Things to do on Wudang Mountain

Situated in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, Wudang Mountain Scenic Area is one of China’s key national scenic spots. It has the reputation of being the most sacred mountain of Chinese Taoism and the place where internal martial arts originated.

Tourists can visit Wudang Mountain not only for the magnificent natural scenery surrounding the Golden Palace, but just as importantly for a better appreciation of Taoist Culture and the Wudang Martial Arts through participation in those featured activities.

In addition, the nearby Shennongjia Nature Reserve, a nature paradise full of high mountains, rare animal, and the source of Shennong Stream, is only 210 km away and worth a visit.

Wudangshan Attraction Map

Appreciate Wudang Taoism Events

Appreciate Wudang Taoism Events

Type: Routine Activity

Location: Purple Clouds Palace, Taihe Palace

Chant sutra is a routine and must-do homework for any Taoist priest and apprentice, which has 2 times in morning and evening each day. This activity is mainly to cultivate temperament and pray for auspiciousness. Tourists can experience this solemn Taoism atmosphere and appreciate the profound Taoism Culture in 6:00 am and 17:00 pm.

Purple Mountain

Watch Martial arts performance

Type: Performance

Location: Carefree Valley

Taking about the history of Wudang martial arts, a person named Zhangsafeng is need to mention. As the originator Chi Master, he created a new style combined existing combat techniques and other movements, and integrated Taoist culture which seems weakness but with big power. This kind of Martial arts is called Tai Chi today. The Wudang Tai Chi Experience will make you tour more interesting. 

Each day, there are many Wudang martial arts disciples offers free performance at 9:00 am and 15: 00 pm. If you are fascinated with Tai Chi, this show will delight you very much.

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