Things to Do in Xinjiang

Xinjiang is such a vast region that offers too many attractions to see, and too many interesting activities to explore. As the most important part of ancient Silk Road, there were many civilizations originated from here, which left us many historical sites and buildings. Due to its spectacular geography, Xinjiang also features amazing nature views, such as plateau lakes, snow mountains, desert, flaming mountains, etc. Besides, many ethnic groups live here, which have preserved their tradition very well.

Xinjiang Kashgar Travel Map

Bazzar Shopping

No.1 Bazzar Shopping

Every Sunday is the busiest day for shopping in Xinjiang, which local people call it - Sunday Buzzar. Xinjiang Grand Bazzar(Xinjiang International Fair Trade Market) is the largest bazaar in the world as well as the centre of Xinjiang ethnic trading and entertainment. Ethinic handcrafts and local delicacy are most popular among travelers. The famous Hetian Jade is produced in Xijiang. The top handcrafts are: Xinjiang carpet, Ed lai silk, jade carving, Kumul paper-cut and flowered hats.

Sand Therapy

No.2 Sand Therapy

Due to the spectacular climate and geography condition in Turpan, Xinjiang, people here created Sand Therapy hundreds of years ago. Burying into heated sand, under mixed effects of the sunshine, sand heat, pressure and magnetic force, Sand Therapy is a valid way to cure some chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, humble, high blood pressure and neurasthenia. Turpan Sand Therapy Health Center is the most popular among travelers. The best time to have sand therapy is from June to August.

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