How to Get to & around Mount Tai

Mount Tai is located in Ta’an City, Shandong Province. So before getting to Mount Tai you need to know how to get to Ta’an city. There is no airplane in Tai’an City so you should first arrive in Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport then transfer to Taian. While, taking the high speed trains is easy to get to/away from Qufu, Jinan, Qingdao, Beijing and Shanghai from/to Tai'an city.


Get to/away from Tai'an

By Train

Tai’an Railway Station

About 6.5 km away from downtown, Tai’an Railway Station is a new station mainly for high-speed trains. It’s also the one of stations in Beijing-Shanghai Bullet trains, which takes 4.5 hours from Beijing and 6.5 hours from Shanghai. Besides, high-speed trains between Tai’an and Jinan, Qingdao are quite fast, with 50 minutes and 3.5 hours respectively.

Taishan Railway Station

Located in downtown, Taishan Railway Station now is a stopover station for ordinary trains like K and T trains. Each day, there are 94 trains passing by within 2-15 minutes to get on/off, which are running through Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing and etc. It takes 11 hours for Shanghai and 8 hours for Beijing.

Tai'an Railway Station

Taian Railway Station

Get Around Tai'an

Since majority of tourists come to Tai’an for Mount Taishan Climbing, the most traffic route is all about how to get to Mount Tai.

Get to Mount Tai

By Bus to Mount Tai is the best option if you are happened to get off at Taishan/ Tai’an Railway Stations. There are 4 entrances of Mount Tai, located from west to east: Peach Blossom Valley, Tianwai Village, Red Gate and Heavenly Candle Peak. No matter which entrance you choose to climb, there is always bus to get there:

From Bus Entrance to arrive
Taishan Railway Station No.3/K3 Tianwai Village, Red Gate
Taishan Railway Station No.16 Peach Blossom Valley
Taishan Railway Station No.19 Heavenly Candle Peak
Tai’an Railway Station No.37 Tianwai Village, Red Gate

By Taxi to Mount Tai is more convenient from Tai’an Railway Station with 9.4 km, taking 30 minutes, about 30 rmb; Also you can take taxi from Taishan Railway Station too, within 10 minutes.

Transportation of Mount Tai Scenic Area

After getting to Mount Tai, there are tourist bus and cable car offered to reach summit faster. You can take Tourist bus first and transfer Cable car to get to South Heavenly Gate.

Transportation departing point arriving point duration
Tourist bus Tianwai Village Halfway Gate to Heaven 50 minutes
Tourist bus Peach Blossom Valley Peach Blossom Ravine 50 minutes
Cable car Halfway Gate to Heaven South Heavenly Gate 8-15 minutes
Cable car Peach Blossom Ravine South Heavenly Gate 8-15 minutes
Cable car Houshiwu South Heavenly Gate 8-15 minutes

Note: the charge of Tourist bus/Cable car is respectively for 30 and 100 rmb one way for each person.

Besides, there are 3 sections for hiking to choose from:

    (1) Red Gate-Middle Heavenly Gate: within 2-3 hours;
    (2) Heavenly Candle Peak-Houshiwu: within 3-4 hours;
    (3) Red Gate-South Heavenly Gate (the classic route for Mount Tai Climbing): within 4-6 hours.

Taian Bus

Cable Car of Mount Tai

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