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Top Sichuan Photography Tours 2023

A photographer usually needs a theme or motivation as inspiration when planning a photography travel – to experience the feeling of a time and place, portray a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state. While in Sichuan, you totally don’t have to worry about finding no inspiration – Buddhist cultural photography in the Kingdom of Buddha, shooting the best waterscape in Jiuzhaigou, immersing yourself into the land of Shangri-La… You can also directly tell us your interest and plan, and with us to customize your own photography travel in Sichuan even whole China.

Sichuan Photography Travel Guide

Photography is a skilled job. You need to do a lot of research ahead of your time via online or guidebooks. You have to learn much about the place you are about to travel – learning its location, history, culture and people, which is very helpful for you to take some impressive photos that will tell some “real stories”. Besides, you have to put other details like interested route, the best months to go, accommodation, dining, items to pack, into consideration. The more you know, the more “successful” your photography travel will be.

Get inspirations for photography in Sichuan

Traveling or photographing?

Traveling and photography can be different but can’t be divisible. Because taking photos has become one of the best important parts of traveling. A photographer needs to travel to destinations to get inspirations, and also needs to record what he saw and experienced by a camera.

In Sichuan, you will never get bothered by choosing between traveling and photography. They are naturally united very well. Because the destination or the travel routes themselves are connected by one of best locations or sites for photography to another. You don’t need to drive or take fly all days long from one city to another, and also don’t have to worry about the accommodation and dinning.

Where to go for photography?

Generally, a diverse geographic condition creates diverse forms of landscape, which is the best thing for photographers who are crazy about the Mother Nature. Also, a long-lasting history usually creates a magnificent and unique culture, which is the best chance for people who prefer cultural shooting. Here in Sichuan, both kinds of photographers will be satisfied absolutely.

If you are interested in culture

During its development of about 5,000 years history, Sichuan has created many cultural wonders that you can find the trace in the famous Jinshan Site and Sanxingdui Site. This land is a big melting pot which has combined cultural features of northern China, southern China, western China and eastern China, specifically what for photography!

  • Shoot the famous world heritage sites of Buddhism – Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei in two days;
  • Gears: Small day rucksack; a pair of alpenstocks; water container; flashlight; sunglasses.
  • Finding the hidden tradition in some old quiet streets or ancient town in Chengdu for a day photographing;Others: sun cream; first-aid case; some snacks.

If you are interested in nature

Sichuan is one of not many places in the world which has so many kinds of land forms – high plateau, wetlands, prairies, basins, plains, valleys, rivers, vast lakes…More importantly, each landform is so unique and beautiful. So where can you go for nature photography?

  • Marvel at the most stunning waterscapes of lakes, waterfalls and wild valleys in Jiuzhaigou (September to November as best months);
  • Witness how the plateau Daocheng gather snow peaks, lakes, forests, flowers, pasture together;
  • Explore the most beautiful wetlands, pastures and prairies in Aba, northern Sichuan (May to July as best months);
  • Catch the peaceful moments in some ancient stylish villages of ethnic groups, such as Tibetan and Qiang (April to October as best months);
  • Don’t miss to take a candid photograph of one of the cutest animal in the world – Giant Panda in Chengdu, Dujiangyan or Bifengxia (all year around).

Well, you can conveniently cover more than one above places in a single trip if you have more days to spend, such as travel Jiuzhaigou with Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha, visit Daocheng Yading with Danba...

Other Essential Things to Know Before You Go


Land driving is the most recommended transfer, and can reach most regions in Sichuan. While in remote regions like Ganzi and Aba, long-time driving is usual. To improve safety and offer better riding experience, we generally use SUV as transfer to these regions. Jiuzhaigou and Daocheng Yading can be reached by flight within 2 hours. Surrounding places, such as Leshan, Emeishan, Dujiangyan are connected with Chengdu by high speed train, and we can also arrrange privater car during your trip there. And all our photography tours are private tours accompanied by private drivers and vehicles.

Accommodation and dinning

The accommodation and dinning conditions differs in Sichuan. Generally, those destinations near to large cities, such as Leshan, Emei, Kangding, Jiuzhaigou have better hotels to stay. While remote places, such as Daocheng, Danba, Seda, Dege, Hongyuan, offer only some economy class hotels.

Western food is generally only available in some 4 and 5-star hotels in Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou. Other places usually provide local Sichuan cuisines.

Packing ideas

  • Main items: a camera with interchangeable lenses; one or two lenses of fixed focal length and zoom; Speedlight; laptop + powercord + ext drive; Image processing software; Tripod/Monopod;
  • Must have supplies: battery chargers and spare batteries; Batteries for speedlight; Memory cards, in camera + spare; lense cleaners; USB camara cables; Remote cable; Camera manual/downloaded;
  • Foul weather: plastic bags(camera); Lightweight rain poncho;
  • Foul weather: comfortable walking shoes and clothes; sunglasses.;
  • Foul weather: travel plug adapter; smartphone.
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