Zoige Grassland, Aka Ruoergai Grassland

Ruoergai prairie is located in Aba, the northwest of Sichuan, at the junction of Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai province. The Yellow River and the Yangtze River divide it into two parts. In the east, there are continuous mountains, green peaks, and billows of the forest; in the west, there are vast grasslands, lush wetlands, flocks of cattle and sheep, known as "oasis of Northwest Sichuan Plateau". Generally speaking, Zoige grassland for visitors actually refers to two attractions inside the great prairie, namely Huahu Lake (Flower Lake) and the First Bend of the Yellow River. In the generalized definition, the Ruoergai grassland is the whole grassland scenery along the way of Ruoergai County.

What to See in Zoige Grassland

Huahu Lake (Flower Lake) 花湖

• Entrance Fee: CNY 75 Per Person; Sightseeing Bus Ticket: CNY 30 Per Person

• Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

Huahu lake, aka Flower Lake, located between Ruoergai and Langmu temple, by the 213 national road is a natural Wetland Pond on the great prairie. This is the best place to watch the wild birds including the rare black Crane. Under the peaceful lake is a vast and unfathomable swamp. Walking along the plank beside the lake, you can enter the middle of the wetland.  It is named after a kind of small white flowers blooming around the lake. During June and May, the Lake is colorful with all kinds of blossoms. When the weather is clear and windless, the lake is like a mirror with the reflection of the blue sky and white cloud, which has a sense of the world in the fairy tale, Therefore, it has once named as the most beautiful wetland in China by National Geographic.

The First Bend of the Yellow River 九曲黄河第一湾

• Entrance Fee: CNY 65 Per Person; Sightseeing Escalator: CNY 60 Per Person; Combo Ticket: CNY 105 Per Person

• Opening Hours: 7:00-19:30

The first bend of the Yellow River is located in Tangke Village. It is the first among the ninety-nine winding bends of the meandering Yellow River. There is a viewing platform to enjoy the river scenery in the back of Suogzang temple. It is the best place to watch the sunset. There are Tibetan farmers, herders, dwellers, and nomads on these vast grasslands, and you can see yaks, sheep, and horses grazing. The zigzag river is winding with green grass and wildflowers on the Bank of the Yellow River. The most beautiful time is during the sunset. The whole valley is covered with golden sunrays, and the Yellow River is suffused with the rosy reflection of the clouds.

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Zoige Huahu Lake in Summer
Zoige Huahu Lake in Autumn
Zoige The First Bend of the Yellow River

What to Do in Zoige Grassland

• Ticket Fare: Free for entry (Optional: CNY 160 for Tibetan Guozhuang Party, CNY 20-30 for Horse Riding)

• Opening Hours: 9:00-19:00

Besides hiking and taking pictures of the beautiful grassland, Zoige also offers you a lot of things to do in the western tourism ranch. You can rent a vehicle to drive deep into the grassland, or you can ride a horse to experience the lifestyle of the local herdsmen, drink yak butter tea, eat roasted whole sheep, have a horse race with your peers, and watch a Tibetan Guozhuang Dance party in the evening, and the western tourism ranch is only about 5km to the downtown area which is very convenient in accommodation and transportation.

Zoige Cattle and Sheep in the Ranch

Attractions Near Zoige Grassland

Hongyuan Moon Bay 红原月亮湾

• Distance to Zoige Grassland: about 80km, 1.5h by car

The beauty of Hongyuan grassland is fully displayed in the Moon Bay. On the flat and open grassland, the river winds and flows like the bright moon. When it is windless and sunny, the blue sky and layers of white clouds are reflected in the river on the vast grassland of the Moon Bay, you can see yaks, cattle and sheep grazing, and experience the horse riding, arrow shooting and having a stay in the traditional tent hotel of the nomads. Get atop the hill, you will see the clear river water draw a gentle and beautiful arc on the grassland, just like a round of curved moon, and that is how the valley was named. You can have a panoramic view of the valley from the platform and try the cableway and kayak rafting nearby.

Langmu Temple 郎木寺

• Distance to Zoige Grassland: about 130km, 2.5h by car

Langmu temple is not just a temple, but a small town, located at the junction of Sichuan and Gansu province. Langmu temple is divided into two parts, with two temples facing each other across a stream. In summer, the Langmusi Grand Canyon is very beautiful with many unique rocks and wildflowers around the canyon. It is also a representative site to experience the traditional Tibetan culture.>>More about Langmu Temple

Taoping Qiang Village 桃坪羌寨

• Distance to Zoige Grassland: about 340km, 5h by car

Taoping Qiang Village is one of the most complete blockhouse buildings, which are still inhabited by people. It enjoys the reputation of "natural air conditioning". Its perfect underground water network, all-round channels and the maze architecture art of the combination of blockhouses are known as "the living fossil of Qiang architectural art" and "the mysterious oriental Castle" by Chinese and foreign scholars.>>More about Taoping Qiang Village

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Bipenggou Valley Hongyuan Moon Bay
Bipenggou Valley Langmu Temple
Bipenggou Valley Taoping Qiang Village

Where is Zoige Grassland & How to Get There

Zoige Grassland is located on the border between Sichuan and Gansu. There is no direct train and flight to reach there now. You can choose to get there either from the capital city of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, or the capital city of Gansu Province, Lanzhou.

Ruoergai grassland is located in a remote area, with inconvenient public transportation. Many scenic spots have different buses. Even if you take a bus to the nearest town, you have to charter a bus to get there. So for most of the scenic site, chartering a licensed car from a trustworthy agent is the most convenient and cost-effective way to travel.

Travel With China Discovery:It's not very recommended to take public transportation or chartering a car from the random driver to Zoige Grassland. Since you may encounter troublesome traffic jams or language barriers (Chinese and Tibetan) along your way and you do not know if the background of the driver. China Discovery offers a private licensed car service for every customer visiting Zoige. Our skilled driver and experienced guide will pick you up wherever you are in China including the airport, train stations, and busy scenic areas, etc. It's time-saving and much safer and you will be escorted to Zoige Grassland with comfortable traveling experience and professional traveling guidance.>>Contact Us Now

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Get to Zoige Grassland from Chengdu

By Air: Zoige is located between Aba Hongyuan Airport and Jiuzhaigou Airport. For passengers who would like to save the long driving hours on your way to Zoige, you can choose to take a flight to get either of the two airports from Chengdu. The public transportation from the airports to Zoige is still very limited, and you are recommended to charter a car after your landing.

● Aba Hongyuan Airport to Zoige Grassland: about 115km, 2h by car

● Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport to Zoige Grassland: about 230km, 3.5h by car

By Bus: There are direct buses from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station to Ruoergai County, and then you need to transfer to the scenic spot by private car. There are also buses to Ruoergai County from its surrounding counties and cities. Among them, Aba County, Songpan county and Barkam county have more scheduled buses to Zoige. 

Distance and Driving Hours for Your Reference:

From - toDriving DistanceDuration
Chengdu - Zoigeabout 500kmAbout 9h by car
Songpan - Zoigeabout 160kmAbout 2.5h by car
Barkam - Zoigeabout 300kmAbout 5h by car
Aba - Zoigeabout 260km4.5h by car
Zoige Map Map of Popular Driving Routes and Attractions of Northwest Sichuan (Click to Enlarge)

Get to Zoige Grassland from Lanzhou

By Air: Besides the airports in Sichuan, you can also take a flight to reach Gannan Xiahe Airport from Lanzhou and then charter a car and drive to Zoige Grassland from the airport.

● Gannan Xiahe Airport to Zoige Grassland: about 250km, 4h by car

By Bus: There are few direct buses from Longzhou Passenger TransportationCenter to Zoige County, and then you need charter a private car to get to Zoige Grassland from the county bus station of Zoige.

● Lanzhou Passenger Transportation Center to Zoige County:about 500km, 8h by car.

Get Around Zoige Grassland

To the First Bend of Yellow River/Huahu Lake:You can charter a car from the Zoige county area and get there and get back to the county area within one day.

● Zoige County to the First Bend to Yellow River: about 80km, 1.5h

● Zoige County to Huahu Lake (Flower Lake): about 50km, 1h

Best Time to Visit Zoige Grassland

Summer is the most beautiful time in picturesque Ruoergai/Zoige. Wildflowers are blooming all over the mountains, and a large group of yaks are eating grass with their heads bowed. From the middle of May every year, all kinds of wildflowers on the prairie begin to bloom. The flowering period lasts until the end of July, and the most prosperous season is generally from the end of June to July. Besides, from September to October, the autumn leaves dress the valley and mountains with different reddish layers. The scenery is also very stunning.

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Zoige Zoige Grassland in Summer

Zoige Grassland Accommodation

There is no hotel available within the grassland area, and most visitors stay at the nearby towns and villages. You can choose to stay at the downtown area of Zoige County for your arrival and there are several hotels and hostels for your choice, with good facilities for your cozy stay but cannot level to those in big cities, and more budget accommodation to meet your basic needs. Besides, there are some local Tibetan homestay with good price if you want to get experience the local ethnic culture. Since it is still far between the Zoige County and the Huahu Lake and the first Bend of the Yellow River, you can stay at the Tangke Town (唐克镇) for your Huahu visit and the nearby Langmu Temple Village when visiting the first bend of the yellow river.

Useful Travel Tips & Notes for Zoige Grassland

● What to Wear:In summer, it is cool during the daytime, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. It's very hot and sunny in the day, but it's cold in the night. Please prepare several thick coats to keep warm at night. In the day, the sunray is strong, and prepare the sunblock long sleeve shirts and sunglasses and sun cream. In winter, the temperature is very cold and generally below zero. The temperature in the plateau area is relatively low from October to May of the next year, and a thick down coat and sweater are very necessary. 

● What to Pack: Bring your camera, mobile phone battery and snacks, wet napkin, personal hygiene, rain gear, clothes, hiking shoes (preferably waterproof shoes), sunscreen (50SPFPA+), sunglasses, sun hat, moisturizing cream, lipstick, cold medicine, stomach medicine, and other items. Ruoergai grassland has strong solar radiation and ultraviolet rays. Take sunglasses, umbrellas, and sunscreen when you are doing outdoor activities. 

● Road Conditions: For most of the roads in Zoige are in good condition, but the roads are zigzag in the mountainous area, please pay attention to the road and drive carefully. In early spring and winter, there may be ice and snow on the road. Please pay attention and prepare the anti-skid tires. In summer, the rainfall may cause landslides. It is recommended to have an experienced driver to take you to the scenic spot.

● Altitude & Car Sickness: The average altitude of Zoige is over 3000 meters. People who are not in good health condition may suffer from altitude sickness or car sickness. Prepare some anti altitude/ car sickness medicine like Rhodiola capsule or oxygen bags. Drink water and keep warm, and do not overeat. People with heart disease and high blood pressure are not recommended to go there.

How to Plan Your Zoige Grassland Tour

Usually, you need at least 2 days to explore the highlights of Zoige Grassland including the arrival and departure time from Chengdu (about 500km, 8h by car). Most travelers will choose to drive from Chengdu to Dagu Glacier or take a flight to Hongyuan Airport /Jiuzhaigou Airport and then drive to Zoige Grassland.

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☛ 8 Days Jiuzhaigou Ruoergai Prairie Langmu Temple Tour

Besides just traveling Zoige Grassland, if you have more free time, you are recommended to travel Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong Valley, Songpan Ancient Town with it. Also, Hongyuan Grassland, and Bipenggou Valley are not far away from it. Besides the attractions we mentioned, there are amazing sites like Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei, Mount Qingcheng, ect. You can choose any attraction you like and and let us customize the best tour for you!

Please feel free to tell us your likes and which itinerary you are interested in. Contact Us now.

Travel Zoige Grassland with China Discovery

Based in Chengdu, we China Discovery can provide you with the best travel experiences with reasonable price. Our experienced local drivers will escort you to Dagu Glacier. We have been specialized in offering Chengdu tours, Panda tours, Jiuzhai Valley tours, Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei tours, Mount Siguniang tours, Danba tours, Daocheng Yading tours and other interesting tours.

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Giant Pandas in Chengdu Cute Giant Pandas in Chengdu
Mount Emei Winter Cloud Sea & Golden Elephant Seen From Mount Emei

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