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Brief Introduction of Mount Everest

Mount Everest, Everest Mountain or Chomolungma, is not only the “Highest Mountain in the world” because of its elevation of 8844.43 m, but also one the most gorgeous peaks in China for its all-year white snow covering. Mount Everest is situated at the junction of Nepal and Tibet in China, with the south part in the former and the north part as well as the peak in the region of the latter. In China, people often call this holy mountain Qomolangma and Jomoglangma in Tibetan, since it means the mountain of goddess. However, the western countries generally name it Mount Everest to memorize Gorge Everest, who was the director general to measure the Himalayas then. Mount Everest, one of the most magnificent peaks worldwide, has more than 500 large glaciers of various shapes and rare glacier towers, moreover, with a wide spread of mountains and forests within 20 sq. km, the whole beautiful scenery forms the majestic “Third Pole of the Earth”.

Don’t Miss Mount Everest Sightseeing

Since Mount Everest means the mountain of goddess, she is full of charming natural sceneries for you to admire, like the fantastic banner cloud, special sunrise and sunset, and the impressing night sky, etc.!

Highest Banner Cloud

The banner cloud or flag cloud, which is like a banner, is a wonder on Mount Everest. When it is sunny, you will see the milk white streamer floating above the peak of Mount Everest, and that is the banner cloud on Everest. The cloud usually flutters toward one side like a banner in the wind. Sometimes, you can see it change the shape, like the huge waves on the sea or the impetuous horses on the ancient battlefield, and so forth. Once in a while, it is lucky to see the plateau eagles flying above the banner cloud, which is especially a particular sightseeing. And the banner cloud is often used to judge the wind strength. by its location and height, namely, the higher the banner cloud is, the weaker the wind is. And when the cloud is at the same level of the peak, there may be up to a force 9 wind. As a result, the banner cloud of Mount Everest is also regarded as the “highest wind indicator in the world”.

Gorgeous Sunrise & Sunset

You will be a “lucky dog” getting a chance to see the sunrise and sunset of Mount Everest for they are unique and super gorgeous all over the world. Usually, temperature is very low before the sun comes up. But you can see the Mount Everest appears gradually as the clouds are being blown away by the strong wind. The sleeping pure peak puts on a shining costume that is lit by the orange sun. And then, when the sun all rises up, the mountain shows her bright red face completely like a young girl putting up the best blusher ever, with the red cloud fairies dancing by side.

However, the sunset of Mount Everest is also an impressing view on earth. See the peak from a distance, and the evening glow addresses a piece of dark red chiffon for the mountain. And with the banner clouds circling and floating away, the red sky and the red snow peak together forms a fabulous painting of a paradise.

Seeing both the sunrise and sunset of Mount Everest, you will feel yourself is the happiest and luckiest person in the universe for not only the amazing view but also the terrific experience of standing on nearly the highest viewing deck.

Sunrise Time: about 6:00 - 7:00; Sunset Time: 17:30 - 18:30

Shining Night Sky

It is really a fantastic enjoyment to appreciate the dark blue Mount Everest beneath the indigo night sky. Admiring the curtain of night decorated with countless shining stars like scattering diamonds on the silk, you will be amazed at the magic power of nature and feel all the things on earth are so tiny in the vast universe. And if you have more luck, you could sometimes see meteors shooting across the night sky like a flash of lightning.

Mount Everest - Banner Cloud World Highest Banner Cloud above Mount Everest
Mount Everest - Sunrise Charming Sunrise on World Highest Mountain
Mount Everest - Sunset Golden Appearance of Mount Everest at Sunset
Mount Everest - Night Sky Shining Stars in the Night Sky above Mount Everest

Find the Best Viewing Decks to See Mount Everest

To view Mount Everest and the appealing natural view, there are two good places nearby, namely the Rongphu Monastery and the Mount Everest Base Camp.

Rongphu Monastery

Rongphu Monastery (绒布寺)or Rongbuk of 4980 m above the sea is the world’s highest monastery and a typical one of Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Located 90 km from Tingri County (定日县), Rongphu Monastery is so rare mixed dwelling of both monks and nuns in the world. And since it is about 20 km from the peak of Mount Everest, you can appreciate the giant pyramid of the mountain from south, and can see the charming banner clouds in sunny days. Apart from that, Rongphu Monastery is the best place to see the sunrise and sunset for its high location close to the Everest. Also, you can take many great pictures at Marnyi Stones and the White tower outside of the door. Just get your camera ready to capture the wonders.

Mount Everest Base Camp

Situated at the south side of Rongphu Monastery, the Mount Everest Base Camp (珠峰大本营) is another great viewing deck to admire the magnificent Mount Everest. This base camp is formed by a group of tents in a circle, with a national flag of China in the middle. Having an elevation of 5200 m, Mount Everest Base Camp provides you a super close place to admire the sacred Everest. And especially when during April and June, a lot of mountaineers from all over the world come here and build up their colorful tents in the base camp, so you can see the very grand scene and feel the busy atmosphere. In the base camp, there is a little hill of 20 to 30 m high, and that is the best place to appreciate the holy Mount Everest. Besides, you can mail a postcard at the post office here to your friends and family, and that is the unique and a “sounding nice” gift.

Experience Adventurous Activities in Mount Everest

As a holy mountain full of beautiful natural scenery and multiple types of landforms, Mount Everest has a series of interesting and exciting activities for photographers, trekkers, mountaineers, etc.


Take a hike at Mount Everest is a quite different but cool try, because you can do the same activity on the world highest place and have distinct feel. Along the 8 km long way from Rongphu Monastery up to the Everest Base Camp that is the running route of the park car, you can appreciate the look of snow white holy Mount Everest the especially gorgeous sightseeing along the way. And due to the comparatively gentle road, you can hike to the base camp and take the park car back to Rongphu Monastery. In your trekking, you can also view the soft clouds like cottons scattered in the azure sky. All the views are very clear at such a high altitude. Sometimes, you can see the particular animals living on plateau, like Tibetan antelopes, eagles, etc. As the low oxygen environment and hard path, you will be proud of yourself as a bold hero after arriving at the base camp.


Being the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest has long been a dream and target of many riskers and mountaineers. Through the long process of climbing up from the 5200 m high Base Camp up to the 6000 m, 7000 m and even the peak over 8844 m, you will get very tired and meet a lot of problems. However, when you see the shocking panorama of the Everest region like a kingdom of snow peaks, where the world’s 4th and 5th highest mountains stand, your efforts become so worthy and one of your lifetime dreams would finally come true.

Note: Climbing Mount Everest is dangerous and needs the professional skills, useful experience and strong bodies, so people who want to do the climbing are required to get the permission of the relative departments. We China Discovery have not designed the Mount Everest climbing till now, and if you want to try this exciting venture, you can ask some professional climbing company for help.

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Climbing History of Mount Everest

Although human beings have been always longing for climbing up to the peak of Mount Everest that is the highest spot on earth, a lot of people have lost their life along the way. And until May 29, 1953, Tenzing Norgay from Nepal and Edmund Hillary from New Zealand reached the peak from the south part for the first time of mankind. And Chinese people first got to the peak on May 25 in 1960 from the north. During the following tens of years, more people, young, elder, man and women, from many countries and regions like US, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, India, Austria, Japan, Nepal, Taiwan, etc. reached the peak of Mount Everest team by team. And some people even have made it for 2 to several times, furthermore, a brave man stayed on the peak for nearly 100 min, which is so unbelievable. All the historical records of mankind reaching the peak of Mount Everest completely testify the strong perseverance and super bravery of people all over the world!

Mount Everest - Rongbuk Rongphu Monastery - the Highest Monastery Worldwide
Mount Everest Base Camp Elevation Measurement Monument at Everest Base Camp
Mount Everest Trekking Walking on the Pure White Snow Field before Mount Everest
Mount Everest Trekking Cool Trekking on Mount Everest
Climbing Mount Everest Dangerous but Adream Try to Climb Mount Everest
Mount Everest Climbers Tenzing Norgay & Edmund Hillary - Reaching the Peak first in 1953
Mount Everest Summit People Reaching the Peak of Mount Everest

Location & How to Go to Mount Everest

Situated at the south of Tingri County, Shigatse (日喀则) District, about 620 km from Lhasa, Mount Everest is not very easy to get to, which usually needs about 1 to 2 days to reach Rongphu Monastery, the place closest to Everest you can get to by driving.

Independent Travel:

Independent travel in Tibet is not allowed for foreign people, and you can contact a travel agency to arrange a tour with the transportation and tour guide to get there safely and conveniently.

Where is  Mount Everest Located Mount Everest Location Map

● Lhasa to Rongphu Monastery

You can take a plane to Lhasa Kongga International Airport first and drive from Lhasa city, it usually cost you about 15 hours for driving, so people often spend one day to arrive at Shigatse and another day to get to Rongphu Monastery.

(Airlines from and to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Beijing are available every day.)

● Chengdu to Rongphu Monastery

If you start from Chengdu, you can directly arrive at Shigatse by taking the only plane in the early morning every day for only about 2.5 hours. And then, you can arrive at Rongphu Monastery with your tour group driving for about 9 hours.

● Nepal to Rongphu Monastery

Before 2016, many visitors came to Tibet from the Nepal border, but since the big 8.1-magnitude earthquake in Nepal on April 25 in 2015, the road from Nepal to Tibet has been damaged and the Zhangmu gate has been closed without exact time for reopening. If you want to start from Nepal, you can take a flight from Katmandu to Lhasa for about 1.5 hours. To get the updated information about the transportation from Nepal to Mount Everest, please contact our contact our Travel Consultant!

● Rongphu Monastery to Everest Base Camp

If you want to reach the Everest Base Camp that is closest to the mountain, you can take the local park car.

Travel with China Discovery:

If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Mount Everest with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

Road Condition of Driving to Mount Everest

From Lhasa to Shigatse

At present, most visitors choose to drive along the new built high-speed way that is an asphalt road of 4 lanes, along Lhasa, Quxu, Nimu, Dazhuka and Shigatse. The whole journey usually measures about 283 hours and costs about 6 hours. Also, you can drive along the G318 (national road) of 2 lanes, passing Yamdrok lake and Gyantze and needing about 2 hours.

From Shigatse to Tingri

You can drive passing Lhatse to the New Tingri along the road of 2 lanes, which is about 240 km long and will drive for about 5.5 hours. Also, you can drive continuously along the G318 to the Old Tingri (岗嘎).

From Tingri to Rongphu Monastery

Coming out from Tingri, You can drive turning left to Rongphu Monastery along the new asphalt road of 2 lanes, which has been opened in 2015 and is about 110 km long. Also, you can drive along the G318 continuously to the Old Tingri (岗嘎) and drive for about 90 km long to Rongphu Monastery, which is a hard and bumpy earth road.

Mount Everest Location Enlarge Mount Everest Journey Map along the New Way
Location of Mount Everest Enlarge the Driving Map to Everest along G318

Fee in Mount Everest

Entrance Fee: RMB 150 / person

Park Car: RMB 25 / person

The above fee information is for your reference only. For the updated and detail information, please contact our Travel Consultant!

Weather & Best Seasons to Visit Mount Everest

Mount Everest and its nearby region have various and complex climate in one day, which changes boldly in the four seasons. And generally, it rains a lot from the early June to middle of September. During the middle of November and the next middle of February, strong cold current from the northwest would cause very low temperature that can reach down to 30 minutes degree with the fastest wind of 90 m per sec.

April to October is a good period to go to Mount Everest, among which June, July and August are inclined to rain a lot. And during the rest months, you can appreciate more beautiful view under the clear sky for the settled weather.

Accommodate at Everest Region

Most people live in Rongphu Monastery Guesthouse, which provides rooms for 2 people and 3 people, electricity, hot water and food.

Tents arranged by the local Tibetan during April and October are near the monastery, and they are usually for 6 to 12 people to live in one room. Heating equipment and very thick quilts are available. Living here, you can get to the base camp by the park car for about 20 min.

If you would like to live more comfortable, you can drive back to Tingri County, where some hotels with better conditions and well equipment are there for choice.

Mount Everest - Rongbuk Tents at Rongphu Monastery
Mount Everest - Rongphu Monastery Decorations Tents at Rongphu Monastery

Permits & Documentation Requirements

It is required to get three permits for tourists who is planning to visit Mount Everest, namely the Tibet Travel Permit, Tibet Boarder Permit, Tibet Alien Travel Permit, and all those permits can be applied only by China travel agencies on behalf of tourists. Since the Tibet Travel Permit is needed when you getting aboard on the train and airport to Tibet and takes about 15 to 20 days to get, you can apply it in advance for 20 to 30 days before you go there. And you can get the other two permits after you reach Tibet. If you travel with China Discovery, we can prepare them for you and send you the Tibet Travel Permit when getting it. See the Tibet Travel Permit for the details!

Useful Tips to Visit Mount Everest

1. Avoid doing vigorous activities and take relative medicines as well as oxygen bottle in case of altitude stress for the Mount Everest region is over 5000 m above the sea;

2. Take enough clothes, especially down jackets, to keep warm for the temperature here is often below zero, and wear comfortable shoes to protect your feet;

3. Well check your body to make sure you can plan a tour on the plateau and even climb up to the Mount Everest, because it has oxygen-thin air and needs very strong healthy and experienced people;

4. To admire the sunrise and sunset of Mount Everest, you can ask the nice local Tibetan people for the time;

5. Wear Suitable to protect from the strong sunlight, but do not wear hat when visiting inside the Tibetan monasteries, and ladies do not wear skirts visiting here.

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