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Huashan Packing List - What to Pack for A Mount Hua Hiking Tour

Packing is an exciting but anxious step in preparing a tour, because it means your dream trip is finally happening but at the same time you can’t help wondering: what should I pack? This article will offer you a packing list for travelling Mount Hua to shed some light on your puzzles.

Suitcase & Backpack

For a long journey, many people usually take a suitcase to keep the articles for daily uses and a backpack for those may need getting readily. But travel light is always the rule No. 1 for packing especially when you need to climb the steep Mount Hua. So you are recommended to leave your suitcase and any unnecessary items at the mountain foot before hiking. Where can you put them?

Many private shops at the foot of Mount Hua provide luggage storage service, which usually costs CNY 10 for one bag within 24 hours. You can also store your luggage at the left-luggage offices outside or inside Huashan tourist center, which are officially owned and cost CNY 20 per big bag for one day (if you stay a night on the mountain and retrieve your bag the next day, it would be counted as 2 days and need CNY 40). If you travel with us, you can leave your bag in our private car.

Huashan Packing List

Travel Light in Mount Hua

Clothes & Shoes

Clothes: People need to choose clothing according to the weather. Generally speaking, the temperature on Huashan mountain is at least 12℃ lower than that in the city. From November to March, the average temperature is below 0℃, so you need to wear thermal underwear, sweater, and down jacket. In late spring and early autumn, which is April, May, September, and October, wear long sleeves in the day time and a thick coat at night. In summer from June to August, which is also the rainy season, T-shirts will be sufficient but a coat is still needed on the mountain top and at night. Prepare a light raincoat according to the weather. >>Huashan Weather

Shoes: A pair of comfortable and antiskid sports shoes or hiking boots are always recommended. (Please kindly note that barefoot, high-heels, or slippers are not allowed when participating in the Plank Walk.)

Note: It is cold at night on the mountain and the accommodation condition is not very satisfying, so even if you plan to stay a night in the mountain hotel, pajamas will not be necessary. If you climb Mount Hua in summer and do not want to take a coat, you can rent one on the mountain which will cost about CNY60.

Food & Drinks

Two bottles of water or functional drinks is basically enough for a day of one person. Bring some bread and high energy snacks such as chocolate bars and Snickers to replenish your strength. There are snack stands too on the mountain which sell corn (CNY 10), hot dog (CNY 10), instant noodles (CNY 20), fried chicken (CNY 29), etc. and hot dishes in the hotels. But they are much more expensive than the normal price.

Other Useful Items

1. Pay attention to the weather forecast no matter it is rainy season or not, if it is likely to rain, you can pack a light disposable raincoat in good quality (which can be easily bought at the shops or from the vendors at the mountain foot.)

2. Tissue and cleaning wipes because there is no water on the mountain for washing hands.

3. Power bank, USB cable of your phone, backup battery for your camera, and a selfie stick if you are interested.

4. Tent and sleeping bag if you want to camp. Tent rented on the mountain will cost at least CNY300.

5. Sunhat to prevent from the sunray and a pair of skid-proof gloves to hold on to the chains when climbing.

6. Prepare an alpenstock according to your own physical condition. If you plan to climb Mount Hua at night, a head lamp or flashlight is recommended.

7. Don’t forget the necessary items that you need no matter where you travel such as your passport and some cash.

Huashan Packing List

Dress Warm in Winter

Huashan Packing List

Food Stalls on Mount Hua

Huashan Packing List

Tourists Shooting Huashan Sunrise with Phones and Cameras

Huashan Packing List

Climbing Steep Stairs with Gloves

How to Plan a Huashan Tour

It usually takes 1-2 days to complete a Huashan tour. If you only have one day, you will need to take a cable car up from East Gate to the North Peak. Then hike about 2 hours to the East Peak and another 1.5 hours to the South Peak. On the way you will pass the famous Plank Walk. After that, keep walking for about 40minutes and you will get to the West Peak where you can take a cable car to the foot of Huashan.

If you have 2 days, you can spend a night on Mount Hua to catch the beautiful sunrise on the East Peak. You can either camp on the mountain, stay in a mountain hotel, or climb up the mountain at night (very physically demanding). With 2 days, you can start from the west peak (a cable car is recommended) and catch the sunset if you make it at around 17:30. Next day in the morning, try to get to East Peak before 5:30. After the sunrise, follow the path to South Peak (Plank Walk) and then to North Peak. Here you can choose to take the cable car or keep hiking about 2 hours to get to the mountain foot.

If you have more days, you can extend your Mount Huashan tour to Xian or Beijing. They are fast and conveniently connected by high speed trains. For other ideas or questions about Mount Hua, please feel free to contact us. We are specialized in customized tours according to your own interests and needs. You don’t need to worry about the tickets, transportation, meals, accommodation or any other problem; all you need to do is just enjoying your trip!

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Huashan Packing List Looking Down from Huashan Plank Walk Huashan Packing List Clouds Sea in Huashan

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