How to go to & around Tibet 2020

Tibet Transportation Overview

As one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world, Tibet welcomes your visiting with easy and multiple transfer accesses. You have flexible schedule choices of trains and flights, many departure cities to start your travel. So far, train and flight are two most popular travel ways to Tibet.

Flight to Tibet

So far, there are 5 airports in Lhasa, Nyingchi, Shigatse, Qamdo and Ngari. Lhasa Gongga Airport serves most domestic and international flights in Tibet. Shigase Heping Airport and Nyingchi Milin Airport offer several domestic flights connecting mainland cities. Airports in Qamdo and Ngari are less popular.

Lhasa Gongga Airport

Lhasa Gongga Airport is the largest airport in Tibet. With an elevation of 3600m, it is located in Gongga County of Shannan Prefecture, Tibet, about 60km away from Lhasa city. There are fully maintained amenities of ticket service, dining, rest, and transfer service in Gongga Airport. Both airport shuttle bus and taxi are available for your transfer between Lhasa and airport.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights are the major service in most airports in Tibet. There are many airlines connecting Lhasa. But only Chengdu, Chongqing, Deqin, Beijing and Xian connect to Lhasa with non-stop flights. These cities are relatively located near to Tibet. Shanghai, Guanzhou are also popular air gateway hubs to Tibet, but flights from these cities have to stop or transfer from Chengdu, Chongqing or Xian to Lhasa.

International Flights

Currently there is only one international airline to Tibet. Travelers can take flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu, or take the opposite way from Lhasa to Kathmandu. There is only one flight schedule at every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Kindly note: you’d better reserve your flight ticket to/off Tibet as early as possible because ticket supply is always intense.

Lhasa Gongga Airport

Lhasa Gonggar Airport

Train to Tibet

Train travel to Tibet is becoming more and more popular recent years, which will cut down your budget much, and also have a lot of fun. The best highlight is the highest-altitude railway in the world – Qinghai Tibet Railway along which you can experience magnificent plateau landscape of snow mountains, prairie, rivers, etc.

It depends on you to travel to Tibet by train or leave Tibet by train. So far, there are 8 cities providing direct trains to Lhasa. Every above route has many midway stations. Some of them are major provincial cities, such as Xian, Wuhan, etc. You can board at any of these midway stations to catch the train to Tibet. If you have to start your trip from some cities which have no direct train to Tibet, you can first transfer to Lanzhou, Xining and other major transfer stations to take the train.

Lhasa Railway Station

Lhasa Railway Station

Train to Lhasa

Train off Lhasa

Get around Tibet

By train

On 22th, July, 2014, the construction of the first provincial railway completed, which meant travelers and locals can transfer between Shigatse and Lhasa within three hours. Lhasa is usually used as the arrival city in Tibet. While Shigatse is the most important transfer hub in Tibet from which you can travel to Everest, Kathmandu, Ngari, etc.

Train to Shigatse from Lhasa

Train No. Route Departing Landing Duration
Z8801 Lhasa - Shigatse 09:00 11:59 2 hours 59 minutes

Train to Lhasa from Shigatse

Train No. Route Departing Landing Duration
Z8802 Shigatse - Lhasa 17:30 20:28 2 hours 58 minutes
Shigatse Train Station

Shigatse Train Station

By Road

Scattering from the capital Lhasa city, Tibet has built a basic network of road system. You can drive from Lhasa to most of cities and towns in Tibet, such as Shigatse, Gyangtse, Tsetang, Bayi, Ngari, Namtso, etc. Most roads are tar road in good condition. While if you want to travel to remote places, such as Everest, Kailash Mountain, etc, you have to drive through many mud road.

Friendship Highway

Friendship Highway

Recommended Tibet Tours

Top 3 Tibet tours chosen by most customers to explore Tibet in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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