How to Get from Jinan to Mount Tai & Jinan to Tai'an 2024

As a historical and cultural significance of China, Mount Tai is commonly known as the Greatest of the Five Great Mountains of China. It has been a place for worship and ceremonial ritual site for over ten emperors of China, and attracted so many visitors. As the capital city, the transportation hub of Shandong province, as well as a scenic city, Jinan is known for its springs and it is usually the first stop for tourists to Shandong, and many people would plan their Mount Tai tour with Jinan. How do I get from Jinan to Mount Tai fast and conveniently? Below we provide the detailed location, distance, and available transportation between Jinan and Mount Tai to help you better plan a enjoyable Jinan Mount Tai tour.

Jinan to Mount Tai Distance: Mount Tai is situated in the south of Jinan with an estimated 1.5 hours’ driving distance, about 72 km.

2 Days Most Classic Mount Tai Hiking Tour

Jinan to Mount Tai

Jinan to Mount Tai Transportation Map

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Jinan to Mount Tai by Train

As a famous scenic site in Tai'an Shandong, Mount Tai is well-connected through the train stations and developing railway networks. There are two commonly used railway stations, namely Tai'an Railway Station, the high-speed railway station, and Taishan Railway Station, the station for normal trains and close to Mount Tai scenic area.

Every day, there are over 70 trains running from Jinan to Tai’an. Among these trains, more than 40 high-speed bullet trains mainly depart from Jinan Railway Station/Jinan West Railway Station and reach Tai’an Railway Station in about 20min. Besides the high-speed G trains, there are also a number of normal K, T, Z trains from Jinan Railway Station to Taishan Railway Station, and the duration by normal train is about 50min

2 Days Taishan & Qufu Tour from Beijing by Bullet Train

Jinan Railway Station 济南站
Address: No.19, station street, Tianqiao District, Jinan City, Shandong Province 山东省济南市天桥区车站街19号

Jinan West Railway Station 济南西站
Address: No.6 Qilu Avenue, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province 山东省济南市槐荫区齐鲁大道6号

Tai'an Railway Station 泰安站
Address: Taohuayuan Road, Daiyue district, Tai'an City, Shandong Province 山东省泰安市岱岳区桃花源路

Taishan Railway Station 泰山站
Address: Longtan Road, Taishan District, Tai'an City, Shandong Province 山东省泰安市泰山区龙潭路

Jinan Railway Station

Jinan Railway Station

Taian Railway Station

Taian Railway Station

Get from Tai'an Railway Station to Mount Tai: After getting off from high-speed trains to Tai'an, most people choose to get to the Hongmen Gate (红门) of Mount Tai from Tai'an Railway Station, and the distance is about 13km, and taxies are easily to grab with the duration about 40min and the bus no. 17 and tourist no. 1 are running toward the gate, taking about 1 hour. Besides Hongmen Gate, visitors heading for the gate at Tianwaicun (天外村) can take a taxi (11km, about 30min), or bus (tourist no.1, 2, and city bus 68) reaching there in about 55min.

Get from Taishan Railway Station to Mount Tai: About 4km from Taishan Railway Station, the most popular entrance of Mt. Tai at Hongmen Gate (红门) can be easily reached by taxi (about 20min) and bus (bus No. 2 and 3, 40min), while the nearest entrance to Taishan Railway Station is at Tianwaicun (天外村) of Mt. Tai with the distance of only 2.5km. Besides taking a taxi, you can get on bus 39 north, no. 68, and no. 3 to Tianwaicun Square stop in about 30min. Also, Tianwaicun is the Mt. Tai tourist bus center where you can save the energy to hike and take a bus to Zhongmen (中天门) of Mount Tai.

Jinan to Mount Tai Train Schedules:

Train Type Departure Arrival Frequency Duration Ticket Price (CNY)
High-Speed G Train Jinan Railway Station/Jinan West Railway Station Tai'an Railway Station about 44 trains per day about 20min Second Class Seat - ¥24.5; First Class Seat - ¥44.5; Business Class Seat - ¥84.5
Normal T, Z, K Train Jinan Railway Station Taishan Railway Station about 28 trains per day about 50min Hard Seat - ¥12.5; Hard Sleeper - ¥58.5; Soft Sleeper - ¥89.5

Note: The train schedule above is listed for reference only and is subject to change.

Check the Real-Time Train Schedule: Jinan to Tai'an (Mount Tai)

Jinan to Mount Tai by Bus

Over 20 buses are running to serve the popular busline between Jinan and Mount Tai from 7 am to about 8 pm. There are 3 bus stations in Jinan operating long-distance buses to Mount Tai, namely Jinan Bus Terminal, Jinan East Bus Station, Jinan West Bus Station. Besides leaving from those bus stations, visitors landing at Jinan Yaocheng Airport can take a bus directly from the airport to Mt. Tai. Most Buses from Jinan will get to Tai'an at Tai'an Bus Station (near Taishan Railway Station) or Tai'an Railway Station, both of which are convenient to grab a taxi to Mount Tai.

Tai'an Bus Terminal 泰安汽车总站

Address: 125 Longtan Road, Taishan District, Tai'an City, Shandong Province 山东省泰安市泰山区龙潭路125号

Distance: about 750m from Taishan Railway Station, 5km to Hongmen Gate of Mount Tai, 3.0km to Tianwaicun Gate, and 8km to Tai'an Railway Station

2 Days Enjoyable Mount Tai Hiking Tour

Jinan Bus Terminal

Jinan Bus Terminal

Jinan to Tai'an Bus Schedules:

Departure Arrival Departure Time Duration Ticket Price (CNY)
Jinan Bus Terminal, Jinan East Bus Station, Jinan West Bus Station, Jinan Yaocheng Airport Tai'an Bus Terminal, Tai'an Railway Station 07:00, 08:00 ...20:00 about 1.5 ~ 2 hours about ¥30.0 ~ ¥99.0

Note: The bus schedule above is listed for reference only and is subject to change.

How to Plan Your Mount Tai Tour

How to Get to Mount Tai: You can take both high-speed trains and normal trains to Tai’an from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Jinan, Weihai, Yantai, Zhengzhou, etc.

Best Time to Visit Mount Tai: From March to mid-October. It might be very crowded on weekends and the Chinese holidays.

Located in Tai'an City, Shandong, Mount Tai (aka Taishan Mountain), is regarded as the greatest of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, and listed as a UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage Site in 1987. The highest Jade Emperor Peak is recorded about 1545 meters above sea level. Hiking uphill you can trek along the worshiping spots path the ancient Chinese emperors had come for; Reaching the top, you can have a panoramic view of the whole Taian city and enjoying the stunning sunrise and sunset, and it is recommended to spend 2 full days exploring the best highlights of Mount Tai including the Daimiao Temple (Museum of Taian City) at the foot of Mount Tai. You can also visit Mount Tai in a single day by taking sightseeing bus to Zhongtianmen, then hiking to the summit and descending by cable car.

✔ 2 Days Most Classic Mount Tai Hiking Tour
✔ 2 Days Enjoyable Mount Tai Hiking Tour

Taking a high-speed train and spending 2 more days, you can extend your trip to the nearby “City of Spring”, Jinan which nourishes a number of famous springs and lakes of China, such as Baotu Spring Park, Daming Lake, Black Tiger Spring, etc. Also, about 85 km to Mount Tai is Qufu, the hometown of the greatest sage of China, Confucius, and you may understand the deep-rooted Chinese culture as you stepping into the Confucius Temple, Kong Forest, and Kong Mansion.

✔ 2 Days Taishan & Qufu Tour from Beijing by Bullet Train
✔ 3 Days Confucius Culture Exploration with Sidetrip to Mount Tai
✔ 4 Days Cultural Discovery in Jinan, Taishan & Qufu

Besides these cities near Mount Tai, Shandong greets you with not only the splendid culture but also the beautiful coastlines. The refreshing ocean air from Qingdao blows the fragrance from the old Beer factories; the colorful kites fly over the city Weifang and swans in pairs nestle in the havens of Weihai by the shimmering sea...all of these highlights of Shandong can be covered in about 8 days. Beyond Shandong, travelers often extend trip further to Beijing, Xian, Datong & Pingyao (in Shanxi), Luoyang & Shaolin Temple & Kaifeng (in Henan) and more stunning heritages and nature sights in China.

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