There are many romance and stunning stories still living on the way between Chengdu and Xian - incredible ancient Shu Roads with more than 2000 years history echoing along the 770-kilometers journey. This brilliant culture tour is well linking with Chengdu and Xian by high speed train, with one day to step on the land full of Three Kingdom history.

In history, Shu Roads were the historical roads that were built through the mountainous East-West barrier formed by the Qinling, Micang and Daba mountain ranges. The Shu Roads linked the Wei river valley (or the Guanzhong) with its cluster of ancient capitals, such as Chang’an, near present day Xi’an in the north and the Sichuan Plain with its ancient capital at Shu (present day Chengdu) in the south. They pass through some of China’s roughest and most inhospitable terrain. Take a high speed train from Chengdu to Jianmen Pass, the first magnificent pass under heaven to personally witness the road to Shu is harder and even harder than climbing to heaven. As well, roam along the 2000-year historical corridor planted with over 12,000 ancient cypress to recall the Romance of Three Kingdom. A modern high speed train will take you travel through Hanzhong Plain to Xian - the capital of 13 ancient China dynasties. A short exploration to Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall and Shaanxi Hisory Museum makes you a full savory of another 3000 years' stunning history!!!

Basic Trip Information

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  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in a 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
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Travel Route:
Chengdu / Guangyuan / Xian
Travel Length:
5 Days and 4 Nights
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You, your family, friends or group
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