Qinghai Weather & Seasons

Qinghai is a multi-ethnic-populated areas with the typical plateau continental climate - drying, less rain, windiness, cold, long sunshine hours and so on. There is a light pollution of pollen and dust in the atmosphere during the Spring and Autumn. July, with an average temperature of 18°C, is the blooming season of rape flower around the Qinghai Lake. Endless sea of yellow rape flower surrounds the blue Qinghai Lake, which is the most beautiful scenery of Qinghai. 

The best time to visit Qinghai is the months from May to October

Average Temperature by Month

Month Recommended Rate Max Temp. Min Temp.
Jan. °C °C
Feb. °C °C
Mar. °C °C
Apr. °C °C
May. °C °C
Jun. °C °C
Jul. °C °C
Aug. °C °C
Sep. °C °C
Oct. °C °C
Nov. °C °C
Dec. °C °C

Qinghai Seasons to Go

Qinghai has a distinct weather in each Season. Spring and Autumn are the dust seasons with less waterfalls. Spring is still chilly because of the snowy and wild weather condtition. Summer has little precipitation, strong ultraviolet rays, with a temperature of around 20°C. Autumn is warm but with strong winds. Winter is very cold in Qinghai, with a temperature of below 0°C.
There are many things to do during Summer and Autumn, such as Hua Er Hui, and watching rape flower around the Qinghai Lake. Some Buddhism events are also organized during Summer.
Watching Rape Flower

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