listed as World Heritage Site in 2013. The 950-hectare Bada Rice Terraces is like the ladders to the heaven with over 3700 levels, rising up from 800 meters to 2000 meters. Hence, the words “Vast”, “Magnificent”, “Beautiful Curved Lines” and “Stereoscopic” can be used to describe Bada Rice Terraces. There are some villages including Quanfuzhuang, Malizhai, Bada, Shangmadian surrounded by the rice terraces and travelers can have panoramic view of the beautiful villages when shooting the rice paddies.

Location & Transportation

Bada Rice Terraces is about 16 kilometers from Xinjie Town (the old town), 46 kilometers from Nansha Town (the new town) and about 375 kilometers from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. Travelers can take bus from Kunming to Yuanyang Xinjie Town or Nansha Town first and then transfer to Bada Rice Terrace from Xinjie Town by local minibus.

Distances from Other Scenic Spots of Yuanyang

● About 5 kilometers from Laohuzui Rice Terrace

● About 2.7 kilometers from Duoyishu Rice Terrace

● About 2.5 kilometers from Jingkou Folk Village

Yuanyang Bada Rice Terraces Yuanyang Bada Rice Terraces

Transfer to/off Bada Rice Terraces

Kunming to Yuanyang: From Kunming South Bus Station, there are direct long distance buses to Yuanyang Xinjie Town, running schedules around 10:20, 13:30, 19:30 and 20:00. There are buses at 09:05, 12:30 and 18:30 from Yuanyang Xinjie Town to Kunming. It takes about 7 hours between Kunming and Yuanyang.

Nansha Town/Xinjie Town to Bada Rice Terraces: Travelers may take long distance buses to Nansha Town or Xinjie Town from Kunming, Jianshui, and no matter which station you arrive at, travelers can take local minibus to Bada Rice Terraces. It takes about 1 hour from Nansha Town to Xinjie Town and 20 minutes from Xinjie Town to Bada Rice Terraces.

Bada Rice Terraces Magnificent Sunset

The words “Magnificent”, “Spectacular”, “Grand” cannot express “Bada Rice Terraces” fully. At the dusk, when the sun shines on the 950 hectares rice paddies rising from 800 meters to 2000 meters, the magnificent scene forms, like the latters toward heaven. In the winter time after autumn harvest, the rice terraces are filled with water and when sunset glow shines upon the paddies, the 3700 level terraces first turns pink, then rosy and later dark red, pink, golden and white….The sea of clouds over Bada Rice Terraces add more mysterious feel and when standing on the top of the rice paddies and looking down and around, you only have to say “This is the most spectacular rice paddies I have ever seen”. That’s the magic of Bada Rice Terraces.

Yuanyang Bada Rice Terraces Bada Rice Terraces Sunset

Best Spot to View & Shoot Sunset

Viewing Decks

Bada Rice Terraces has two viewing decks that offer views at similar heights but different lateral perspectives. One viewing platform faces the sun directly and when you take pictures of the rice paddies, the ridges of the rice terraces line in vertical scene. While, the other viewing platform offers side view of the spectacular rice paddies. There is a footpath from the first viewing deck leading to the second viewing deck. Travelers or photographers can try both locations to photograph amazing pictures.

The sun goes down during 18:00~20:00. In the spring time (March to May), it is usually during 19:10~19:50, in summer (June to August) at 19:25~19:57, in autumn (September to November) at 18:20~19:26 and in winter (December to February) at 18:20~19:11. If you are professional photographers, you’d better get to Bada Rice Terraces at 16:00 and find a good location for some great pictures with rice terraces, sea of clouds, Hani villages and sunset.

Yuanyang Bada Rice Terraces Bada Rice Terraces

Recommended Visiting Route in Yuanyang

It is better to arrange three days in Yuanyang to visit several scenic spots of Yuanyang Rice Terraces including Bada Rice Terraces, Duoyishu Rice Terraces, Laohuzui Rice Terraces and Jingkou Folk Villages, Hani Ethnic Market in Shengcun, etc. For most travelers, you arrange your schedules as following:

Day 1: Arrive in Yuanyang in the morning or at noon and first pay a visit to Jinkou Folk Village, and then view the rice paddies on the road to Laohuzui (Tiger Month) Rice Terrace, shoot the amazing Sunset of Laohuzui Rice Terraces. Get back to your hotel in Xinjie Old Town or Duoyishu Rice Terraces.

Day 2: Get up early in the morning and reach the viewing platform of Duoyishu Rice Terraces and watch the sunrise over the villages and have a walk around Duoyishu Rice Terraces like Huangcaoling Spot. Head to Shengcun to attend the Hani ethnic market to explore authentic local life of Hani people. Later, get to Bada Rice Terraces to catch the sea of clouds and sunset view. After the amazing day, get back to your hotel in Xinjin Old Town.

Day 3: In this morning, have a walk to get into Longshuba Rice Terraces and some local villages nearby. After the tour, get back to Kunming from Yuanyang.

>> 4 Days Yuanyang Rice Terrace Photography Tour (Kunming / Yuanyang / Kunming)

Laozhuzui Rice Terraces Laozhuzui Rice Terraces
Yuanyang Rice Terraces Hani People working in the fields

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Bada Rice Terraces

Travelers can come all the year round and for photographers, the best time is from November to March of next year.

Hani Ethnic Festivals & Traditions

Hani people would celebrate some traditional festivals, like Hani New Year, Kuzhazha Festival, etc.

Hani New Year is like the Spring Festival of Han. It takes place in the first Dragon Day of the 10th lunar month each year and lasts 5 to 6 days and even as long as 13 days. Every family would prepare chicken, pork to worship their ancestors and family members gather together to enjoy the union. In the last day of the New Year, a Long Table Banquet will be arranged and tables will be laid in the street which can extend to one kilometer long. Each family will serve the most sumptuous dishes to fill up a table and enjoy the banquet together.

Kuzhazha Festival takes place from lunar June 23 to 26 and every family makes sticky rice, sets the feast, makes fresh rice and worships the ancestor.


Ticket One: It is valid for 3 days. It is 100 Yuan for per person, including four scenic spots Jingkou Folk Village, Bada Rice Terraces, Duoyishu Rice Terraces and Laohuzui Rice Terraces (Tiger Mouth Rice Terraces).

Ticket Two: It is valid for 10 days. It is 180 Yuan for per person, including four scenic spots Jingkou Folk Village, Bada Rice Terraces, Duoyishu Rice Terraces and Laohuzui Rice Terraces (Tiger Mouth Rice Terraces).

Ticket Three: It belongs to annual ticket which is valid for one year. It is about 360 Yuan per person, including four scenic spots Jingkou Folk Village, Bada Rice Terraces, Duoyishu Rice Terraces and Laohuzui Rice Terraces (Tiger Mouth Rice Terraces).


There is one 3-star hotel called Yuanyang Yunti Hotel in Xinjie Town and travelers are recommended to spend your night there. Besides, there are many hostels in Xinjie Town and other scenic areas and if you want to find a hostel with basic facilities close to the scenic area, you’ve got a lot of choice.

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