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Shanghai Metro is also called Shanghai Subway, Shanghai MTR (Mass Transit Railway), Shanghai Tube or Shanghai Underground, which is a urban rail transport system serving different districts of Shanghai. In China, Shanghai is the third city opening metro and its first metro line started operation in 1993. By January 2021, Shanghai’s running metro mileage reaches to 772 km, the top one in China and the longest city rapid transit system in the world.

How Many Metro Lines are there in Shanghai? At present, there are totally 20 metro lines working in Shanghai, including the Maglev Train. Each metro line is marked by different color. Most attractions and regions are well-linked by Shanghai Metro lines, thus, tourists and the local residents enjoy great convenience to transfer among major attractions and get around Shanghai. Air travelers can even try Shanghai Maglev Train with a max speed of 431 km/h between Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Longyang Road.

Check our updated and most useful information of Shanghai Metro, including Shanghai Metro lines, maps, stations, operating hours, car & ticket, price ... to experience an efficient local transport during your Shanghai travel.

Shanghai Metro Map - Shanghai Subway System

Shanghai Metro Shanghai Subway Click to enlarge Shanghai Metro Map Updated in February, 2021 (download the newest Shanghai Metro Map (PDF) here)

Detailed Shanghai Metro Lines and Stations

Here is a summary table of all 20 Shanghai Metro lines, schedules and nearby attractions. You can read on to find the suitable route to visit attractions and transfer from airport, railway station to downtown area.

Shanghai Metro Line Color From & To Operating Hours Main Attractions / Transfer Hubs on the Way
Shanghai Meglev Train
(Top Speed: 431 km/h)
White Longyang Road (龙阳路) 

Pudong International Airport
From Pudong Airport: 07:02~21:42;
From Longyang Road: 06:45~21:40
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Metro Line 1 Red Xinzhuang (莘庄) 

Fujin Road (富锦路)
05:30~23:50 Shanghai South Railway Station;
People’s Square (near Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center);
Shanghai Railway Station;
Shanghai Circus World;
Fujin Road Station: about 11 km, 30 mins’ drive from Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal
Metro Line 2 Light Green East Xujing (徐泾东) 

Pudong International Airport
05:28~22:30 Hongqiao Railway Station; Hongqiao Airport;
Zhongshan Park; Jing’an Temple;
West/East Nanjing Road; People’s Square;
Lujiazui (Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, World Financial Center, Jinmao Tower); Longyang Road (Maglev Train Station) Pudong International Airport
Metro Line 3 Yellow Shanghai South Railway Station (上海南站)
North Jiangyang Road (江杨北路)
05:20~22:40 Shanghai South / Shanghai Railway Station;
Zhongshan Park
Metro Line 4
(Loop Line)
Purple YiShan Road (宜山路) ⇄ Zhongshan Park (中山公园) ⇄ YiShan Road (宜山路) 05:25~22:35 Shanghai Railway Station; Zhongshan Park;
Pudong Avenue Station: about 2.5 km from Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Metro Line 5 Violet Xinzhuang (莘庄) ⇄ Fengxianxincheng (奉贤新城) 05:28~22:40 Minhang Park
Metro Line 6 Megenta Gangcheng Road (港城路) ⇄ Oriental Sports Center
05:30~22:30 Gangcheng Road Station: 16 km, 30 mins’ drive to Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal
Metro Line 7 Orange Humu Road (花木路) ⇄ Meilan Lake (美兰湖) 05:30~22:30 Jing’an Temple; Longyang Road (Maglev Train)
Metro Line 8 Blue Shiguang Road (市光路) ⇄ Shendu Highway (沈杜公路) 05:30~22:30 People’s Square (Shanghai Museum, Urban Planning Exhibition Center); Oriental Sports Center
Metro Line 9 Light Blue Caolu (曹路) ⇄ Songjiang South Railway Station (松江南站) 05:30~22:30 Madang Road (Former French Concession)
Metro Line 10 Lilac Jilong Road (基隆路) ⇄ Hongqiao Railway Station (虹桥火车站) / Hangzhong Road (航中路) 05:25~22:30 East Nanjing Road; Yu Garden;
Xintiandi (Former French Concession); Hongqiao International Airport; Hongqiao Railway Station; Shanghai Library; Shanghai Zoo
Metro Line 11 Brown Disney Resort (迪士尼) ⇄ Huaqiao (花桥)/North Jiading (嘉定北) 05:25~22:30 Shanghai Disney Resort; Shanghai West Railway Station; Longhua Temple; Oriental Sports Center
Metro Line 12 Green Qixin Road (七莘路) ⇄ Jinhai Road (金海路) 05:30~22:30 West Nanjing Road; Longhua Temple;
International Cruise Terminal Station (400 km, 7 minutes’ walking to Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal)
Metro Line 13 Pink Jinyun Road (金运路) 

Zhangjiang Road (张江路)
05:30~22:30 Xintiandi & Madang Road (Former French Concession); West Nanjing Road; Shanghai Natural History Museum;
Metro Line 15 Champaign Gold Gucun Park (顾村公园) ⇄ Zizhu High-tech Park (紫竹高新区) 05:30~22:30 Shanghai South Railway Station
Metro Line 16 Aqua Longyang Road (龙阳路) ⇄ Dishui Lake (滴水湖) 05:50~22:30 Longyang Road (Maglev Train)
Metro Line 17 Light Brown Hongqiao Railway Station (虹桥火车站) ⇄ Oriental Land (东方绿洲) 05:40~22:30 Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station; Zhujiaojiao Station (about 1.5 km, 20 mins’ walking to Zhujiajiaoo Water Town)
Metro Line 18 Champagne Yuqiao (御桥) ⇄ Hangtou (航头) 06:00~22:00 /
Pujiang Metro Line (Loop Line) Grey Shendu Highway (沈杜公路) ⇄ Huizhen Road (汇臻路) 05:40~22:42 /

Note:The charts above are updated in February, 2021 and for your reference only. The departing and closing times vary in weekdays and weekends. You can contact us to check detailed Shanghai Metro operating hours and stations, etc.

Get to Shanghai’s Major Attractions and Traffic Hubs by Metro

Shanghai's Attraction/Airport/Train Station Which Metro Line to Take
The Bund take Metro Line 2 or Line 10, get off at East Nanjing Road Station (南京东路站), walk about 1.2 km, 20 minutes to the Bund.
Shanghai Museum/Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (in People's Square) get off at People’s Square Station (人民广场站)
by Metro Line 1, Line 2 or Line 8.
Yu Garden Metro Line 10
Xintiandi Metro Line 10, Line 13
Tianzifang take Metro Line 9, get off at Dapuqiao Station (打浦桥站) and walk 300 m; or take Line 9, Line 13, get off at Madang Road Station (马当路站), walk 800 m.
Oriental Pearl Tower take Metro Line 2, get off at Lujiazui Station (陆家嘴站), walk 300 m to Oriental Pearl Tower, 700 m to Shanghai Tower, 900 m to Shanghai World Financial Center and Jinmao Tower.
Shanghai Disney Resort Metro Line 11
Zhujiajiao Water Town Metro Line 17
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport take Metro Line 2 and get off at Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2, or you can get off at Terminal 1, Terminal 2 by Metro Line 10.
Shanghai Pudong International Airport Maglev Train, Metro Line 2
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Metro Line 2, Line 10, Line 17
Shanghai Railway Station Metro Line 1, Line 3, Line 4

Shanghai Metro Card - Shanghai Metro Ticket Types, Fares & Use Tips

1.Shanghai Metro Ticket Types

Altogether, there are 7 types of Shanghai Metro tickets, and they are Shanghai Metro QR Code, Single Journey Ticket, One-Day Pass, Three-Day Pass, Commemorative Ticket, Maglev & Metro Pass and Public Transportation Card. (QR Code Ticket and Maglev & Metro Pass can take both Maglev Train and Shanghai Metro while other tickets can only used for the subway).

Single Journey Ticket: You can buy it according to your starting and terminal stations. It is valid only for single trip on the same day. The paper card will be recycled after exiting.

One-Day Pass: It can be used for taking multiple ride of different metro lines within the 24 hours after the first time you check in the station. (Price: 18 RMB.)

Three-Day Pass: The pass enables many times rides within the 72 hours after your first use. (Price: 45 RMB.)

Commemorative Ticket: It is usually released for special themes and events, only valid during appointed period.

Public Transportation Card: Normally used by the locals and people reside in Shanghai for taking city bus and metro.

Shanghai Metro QR Code: Download Shanghai Metro APP first, and then scan to enter and get out of the station. Payment is done online.

Maglev & Metro Pass: One-way Ticket allows single-trip Maglev Train and one-day metro transfers. Round-trip Ticket has round-trip Maglev Train rides and unlimited metro ride within 24 hours. (Fare: One-way Ticket: 55 RMB, Round-trip Ticket: 85 RMB.)

Shanghai Metro and Subway Ticket Shanghai Metro 3-Day Pass Shanghai Metro and Subway Ticket Shanghai Maglev and Metro Pass

2.How Much is the Metro in Shanghai? Shanghai Metro Fares

Shanghai Metro establishes a multistage ticket price and charges by the mileage. It takes 3 RMB between 0 ~ 6 km, 4 RMB from over 6 to 16 km and costs 1 RMB for every exceeded 16 km.

3.How to Buy a Metro Card in Shanghai?

Three ways available: download the Shanghai Metro APP (download link:, buy the ticket from the automatic ticket machine and from the service center at the metro station.

Warm Tips to Take Shanghai Metro

1.Steps to take the metro: get into the station → buy the ticket → pass security check → check ticket & get into the gate → take the escalator → wait for the train → take the metro - get off → ticket check & exit → get out of the station.

2.One adult can take metro with two children (no more than 1.3 m) and the qualified children passengers enjoy free ride. Extra ticket is needed if there are more than 2 children or children above the height.

3.Take care of the child especially while passing the turnstiles.

4. Barrier-free facilities, hot water, toilets, etc. are available in most Shanghai Metro stations;

5. Items or luggage you take shall be within the limited weight of 23 kg, volume of 0.2 m³, and length of 1.7 m;

6. Flammable, Explosive, poisonous articles are prohibited to take on the metro.

7. Bicycles, animals (except guide dog and police dog), etc. are not allowed to take on the metro.

8. Smoking, drinking, eating, etc. are not allowed in the metro.

How to Plan a Shanghai Tour

How to Get to Shanghai: You can fly to Shanghai directly from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Los Angeles & many overseas countries (regions) and almost all major Chinese cities, like Beijing, Xian; or take high speed bullet train to Shanghai from domestic cities.

Best Time to Visit Shanghai: March to May (in spring) & September to November (in autumn), because these periods offer beautiful nature scenery and comfortable weather for outdoor sightseeing and activities.

Top Attractions to Visit in Shanghai: The Bund, Lujiazui Skyscrapers, Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, French Concession, Shanghai Disney Resort…

Best known as an international popular tourist destination, Shanghai perfectly preserves mixed culture of the western and eastern. The duration and theme of your Shanghai tour can be flexibly arranged based on your time and interests. Usually, tourists spend 2 days on sightseeing the most famous landmarks, including the Bund, Yu Garden, skyscrapers like Shanghai Tower, World Financial Center, Former French Concession, Shanghai Museum, etc. With one extra day, you can enjoy family fun in Disneyland Park or visit Zhujiajiao Water Town in the suburb. Don't miss the Shanghai Maglev Train, wonderful nightlife and Shanghai Cuisine.

✔ 2 Days Classic Shanghai City Tour
✔ 3 Days Shanghai Past and Present Contrast Tour
✔ 3 Days Shanghai Highlights & Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour

Travel Shanghai with Hangzhou Suzhou, More Nearby Destinations

Convenient transportation makes it quite efficient and popular to make day trips from Shanghai to Hangzhou, Suzhou, and longer vacation in Huangshan Mountain, Nanjing, Mount Jiuhua and other places in surrounding areas. So you can visit West Lake and learn Chinese tea culture in Hangzhou, marvel at tasteful classical gardens and witness Chinese silk productive process. Splendid rocky mountains with exotic pine trees are highlights in Huangshan Mountain.

✔ 5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Highlights Tour
✔ 6 Splendid East China Tour by Bullet Train
✔ 5 Days Shanghai Huangshan Tour by High Speed Train

Travel Shanghai with Beijing, Xian & More China Destinations

Beijing Xian Shanghai are golden triangle cities often visited together for a week holiday. You can use 3 days to visit the Great Wall and major iconic spots like Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and leave 2 days for fulfilling your Terracotta Warriors tour in Xian. With more time, you can extend the trip from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Chengdu, Yunnan, Silk Road, Tibet and more phenomenal destinations to enrich your China discovery. (more top China tours from Shanghai >>)

✔ 6 Days Beijing Shanghai Tour by High Speed Train
✔ 8 Days Best of China Tour (Beijing/Xian/Shanghai)
✔ 7 Days Shanghai Suzhou Beijing Contrast Tour by High Speed Train

Travel with China Discovery

As a leading travel agency in China which dedicates to offering high-quality China tours, China Discovery has helped thousands of travelers enjoy their trips to Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, etc., in China. Travel with us, you can enjoy worry-free tour services as well as well-organized itineraries, even our assistance of Chinese Visa application, convenient airport/train station pick-up & drop-off and transfer between all scenic spots, knowledgeable tour guide, safe & licensed private vehicle, satisfactory accommodation and dining and so on. You are free to choose from our most popular Shanghai tour packages or contact us to design a memorable holiday in Shanghai, China.

Best Shanghai Tour with China Discovery Paul & His Wife Visited the Bund Shanghai Tour with China Discovery Timothy Family in Yu Garden Beijing Shanghai Tour with China Discovery Tailor-made Group Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

Recommended Shanghai Tours

Top 3 Shanghai tours chosen by most customers to explore Shanghai in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Bird's-eye View of Western-style Architecture at the Bund
2 Days Classic Shanghai City Tour (Most Time-Efficient)


Zhujiajiao Water Town - Relax in the Quaint & Charming Jiangnan Area
3 Days Shanghai Highlights Tour with Water Town


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