Things to Do in Qinghai

Most of travelers swarm to Qinghai mostly for the stunning landscape of the Qinghai Lake - quiet and endless lake, pure and blue sky with some slides of clouds, green grasslands, blooming sea of rape flowers, devout pilgrims...Without any doubts, Qinghai Lake is the best highlight in Qinghai. While Qinghai also features in its ethnic and religious culture, especially Tibetan Buddhism. As the second largest Tibetan Region in China, Qinghai has many famous monasteries and Buddhism events which played a very important role during Tibetan Buddhism history, such as Taer Monastery, Wutun Temple, etc. At the same time, due to the spectacular ethinic culture, there are many interesting activities organized during all year around, including Hua Er Hui, Yak Racing, Buddhism Events, etc.

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Qinghai Attraction Map

Taer Monastery

No.1: Taer Monastery

Type: Ancient Building, Monastery

Recommended Length of Visit: 3 hours

Taer Monastery is the birthplace of the Tibetan Buddhism master – Tsongkhapa who was the founder of Gelug(a sect of Buddhism). It is also famous as one of “six monasteries of Gelug”, as well as the Buddhist center of northwestern Tibetan Region. Taer Monastery was built during Ming Dynasty. It was originated from a pagoda, then became a grand monastery of thousands buildings. You must not miss the “three bests” of Taer Monastery – murals, barbola and butter sculptures. Taer Monastery is also a very important institute to learn Buddhism, Astronomy and Medicine. There are many Buddhist ceremonies organized here in each year.

Qinghai Lake

No.2: Qinghai Lake

Type: Lake

Recommended Length of Visit: 5 hours

Qinghai Lake, also known as Kokonor Lake, is the most visited and famous attraction in Qinghai Province. Qinghai, in Mongolian, means “a cyan sea”. It is the largest inland lake, as well as the largest salt water lake in China. Qinghai Lake is surround by high mountains from outside. And on the foot of mountains there is endless beautiful grassland and farmlands of rape flowers. Highways compass the lake with a distance of 360km, which make it a perfect sightseeing road. Qinghai Lake is a sacred place for Tibetan. Many pilgrims come to worship or meditate here. Some even spend several weeks to walk around it. Conveniet facilities, including hotels, restaurants, parkings, etc, have been built to help travelers have a pleasant trip in Qinghai Lake.

There are four scenic spots: Erlang Jian, Birds Island, Xiannv Bay and Sand Islands. Erlang Jian is located on the southern beach of Qinghai Lake where you will see the first torpedo experimental base in China as well as beautiful grasslands, sand beaches and wild animals on a special land outspreading into Qinghai Lake. Erlang Jian is well equipped with accommodation, dinning and entertainment facilities. The Birds Island, located on western Qinghai Lake, is the migrating place for more than 100,000 migrant birds from April to June. Here you can observe birds from specially built blindage. The Sand Islands are great places for those who want to take part in some exciting sand activities, such as sand skiing, horse riding, motorcycle,etc. The Xianv Bay is natural wetland which is regarded as the homeland of swans. It is also the exclusive place for Tibetan to hold the Sea Sacrificial Ceremony.

Dongguan Great Mosque

No.3: Dongguan Great Mosque

Type: Parks, Historic Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 1.5 hours

Dongguan Great Mosque, a famous ground mosque, is located on the Dongguan Street, Xining. It was built during Ming Dynasty when the emperor Hongwu was on his thrown. As one of the “four great mosques in China”, Dongguan Great Mosque is the holy home to the millions Muslims in China. There are many Muslim disciples worship and attend Muslim event here. If you are an architecture lover, this mosque is a great place for you to discover. Dongguan Great Mosque is a combination of traditional Chinese garden building and typical Muslim buildings. At the same time, you will find some spectacular design in some corner of this mosque.

Riyue Mountains

No.4: Riyue Mountains

Type: Ancient Ruins,Nature Sightseeing

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hours

Riyue Mountains, also Sun and Moon Mountains are two peaks which look like the shape of moon and sun. It is famous for its two pagodas – Sun Pagoda and Moon Pagoda both of which were built in Tang Dynasty to commemorate the intermarriage of marrying Princess Wencheng of Tang to Tubo. On the foot of Riyue Mountains, it is fertile grassland where you have chance to see the authentic pasture living here.

Wutun Monastery

No.5: Wutun Monastery

Type: Monastery

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Wutun Monastery is a small but fully visited monastery which is located in Longwu Town, Tongren County, Qinghai where is the originated place of the famous “Regong Art”. Wutun Monastery has a history of more than 6 hundreds years, fully decorated by beautiful Tibetan works of art. The most outstanding ones are thangkas, barbolas and sculptures.

Rongwu Monastery

No.6: Rongwo Monastery

Type: Monastery

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Rongwo Monastery is the third largest Tibetan monastery in south northwestern China, right after Labrang Monastery, Taer Monastery. It is now a Gelug monastery, but in hundreds years ago being a Sakya monastery. Rongwo Monastery played a very important role during the history of Tibetan Buddhism in northwestern China. Many famous Buddhist master, scholars lived and studied Buddhism here. The most outstanding view in the monastery is the statue of the master Tsongkhapa which is 11m high and decorated with gold and jewelrys.

Qinghai Museum

No.7: Qinghai Museum

Type: History Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Qinghai Museum is located on No.58, Xiguan Street, Xining, Qinghai. It is a modern provincial museum which is a treasure house of Qinghai’s history, culture, ethnic and arts. There are more than 47,000 collections which are placed by dynasties to showcase the different culture, history and arts of different period of Qinghai. Qinghai Museum features in three exhibition center: Qinghai Protoculture, Qinghai Ethnic Collections, Tibetan Buddhism Arts.

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