Xinjiang Travel FAQs & Tips

1. When is the best time to visit Xinjiang?

Usually, the months from June to October are suitable for traveling in Xinjiang. In June, you can see a sea of lavender in Ili(伊犁). July and August are the best months to see the prairie. And September and October are suitable for cruising on the Kanas Lake.

2. What to pack if I travel in Xinjiang?

A windbreaker, a pair of durable and comfortable shoes, a down jacket (better with hat), sunscreen cream, sun block, skin cream and lip balm, sunglasses, medicine for urgent use.

3. Can I use credit card in Xinjiang?

Credit cards are not recommended as a way of payment in Xinjiang because they are only accepted by the Bank of China and few hotels in Urumqi. Exchange enough money to Chinese RMB in cash is the best choice though it has risks.

4. What documents do I need if I am planning to travel to Xinjiang?

A valid passport, a valid China visa.

5. What's the weather in Xinjiang?

Well, weather differs by regions. With a long distance to oceans, Xinjiang features in Temperate Continental Climate. It is distinct from season to season. As a result of being landlocked, obviously characterized by an arid climate, low rainfall, evaporation, and temperature difference between day and night, and long hours of sunshine. Monthly average precipitation is about 150mmm but differs a lot due to the multiple geography in different area. The warmest average max/ high temperature above 33 °C in July. The coolest average min/ low temperature is below -20 °C in January.

6. What should I buy in Xinjiang as souvenirs?

Ethnic handcrafts and local delicacy are most popular among travelers. The famous Hetian Jade is produced in Xijiang. The top handcrafts are: Xinjiang carpet, Ed lai silk, jade carving, Kumul paper-cut and flowered hats.

7. Where can I have a Sand Therapy?

Sand Therapy is a valid way to cure some chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, hemiplegy, high blood pressure and neurasthenia. Turpan Sand Therapy Health Center is the most popular among travelers. The Best time to have a sand therapy is from June to August.

8. What is the condition of Xinjiang accommodation?

Xinjiang is a very important part of ancient and modern Silk Road. It is a pivotal center of middle Asia foreign trading. As the developing of economy, the accommodation condition in Xinjiang has been upgraded a lot. Urumqi, Kashgar and Turpan are three most visited cities in Xinjiang. All of them can ensure cozy hotels and pleasant service to help travelers have a great experience in Xinjiang.

9. Can I connect to the Internet in my hotel?

Hotels in Urumqi, Kashgar and Turpan can provide Internet connection.

10. Where can I take flights to Xinjiang?

Urumqi International Airport has 99 domestic air lines which connects most provincial cities and some important cities in China, such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, etc. There are 17 international airlines. You can fly to Ürümqi from a number of Central Asian cities, including Almaty (Kazakhstan), Bishkek and Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Islamabad (Pakistan, via Kashgar), Novosibirsk (Russia), Moscow, Baku (Azerbaijan) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

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