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Due to its high average altitude over 4000m and locating far away from oceans, Tibet is featured in a typical plateau climate with thin air, strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, hug temperature gap between daytime and night. As a vast land, the climate differs in different regions in Tibet. Generally, it is relatively cold and dry in northern and western Tibet. While in southern and eastern Tibet, it is warmer and moister. The average annual temperature is less than 15℃ in most regions of Tibet.

We recommend months from April to October for you to visit Tibet when you can enjoy stunning natural sightseeing, pleasant weather, and experience some interesting Tibetan festivals.

Weather Forecast for Major Cities in Tibet:

Lhasa Weather
Shigatse Weather
Mount Everest Weather

Popular Tourist Destinations’ Climate

Lhasa weather

Compared to other regions in Tibet, Lhasa has a pleasant weather. It is warm and humid because of the Lhasa River flowing through Lhasa city. Around Lhasa city are barren high mountains, while in Lhasa city and nearby is a green world. There are strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation all year around. Learn more about Lhasa weather. learn more about Lhasa weather.

Shigatse weather

Shigatse is located in northern Tibet. It is more than 200 meters higher than Lhasa with an elevation of 3836m. Shigatse has a monsoon climate of semi-arid and temperate weather. The highest temperature is 23 C, and the lowest is -25 C. The yearly average temperature is 6.3 C. Learn more about Shigatse weather. learn more about Shigatse weather.

Everest weather

Mount Everest is one of the coldest places in Tibet. The weather differs by season and altitudes. Extreme temperature can reach -40~-50℃ above 7500m’s elevation. While at the EBC or lower EBC, the weather is relatively temperate, and flows around 0℃. There is a huge temperature gap between daytime and night. In summer, the temperature can reach 17℃, but during nighttime, it is usually lower 0℃. Learn more about Mount Everest weather. learn more about Everest weather.

Average Tibet Temperature by Month

MonthRecommended RateMax Temp.Min Temp.

Tibet Seasons to Go

Generally Spring is short in Tibet. It still remains the coldness in winter, but starts to get warmer. Plants start to sprout and grow prosperously especially in eastern Tibet Nyingchi region and valleys along the Yarlung Zangbo River. You can visit Lhasa and Shigatse regions in spring.
Seasonal Activities
Visiting the monasteries and palaces under the comfortable sunshine.
Spring in Tibet
Summer is long, warm with plenty of sunlight. But it is not hot. Most precipitation happens during summer days especially at night. Summer is a good season to visit Tibet. There is less snow. Most places are warm. You can explore Everest, Nyingchi… during summer.
Seasonal Activities
Camping around the Namtso lake is strongly recommended in this season. You can also relax yourself in the hot spring of Yangpachen.
Summer in Tibet
It starts to get cooler from autumn. Many regions greet the coming of snowy days. Autumn is the season of wild. During this season, you can still visit most places in Tibet, including Lhasa, Namtso, Everest, etc.
Autumn in Tibet
Winter is relatively cold in Tibet. It snows much in most areas. Many places are not available for visiting in winter, such as Namtso Lake, EBC, Mount Kailash. But you can discover Lhasa, Nyingchi, Gyantse, etc.
Winter in Tibet

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