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Shanghai Layover Tours 2024
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Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025

from airport & international cruise ports

Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city where anyone may have layover of flights or cruise. There are hundreds flights making transits in Shanghai everyday (most of international flights transit at Shanghai Pudong International Airport). Some internationals have layovers over 8 hours, which allows tourists to enjoy a day trip to Shanghai downtown. Shanghai also receives frequent visits of international cruises to/from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe, etc. These cruises usually permit a free stay of 2 or more days in Shanghai, long enough to enjoy the best highlights of magical Shanghai.

It is easy to take a layover tour, but Shanghai is so dazzling with numerous things to do and places to see. That’s why we are here. With our help, you can easily get a tour which matches your schedule, interest and budget well. Our Shanghai layover tours begin with a private tour guide welcoming you at the airport or cruise port, then use the most efficient transportation tools to Shanghai downtown. If you arrive in Shanghai Pudong International Airport (about 1 hour’s drive from downtown), you can take the Maglev Train to save time and escape traffic jams. There are three cruise ports in Shanghai - Wusongkou Cruise International Terminal, Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, and Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal. It takes about 10~50mins to get to city downtown from the cruise ports above by driving. We will send a tour guide and a driver to pick up you.

How long does a Shanghai layover tour cost? What can you do during your Shanghai layover? Our Shanghai layover tours can be customized according to your layover schedule and personal interests. Walking around the Bund and enjoy a city panorama from Shanghai Tower or other Shanghai’s highest building are two must-try experiences, which needs about 3~4 hours altogether. Yu Garden is a popular option to be covered in your layover if you are interested Shanghai’s ancient architecture, local snacks and souvenirs shopping. If you keen on some leisure walking, Tianzifang (old local neighborhoods) and Wukang Road (with many elegant European-style architectures) are two recommended places to go. If you are a museum fan, Shanghai Museum is the best place to go.

Do you need a visa for Shanghai layover? If your transit is less 24 hours, you don’t have to apply for a transit visa or tourist visa. If your transit is 24~144 hours, and you are nationals from 53 countries that are eligible for 144 Hour Visa-free Transit in China, you can visit Shanghai and nearby Hangzhou, Suzhou, Putuoshan, etc. without a transit visa or tourist visa. Learn more about Shanghai Transit Visa Free Policy »

What you can enjoy in our Shanghai layover tours:

  • - Airport meeting & greeting service;
  • - Private transfer by a comfortable, air-conditioning and no-smoking car;
  • - Professional licensed local English speaking tour guide;
  • - Possibility to store luggage in the vehicle during the tour;
  • - Recommendation for restaurants and meals;
  • - Helpful guide on Visa-free Transit policy;
  • - One-on-one free consulting;
  • - Personalized tours available.
  • Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
    8~10 Hours Shanghai City Highlights Tour (Yu Garden, the Bund, Shanghai Tower)

    Visit the three best highlighting attractions of Shanghai. Yu Garden provides an opportunity to ancient Chinese architecture and living style; The Bund is the NO. 1 attraction in Shanghai with open wide views of old and new Shanghai; Shanghai Tower (can be replaced by other high buildings) pleases you with a breathtaking panoramic view of Shanghai from several hundred meters. Above three places are not far away from each other.

    Starting location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport or International Cruise Port
    Attractions: Yu Garden (1.5hrs), the Bund (1hr), Shanghai Tower (1.5hrs)

  • Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
    8~10 Hours Shanghai Contrast Tour (Tianzifang, Nanjing Road, the Bund)

    It’s an amusing trip to find out how some well-preserved ancient heritage sites hiding among Shanghai’s skyscrapers. This Shanghai contrast tour help you trace back on Shanghai’s history, witness present achievement and look for the vista of Shanghai. It’s not only a contrast tour, but also an entertaining tour with a lot of experiences – walking, food street, fashion, etc.

    Starting location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport or International Cruise Port
    Attractions: Tianzifang(1hr), Wukang Road (1hr), Nanjing Road(1hr), the Bund (1hr)

  • Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
    8~10 Hours Romantic Water Town Visit (Zhouzhuang/Tongli/Xitang)

    If you have already seen the highlights in the downtown of Shanghai, or not interested in city exploration, you are advised to visit a romantic ancient Water Town near Shanghai. It can be the famous Zhengzhou, historical Tongli or less-crowded Xitang, all of which are great examples of traditional Chinese water town – ancient houses, water canals, old bridges, stone-paved streets, laid-back living…

    Starting location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport or International Cruise Port
    Attractions: visit one water town from Zhouzhuang(3hrs), Tongli (3hrs), Xitang(2hrs)

  • Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
    10~14 Hours Leisure Shanghai Exploration (Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Road, the Bund, Huangpu River Cruise, Shanghai Tower)

    This tour brings you to explore the diversity of Shanghai. You will find historical features in Yu Garden, visit some China treasures in Shanghai Museum, wander around prosperous Nanjing Road (shopping street), stroll at famous the Bund and enjoy a relaxing scenic cruise on Huangpu River.

    Starting location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport or International Cruise Port
    Attractions: Yu Garden (1.5hrs), Shanghai Museum(1.5hrs), Nanjing Road(1hr), the Bund(1hr), Huangpu River Cruise(1hr), Shanghai Tower (1.5hrs)

Your Layover Plan :


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Design Your Own Shanghai Layover Tour

Choose your favorite attractions in Shanghai to let our travel experts design a reasonable Shanghai layover itinerary for you. Pleaste note museums, temples and historical sites are only open during 8:00~18:00 while outdoor places such as the Bund, Nanjing Road, Tianzifang, Wukang Road etc. are open for 24 hours. Shanghai Towers and other high buildings are usually open to 21:30 or later. We have specified required time to visit each attraction, excluding transfer time as below for your reference.

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
The Bund (1hr)

#1 on Tripadvisor - a waterfront promenade to enjoy Shanghai's skyline and walking;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Shanghai Tower (1.5hrs)

#2 on Tripadvisor - modern architecture & one of the world's highest buildings;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Oriental Pearl Tower (1.5hrs)

#3 on Tripadvisor - spectacular panoramic view of Shanghai & many entertaining activities;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Yu Garden (1.5hrs)

#4 on Tripadvisor - A classical garden of ancient Chinese architecture, art and culture;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Wukang Road (1~2hrs)

#5 on Tripadvisor - good place for walking, cafes, tree-lined avenues, and tudor houses;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
World Financial Center (1.5hrs)

#6 on Tripadvisor - one of world's highest observatory, with transparent glass-walled walkways;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Huangpu River Cruise (1hr)

#7 on Tripadvisor - relaxing and scenic cruise to enjoy contrasts of Shanghai & best in night;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Shanghai Museum (2hrs)

#9 on Tripadvisor - remarkable ancient Chinese arts through rich collections;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Jade Buddha Temple (1hr)

#10 on Tripadvisor - a peaceful Buddhist temple hidding in modern districts;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Zhujiajiao Water Town (3hrs)

#12 on Tripadvisor - ancient typical China water town & nearest water town from Shanghai;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (1.5hrs)

#17 on Tripadvisor - tells how Shanghai has developed from a fishing village to a metropolis;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Nanjing Road (1hr)

#19 on Tripadvisor - Modern, electric street filled with shops, eateries, and lovely restaurants;

Shanghai Layover Tours 2024/2025
Shanghai Disneyland (6~8hrs)

#46 on Tripadvisor - newest Disneyland in Asia & many kids-friendly activities;

The Attractions You Choose are :


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