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Top Sichuan Hiking Tours 2023

We, based in Sichuan, proudly announce that we have created some valuable hiking adventures quite different from those mediocre trails which put yourself into crowding of tourists, or some places where you can hardly find something to eat and stay. We emphasize offering hiking on which you will enjoy your hiking from landscape, activities, cultural experience to food, transfer and accommodation. So it is time to join us to explore the diversity of the abundant land Sichuan with your feet!

Everything about Sichuan Hiking

Planning a hiking trip is not as easy as a regular vacation to a beach or a famous city. You should put many details into consideration - choosing right hiking trails which fit your physical condition, deciding the best months to hike, getting clear about gears and wearings to pack, arranging dining and accommodation, etc. Don't worry, we have made it easy for you. Following are the most important things you should learn before you having a hiking in Sichuan.

Hiking routes and destinations in Sichuan

Easy walking trails

If you want to find some easy and leisure hiking experience as a part of your itinerary, Mount Emei and Jiuzhaigou Valley are most recommended.

  • Mount Emei – all about walking up stone steps. There are many interesting Buddhist temples along the road. You can choose to hike highlighting sections in one day, or hike the full route in two days.
  • Jiuzhaigou Valley – all about walking on plank roads while sightseeing from one attraction to another, maybe lakes, waterfalls, streams, forests… You need two days to finish it.

Moderate hiking trails in Sichuan

There are many places in Sichuan ideal to experience the endless fun of hiking while without challenging your energy seriously. Mount Siguniang and Daocheng Yading are bests among them.

  • Mount Siguniang – It is only a half day’s driving from Chengdu, all about hiking in valleys lower than 4,000 meters at altitude. Highlights are diverse landscape – valley, forests, lake, snow peaks… You can choose to hike one valley in a day, or have two valleys in two days. Learn more about Mount Siguniang Hiking >>
  • Daocheng Yading – It is hard to reach by land driving, but easy to get to by flight from Chengdu, Chongqing and Xian. Landscapes are breathtaking. Many trails are located above 4,000 meters above sea level. Tibetan culture is another highlight of Daocheng Yading. Learn more about Daocheng Yading Hiking >>

Serious trekking trails in Sichuan

There are also great destinations for serious hikers, such as Mount Gongga, Mount Yala, Mount Genie, involving mountaineering and camping in high-elevation areas about 5,000 meters above sea level. One need to be well-trained for doing these challenging trekking.

Other Essential Things to Know Before You Go

Best time for hiking in Sichuan

- March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December.

Weather and climate matter very much if you hike in Sichuan. So you have to choose the right and pleasant season and months to ensure your safety, better landscape and transportation.

Spring, Autumn and early Winter are suitable for hiking because the climate conditions in most areas in Sichuan are generally steady, temperatures are comfortable, traffic is expedite. You can go to enjoy the booming flowers in Mount Emei in Spring, go to Daocheng Yading, prairies in northern Aba and Mount Siguniang in summer, travel Jiuzhaigou in autumn. January and February usually have strong and frequent snow, which may cause the close of many trails. July and August are raining seasons when landslide and debris flow possibly threaten your safety and destroy the road.

Accommodation and dinning

If you are planning to do the easy or moderate hiking, such as Mount Emei, Jiuzhaigou, Mount Siguniang and Daocheng Yading, there are many hotels usually economic and comfortable class you can accommodate in. You will generally hike one full day, and then return to hotel, then hike to another place. If you are interested in trekking or mountain climbing to high-elevation snow mountains, such as Dafeng, Erfeng of Mount Siguniang, Mount Gongga, Yading Kora, then you need to camp outdoor.

As for dinning, you usually have breakfast in your hotel, have lunch along the hiking trails (snacks and fruits), have dinner in restaurants in or near your hotel. You’d better pack some snacks and drinks on your own even if your tour operator will bring some foods for lunch.

Pack Ideas

  • Wearing: warm, comfortable and firm clothing to protect from cold and wind; comfy hiking shoes or boots depending on the terrain; sweat-absorbing socks; a long sleeved top that is tightly woven to protect against the sunlight; a cap that can cover neck and ears; Lightweight rain jacket.
  • Gears: Small day rucksack; a pair of alpenstocks; water container; flashlight; sunglasses.
  • Others: sun cream; first-aid case; some snacks.
Sichuan Hiking Tour

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