Shenzhen China Map: Map of Shenzhen (Guangdong) China

Shenzhen, the magic city, transforms from a mere town into an economically thriving metropolis in a mere three decades! It is no exaggeration to say that the present Shenzhen City is one of the perfect examples of the rapid development of China over the past decades!

Where is Shenzhen in a China Map? Check the Shenzhen China location map at below to get the answer.

Shenzhen China Map

Shenzhen (Guangzhou) China Map

How to Plan a Shenzhen Tour

Most of travelers will make a short stay in and around Shenzhen, usually spend 1 or 2 days here.

One-day in Shenzhen means they take full day exploration in this amazing metropolis to witness the fast development of Shenzhen and have fun in its amusement parks. The tourist spots they usually visit including Splendid China Folk Village, Shenzhen Museum, Ping’an Financial Center (or Diwang Mansion), Lychee Park, and if time permits, they have a look or do some shopping at Luohu Commercial City.

Two-day in Shenzhen means they will spend almost one and half day for sightseeing or two full days for visiting. They will explore more, including Splendid China Folk Village, Shenzhen Museum, Ping’an Financial Center (or Diwang Mansion), Lychee Park, as well as Dafen Oil Painting Village, Dongmen Pedestrian Street, OCT Harbor. Travelers will not only have a glimpse of Shenzhen, but also have a general understanding about splendid China as well as its stunning ethnic groups.

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China Folk Culture Village Tian'an Men Square
in China Folk Culture Village

Travel Shenzhen with Other Popular Tourist Cities in China

Shenzhen is really close to Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau. Therefore, travelers visiting Shenzhen will visit those nearby appealing destinations too. After the visit of Shenzhen (2-4 days), they will spend around 2 days to visit Guangzhou to discover the charm of Lingnan culture, Kung Fu culture and taste the world famous Cantonese food. Then take a one-day side trip to Macau to try the much-loved egg tart and enjoy the historical and cultural heritages in a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese motifs. After such the Macau tour, travel from Macau to Hong Kong directly or back to Guangzhou to catch a high speed train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and spend about 2-3 days in this world-famous metropolis. Such an exploring tour to southeast China needs about 7-9 days.

Aside from the nearby attractions, you can also take extending tours from Shenzhen to visit Xian, Kunming, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiamen, etc. Convenient and fast high speeds trains can take you travel from Shenzhen to those wonderful tourist destinations in only about 3.5-9.5 hours!

There are also convenient flights linking Shenzhen and Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Lijiang (Yunnan), Yellow Mountain (Huangshan), Zhengzhou, etc.

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Yangshuo Countryside in Guilin Yangshuo Countryside in Guilin
Xian Terracotta Warriors Terra-Cotta Warriors in Xian

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the Window of the World Window of the World in Shenzhen

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