Mount Tai Weather & Seasons

With an altitude of 1545 meters, Taishan in Tai'an City has four distinctive seasons along with a clear alpine climate. Peak temperatures are generally lower than the foot perennial for 7 ~ 8 ℃ (look at Tai'an weather in the right for reference). The hottest average temperature in July is 17 ℃ and minimum temperature of -27.5 ℃ on the top mountain in Winter. 

The best time to visit Taishan is from May to November. Due to the high altitude, the weather differs in vary. So before you go, try to look up to the updated month Temperature below:

Average Temperature by Month

Month Recommended Rate Max Temp. Min Temp.
Jan. °C °C
Feb. °C °C
Mar. °C °C
Apr. °C °C
May. °C °C
Jun. °C °C
Jul. °C °C
Aug. °C °C
Sep. °C °C
Oct. °C °C
Nov. °C °C
Dec. °C °C

Seasons to Go

Spring (February to April)
Spring is a milder season, but in Taishan it seems a little different. With an average temperature of only 10 ℃ and most times in windy days, dress up your warm cloth is necessary.
Summer (May to July)
Summer in Taishan is more like Spring of other places. Without much heat and the temperature is about 20 ℃, quite pleasant for climbing. Still the weather changes fast at high altitude and bring warm clothing is advisable.
Autumn (Aug. to Oct.)
Autumn is an ideal time to climb Mount Taishan and view the sunrise in summit, and even to see the Yellow River in good weather. With less rain and more sunny days, the temperature ranges from 10℃ to 20℃. But the summit is still chilly you need wear light cloth and prepare a thick coat.
Winter (Nov. to Jan.)
Winter could be much colder in top of Taishan but the chances to see sunrise is much bigger. The January average temperature -3 ℃, the summit was -9 ℃. So wearing some coat, jacket or sweater to keep warm along the way is needed.

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