Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring 2024

Are you planning a trip in Spring? Spring awakes one year with the defrost mountain, sprouting buds, fragrant blossom, and tweeting birds, and Sichuan is far more than these. With comfortable temperature and a vast land from the basin to the plateau steeply stretching from east to west for you to hike, discover and explore.

Below are the top attractions we specially selected for your Sichuan Trip in spring, including best UNESCO World Nature or Culture Heritage sites, nature reserves, parks, mountains, and other types.


Places to Visit in Chengdu City - Under the Sprouting Willow Trees and Pink Peach Blossom

Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring

Chengdu Longquan Peach Blossom Festival

Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring

Chengdu Panda Base

The greatest Poet, Du Fu once wrote about the spring in Chengdu, “Good rain is coming to our delight. Its early-spring timing is perfectly right. With wind, it drifts in all through the night. Silently it's drenching everything in sight. Clouds and ranches are black without moonlight. Riverboat torches project the only light. The wet red patches in Chengdu's twilight. Are flower branches, heavier but bright.” 

Located in the west of Sichuan, Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, is generally drizzling and cloudy, offering lots of to see in spring. Wandering in the downtown area, you can appreciate the shivering willow sprouts at Du Fu Cottage, Wuhu Memorial Temple, People’s Park in the fresh spring breeze and greenish bamboo leaves covered Chengdu Panda Base and Wangjianglou Park, and go further to the suburban area on Longquan Mountain to the pink forest of blooming peach flowers, and the golden blossom sea of rapeseed flowers in Dayi County.>>Chengdu Spring Travel


Mount Emei - Pick the Thawed Spring Tea Bud Aside the Flaming Azalea Blossom

Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring

Cloud Sea of Mount Emei

Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring

Hiking in Mt. Emei

Type: World Heritage Site, Taoist Mountains, Nature & Wildlife Areas, Historic Walking Areas, Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks

Ticket: CNY 160 (January 16 - December 14); CNY 110 (December 15 to next January 15)

Opening Hours: all day

Recommended Visiting Time: 1-2 days

Location: NO. 41 Minshan South Road, Emeishan City, Leshan City, Sichuan

South to Chengdu, Mount Emei is one of the four most famous Buddhism Mountains in China and only about 150km away from Chengdu. Spring is the best time to hike on Mount Emei. It is still cold and even snowy on the mountain area until early April. However, as you enjoy the thawing stream with reviving flora, the mountain offers you one of the best spring tea in Sichuan, “Snow Bud”, and fields of flaming Azalea flowers in full blossom. Even in the coldness, bathing in the steaming hot spring will relieve your tiredness at the foot mountain. Meanwhile, as the snow begins to melt, the elusive monkeys in Mount Emei are getting more active.>>Mount Emei Spring Travel


Jinchuan - Wander in the White Petal Rain of Snow Pear Blossom

Type: Landform, Religious site, Natural landscape

Ticket: Free

Opening Hours: all day

Recommended Visiting Time: 1-2 days

Location: Jinchuan County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China

“As though a gust of spring wind swept past overnight, bringing thousands upon thousands of pear trees into bloom.” famous ancient Chinese poet Cen Shen once wrote about the pear blossom in spring which announces the coming of Spring, and Jinchuan is indeed the true portrayal to see thousands of pear blossoms with flying white snow-like petals.

Jinchuan is located on the plateau of Western Sichuan and the upstream of Dadu River. The whole pear blossom scenic area extends from Danba county to Barham in the highland fields inlaid with Tibetan houses. You can hike along the terrace and overlook the magnificent pear blossom scenery from the top of the highland.

Best Places to See Snow Pear Blossom Scene: The famous place to enjoy the blossom of snow pear flowers in Jinchuan County is the Shenxianbao Viewing Platform. From here you can not only enjoy the beautiful flower sea but also overlook the town which is located at the foot of the mountain, and take panoramic photos of the sunset glow in the fairyland. Besides, Pear Garden in Jinchuan, Ge’erxiang, Sha’erxiang, Jinjiangcun Viewing Platform, Dapingcun, Danzhamucun, Shangengzicun are all good place to see the flowers.


Danba - Overlook the Most Beautiful Jiaju Tibetan Village Inlaid in the Greenish Highland

Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring

Jiaju Tibetan Village Seen Afar

Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring

Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village in Spring

Type: Nature, Villages, Historic Sites & Architectural

Ticket: all day

Opening Hours: about 07:00-15:30 in Summer and Autumn, and 07:30-15:00 in Spring and Winter

Recommended Visiting Time: about half day

Location: 001 Country Rd, Danba County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan

Danba, at the border with Jinchuan, has always been a must-see site along the Western Sichuan travel route. In spring, Danba is even more beautiful with greenish mountains and blooming pear flowers. You can stay there for 1 to 2 days. If you want to enjoy the flowers, you are suggested to head to the Jiaju Tibetan village which is known as "the most beautiful Tibetan village", especially in March.

Jiaju Tibetan Village, about 8 kilometers northwest of Danba County, was rated as “the Most Beautiful Village in China” by Chinese National Geographic in 2005. In Danba County, there are over 180 Tibetan villages, while Jiaju Tibetan Village is the best example and most concentrated place to present Jiarong Tibetan culture.

When spring comes, the average temperature turns to 4-11 ℃. The pear blossom is all over the mountain, beautiful and idyllic, rising from the valley to the peak. The red and white Tibetan houses are scattered among the mountains and flowers, forming a traditional Chinese painting and you’ll get awed at the scene once you just have a look. 


Jiayang Steam Train - March into the Golden Sea of Rapeseed Blossom

Best Places to Visit in Sichuan in Spring

Jiayang Steam Train Runing Through Rapeseeds Blossom

Type: Sights, Landmarks, Train

Ticket: CNY 80 (Single-way); CNY 160 (Round-trip)

Opening Hours: 2 trains each day (10:30, 14:30)

Recommended Visiting Time: about half a day

Location: Bagou Town, Qianwei County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province

Located about 20km northwest of Qianwei County and 70km south of Leshan Giant Buddha and about 200km (3 hours' drive) from Chengdu in the north, Jiayang Steam Train remains an important local transport vehicle in steep mountain regions but more notable for the 2-hour sightseeing train journey passing the golden sea of rapeseed flowers and sunflowers, wild countryside field and ancient dwellings after opening for more than 70 years. The railway is about 19.84km (12.32mi) and takes about 2.5 hours (round-way) and the train departs from Yuejin Station, bounding for Huangcunjing Station. From the early March to the late March, the rapeseed flowers last about one month, and it’s highly recommended to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha and take a morning Jiayang steam train in the fresh spring breeze and pass through the golden flower sea and have a walk on the country road of China.

Recommended Attractions for All Seasons

Besides the attractions mentioned above with seasonal differences, Sichuan has so many wonderful scenic sites to visit in any season you like. As the hometown of pandas, you can go to visit the panda bases in Sichuan, have a volunteer experience, and even feed the pandas. If you are interested in Buddhism, you can make a trip to Leshan and appreciate the majestic Giant Buddha there. If you are a museum-goer, visiting the museums and getting to know the “Shu” Culture from the solemn Jinsha Site Museum to Sichuan Cuisine Museum and make Mapo Tofu and panda buns...

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