Things to Do in Shangri-La (Zhongdian)

Located in the midst of the Three Parallel Rivers, Shangri-La in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is a sacred scenic region blessed with majestic mountains. Therefore, there are countless things to do in Lost Horizon Shangri-La.

Classic Must-see Sights: Tiger Leaping Gorge, Garden Songtsam Monastery, Bita Lake, Shudu Lake, etc.
Nearby Attractions in Deqin County: like Meili Snow Mountain
Insider Local Haunts: Tibetan local family visit and more...

How do you decide? Our travel experts have handpicked the best things to do in Shangri-La to help you discover authentic, local experiences. You just need to start with our travel guide and get your favorite Shangri-La attractions and featured activities.

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Shangri-La Attraction Map

No.1: Enjoy Tibetan Folk Dance with Locals

Type: Religious Sites

Site: Sifangjie Square, Dukezong Ancient Town

There are 26 ethnic groups in the Diqing autonomous prefecture. Songs and dances of various ethnic groups in Diqing are extremely wonderful.

Every night around 7:00 pm, Sifangjie Square of Shangri-La County becomes a big dance stage. There a large number of people perform the Tibetan folk dance Guozhuang. They all join hands, form a circle, and follow the principal dancer. The cheerful atmosphere may entice you to join them in the dance. Also you can pay a visit to the Tibetans' houses. In their houses, you can appreciate (for a modest fee) folk dance performances and taste the meat of baked lamb and yak.

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No.2: Attend Horse Racing Festival

Type: Religious Sites

Site: Wufengshan Racecourse

Shangri-La's Horse Racing Festival has a long history; it is the most solemn traditional folk festival among all the ethnic groups in Shangri-La County and also a grand assembly of the Tibetans in the spring.

The Tibetan Horse Racing Festival (May 5th by the Chinese lunar calendar) is held in the nearby pastureland at an altitude is 3288 meters above sea level. During the festival, people go out with other family members, set up tents at the foot of mountain and have picnics. At the beginning of the festival, people will come to the broad grassland to see a parade and performance by the riders from each region. There are various competitions, for speed, agility, jumping, capturing the flags, etc.

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No.3: Enjoy a Relaxing Hot Spring

Type: Religious Sites

Site: Tianshengqiao Hot Spring Resort, Xiagei Hot Spring

About 10 miles away from the Shangri-La County, Tianshengqiao Hot Spring Resort is located beside a river and below a cave. There are more than 20 underground hot springs in one square kilometer, which are in the marsh, under the rock or in the grotto. The highest temperature is up to 69℃. Tianshengqiao Hot Spring Beauty Spot provides houses, hot spring bathrooms and bathing pools for tourists. If you visit here by the end of Spring or the beginning of Summer, you can not only enjoy the hot spring in Tianshengqiao, but also the unique natural scenery in the grassland.

The Xiagei hot springs are an excellent place to relax after your visit to Pudacuo National Park and Xiagei Tibetan Culture Village. Complete with a large pool, several hot springs and optional accommodations, Xiagei offers visitors an enjoyable retreat away from the city and old town.

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No.4: Ski in Shangri-La Ski Resort

Type: Religious Sites

Site: Shangri-La Ski Resort

Shangri-La Ski Resort is a mountain field ski resort with the lowest latitude, the longest winter, most suitable temperature and best natural vegetation and geographic condition in the Northern Hemisphere.

Covering an area of 40k㎡, Shangri-La Ski Resort is equipped with Ski Rental Shop and Snow Playing Hall. As a paradise for the tourists to ski, Shangri-La Ski Resort will also make the tourist feel the strong Tibetan culture and customs.

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