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3 Days Best Xian City Tour Plus Hukou Waterfall from $549

Ancient Capital Exploration and Magnificent Waterfall


Xian is a great city to extend a trip to Hukou Waterfall, the largest yellow waterfall in the world as well as the largest waterfall on the Yellow River, the Mother River of China. In this tour, you will drive about 4~5 hours northwards from Xian to have a day trip to see the crashing waves and thundering waterfall group of Hukou, rising from 800 cubic meters per second to 1,200 Before the Hukou Waterfall trip, you will have a essential tour in Xian to visit its highlights - Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, etc.

Highlights of this tour

  • Explore the long lasting history of being capital city of 13 dynasties in ancient China;
  • Unlocked the mysteries of China’s First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, as well as his massive underground army of life-sized terracotta warriors and horses;
  • Enjoy the memorable trip to Hukou Waterfall to witness the power of mighty Yellow River as well as the magnificent brown and muddy waterfall group.

Basic Trip Information

from $549
  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in a 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according to your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Xian / Hukou Waterfall / Xian
Travel Length:
3 Days and 2 Nights
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want
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Full Itinerary Day by day

Day 1 Xian City Tour ( L)

This morning, meet your tour guide, then drive about 40 km to discover one of the greatest man-made wonders in the world - the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, built by the first emperor of China Qin Shihuang to protect him in his afterlife. Over 8,000 life-size warriors, horses and chariots, buried in 3 pits for more than 2,000 years until uncovered by a local farmer in 1974, form an ancient military army with complete battle units of infantry, cavalry, etc. Standing in front of these figures, one can’t help being amazed not only by the ambition of Emperor Qin Shihuang but also by the fabulous artistic skills of ancient Chinese artisans. (Before the Terracotta Warriors Museum visit, you will have a rare opportunity to make a miniature Terracotta Warrior on your own under the instruction of a local potter.)

After lunch, return to Xian to spend a leisure time on the Ancient City Wall, the largest and best-preserved ancient city wall in China. Just like the merchants and envoys on the Silk Road thousands of years ago, you will enter the interior of the city walls through the Hanguang Gate. There you will visit a mini museum to see the real Tang Dynasty city wall ruins from over 1400 years ago, including gateways, cross-sections of the wall, and the remains of water channels. After the museum visit, get up to the city wall to enjoy a leisure stroll and pleasant panoramic views of Xian city. Rent a bike (extra cost: 45RMB) to enjoy a relaxing cycling on the Wall is strongly recommended. The cycling routes and duration are flexible. Feel free to discuss with your tour guide. Leave the City Wall, then go to wander leisurely around the bustling and lively Muslim Quarter, a place where you can try different local snacks and explore Muslim culture. Don't miss the Great Mosque of Xian which is a fusion of Chinese culture and Islamic culture, a sacred religious site with huge ancient architectural complex, also a surprisingly quiet land away from the bustling Muslim streets.

This evening you will be offered an interesting visit to Grand Tang Dynasty Ever Bright City which is a great place to walk, enjoy amazing nightscape and recall the prosperity and glory of the mighty Tang Dynasty most importantly. Seeing this area at night is totally different than during the day as the lighting is marvelous yet tastefully done.

Optional activity: Enjoy a wonderful Tang Palace Dance Show (usually from 8pm to 9pm) after (or without) a hearty dumpling dinner at a local restaurant.

Terracotta Warriors in Xian Our guests biking on the Ancient City Wall Visit beautiful Muslim Quarter Dazzling Grand Tang Dynasty Ever Bright City at Night
Day 2 Xian - Hukou Waterfall - Xian ( B,L )

After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel. Then you will be escorted to Hukou Waterfall by car, which will take you about 4~5 hours on the way. Enjoy the spectacular views of the vast Loess Plateau. (Please prepare some snacks and drinks for the long driving)

Hukou Waterfall is the largest yellowish waterfall in the world and the second largest waterfall in China. When Yellow River cleaves Shanxi province and Shaanxi province at the point where riverbed abruptly narrows down, the thunderous water splashes on the rock form spectacular Hukou Waterfall naturally. Hukou Waterfall gets its name of Hukou (meaning kettle spout literally) because the it seems pouring down from a huge kettle. As the water stirs up a mass of smoke and clouds, the scene of Hukou Waterfall is extremely overwhelming. In the sunny days, the mist is refracted by sunlight to create a rainbow like a beautiful bridge spanning river. Just enjoy the magnificent waterfall and take nice photos.

After around 1.5 hrs' sightseeing at Hukou Waterfall, you will transfer back to Xian for accommodation.

Note: May to October is the best time to see the powerful waterfall but you can see calm glacier fall in cold winter.

Magnificent View of Hukou Waterfall (Shaanxi Side) Hukou Waterfall (Shaanxi Side) in Winter
Day 3 Xian Tour & Departure ( B )

After a little bit rest and fresh up, head to Da Cien Temple, a famous Buddhist sutra translation site during the Tang Dynasty. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the most famous building in the temple. The pagoda, rising to a height of 64.5 meters, was built by the famous Buddhist master Xuanzang to preserve classic scriptures he brought back from India during the early Tang Dynasty. Xuanzang was the prototype character for Tang Seng in the famous Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. (Note: It costs an extra 30 RMB if you want to climb up the Big Wild Goose Pagoda) After (or before) visiting the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, you will be provided a free experience of trying on the Hanfu which is the solemn costume of the emperors and their families, the ministers and the noble in the ancient dynasties of China. Seize this rare opportunity to take some photos to record this unique memory!

Following is an educational visiting to Shaanxi History Museum. Ramble in the modern exhibition halls to appreciate relics, such as porcelains, paintings, currencies from Zhou to the Tang periods (1100 BC to 907 AD). (Note: Shaanxi History Museum may be replaced with other activity or attraction because of crowding tourists during July ~ early September and China’s National Day during Oct.1-Oct.7. You may check details with your travel consultant.)

The rest of the day is free for you until be escorted to catch the flight/train to leave Xian. Tour ends.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda shared by Our Customer Collections in Shaanxi History Museum

Recommended Add-on Options

+2 more days to experience authentic Buddhist culture in beautiful Mount Wutai

Situated in the middle of Shanxi Province, Mount Wutai (or Wutaishan) is one of the World's Five Sacred Buddhist Sites, UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of Four Greatest Buddhist Mountains in China and China’s National Geography Park. It is only about 3 hours' driving from Datong and 3.5 hours' driving from Pingyao.

Generally you only need 1 or 2 days for Mount Wutai exploration. You can spend one day visiting the sacred temples in Taihuai Town, then departing to other destination. If you are Buddhist or hikers, you can spend 1 or 2 more day exploring the Five Terraces which are 5 beautiful peaks with both natural wonders and Buddhist magnificence.

Great White Pagoda in Tayuan Temple
+2 more days to China's best-preserved ancient city - Pingyao

Wondering what is the ancient Chinese city like, how the ancient Chinese lived? Pingyao is the best place to find the answer. With a history over 2,700 years, Pingyao is reputed for the lineal ancient Chinese culture especially best-preserved old architectures. You can easily get to Pingyao by high speed trains from Beijing, Xian, Datong, etc. Classic itinerary is to spend a full day explore Pingyao Ancient City and nearby Shuangling Temple, then a half day for Wang’s Family Compound and Zhangbi Ancient Castle.

Wang's Family Compound
+2 more days to explore World Heritage Site Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Temple

Situated in the northernmost of Shanxi Province, Datong is neck-and-neck with Pingyao in the competition of attracting tourists. It is only about 2 hours' bullet train ride from Beijing, 3 hours bullet train ride from Pingyao.

Generally only 2 days are needed for a classic Datong tour which covers Yungang Grottoes - one of Four Greatest Grottoes in China as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hanging Temple - world's oldest wooden temple, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda - oldest preserving wooden Buddhist pagoda in China, Nine Dragon Screen - the oldest and largest glazed screen in China, etc.

Statues in Yungang Grottoes

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  • +2 more days to experience authentic Buddhist culture in beautiful Mount Wutai
    +2 more days to China's best-preserved ancient city - Pingyao
    +2 more days to explore World Heritage Site Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Temple

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