Mount Tai Hotels & Hostels - Where to stay in Mount Tai 2023

Located in the central area of Shandong Province, south of Jinan, Mount Tai is a cultural and natural world heritage site that has been visited by tens of Chinese emperors and the great sage, Confucius. It attracts numerous tourists to follow the path the great minds and powerful men have trekked, and it usually takes about 2 days to visit Mount Tai. Many tourists will choose to stay at or around Mountain Tai scenic area. There are mainly two accommodation sites. One is at the foot of the mountain and the other is located around the peak area. Although you can not expect to have the same accommodation facilities as many other Chinese cities, like Beijing, Xian, and Jinan, most of them can meet the basic needs of tourists and offer you a cozy stay.

Comparing with the hotels on the peak, the hotels at the foot of the mountain have better facilities with an easy access to shops, restaurants, and generally, you have more accommodation choices at the foot of Mt. Tai. Therefore, more tourists who come to Mount Tai will choose to stay at the foot of the mountain.

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Is Camping Allowed on Mount Tai?

Mt. Tai has a long freezing period. Except for summertime, the overall climate of Mount Tai is humid and cold. However, Mount Tai in summer is always too crowded to set a tent. Close to the top area, many people need to rent a thick winter coat due to the cold weather. When night falls, it becomes even colder. You may see tents when hiking up. It is not recommended to do so for the unpredictable cold weather, and your safety issue. Staying in a nice hotel is better for your trip in Taishan. 

Mount Tai HotelsWhere to Stay in Mount Tai, Tai'an (Click to Enlarge)

Option 1: Accommodation Area at the foot of Mount Tai

Generally, tourists not staying on the peak of Mount Tai would choose a hotel near the two gates of Mount Tai Scenic Area, namely Hongmen Gate and Tianwaicun. Since both of the two gates are very popular during the peak season and hard to book, some visitors may also stay in Tai'an city near Daimiao Temple or Taishan Railway Station.

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❶ Hotels Around Hongmen Gate

The accommodation area near Hongmen Gate (红门) is the most popular one. It is easy to reach and very convenient for guests who would like to take a classic hike from Hongmen to Zhongtianmen, and some people who would like to hike to see the sunrise always set it as the starting point of their midnight hiking journey. The only deluxe here is the Four Points by Sheraton Tai'an. Except for it, the majority are local Chinese hotels, hostels, and homestays.

Four Points by Sheraton Tai'an 泰安宝龙福朋喜来登酒店 ★★★★★

Address: No.888 Huanshan East Road, Taishan District, Tai'an, China

Service: Opened in December 2010, nearby many shopping and leisure facilities, the hotel is a 15-storey building of 300 rooms and suites, each equipped with a luxurious comfortable bed, and it is only about 5.6km to Tai'an Railway Station. The cuisine restaurant here brings you kinds of Chinese dishes and various styles of the buffet. It also prepared an area of nearly 2,000 square meters of space for meetings and other private activities. In addition, the WIFI service has covered the whole building, presenting free Internet access to meet your needs.

Dongyue Hotel 泰安东岳山庄 ★★★★

Address: 187 Huanshan Road, Tai'an City泰安市环山路187号

Service: Tai'an Dongyue Hotel is located in Tai'an East Ring Road, with green mountains and trees around it and easy to reach. The hotel is a garden layout with complete facilities and 3 restaurants. It can provide all-round services including food, accommodation, transportation, shopping for guests. The hotel has various types of rooms with complete equipment so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay.

Taishan Hotel Four Points by Sheraton Taishan Hotel Dongyue Hotel

Home Inn Plus 如家精选酒店(泰安红门路岱庙店) ★★★

Address: No.26, Hongmen Road, Tai'an City 泰安市红门路26号

Service: Home Inn Plus is located on Hongmen Road, with Mount Tai on its back and overlooking Tai'an city in the south. The design of this hotel has won the German ICONIC AWARDS. The hotel is transformed from the original Taishan Hotel, which has a history of nearly 40 years. The hotel has a meeting room that can accommodate nearly 500 people, and it has a large banquet hall for business and meetings.

Xiao Tian Ting Hotel 泰安小天庭酒店 ★★

Address: Intersection of Hongmen road and Huanshan road in Tai'an City泰安市红门路与环山路交汇处

Service: Located at the intersection of Hongmen road and Huanshan Road, Xiao Tian Ting Hotel is only 200 meters away from the entrance of Mount Tai. It is close to the Wangmu pool in the East, Puzhao temple in the west, Hongmen palace in the north, and Daizongfang in the south. It is at the golden site of Mount Tai foot area. Xiao Tian Ting Hotel is a boutique business hotel with luxurious and comfortable rooms, 16 dining rooms of different styles, one multifunctional hall, three conference rooms, as well as high-end KTV and beauty salon, chess and card room, foot therapy room, shopping mall, tourism service, etc

Taishan Hotel Home Inn Plus Taishan Hotel Xiao Tian Ting Hotel

❷ Hotels Around Tianwaicun

For hikers who would like to save energy and take a bus to the halfway of Mount Tai, they are recommended to stay around Tianwaicun Square, for it the starting point of Mount Tai tourist bus to Zhongtianmen. From Zhongtianmen, you can hike or take the cable car to the peak. This accommodation area is also very popular, and Ramada Plaza Tai'an is regarded as the best deluxe hotel in this area.

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Ramada Plaza Tai'an 泰安东尊华美达 ★★★★★

Address: No.16 Yingsheng East Road, Taishan District, Tai'an, China

Service: Situated at the foot of Mount Tai, Ramada Plaza Tai'an hotel has 328 rooms in total, including deluxe executive suites, business suites, business single room, double room suites, and standard rooms of different room types. All equipped with modern equipment and broadband access systems. The multi-purpose hall provides all kinds of medium and large business conference services for business guests. Besides, there is also a luxury gym, indoor pool, sauna, and comfortable fitness entertainment and leisure facilities.

Tianwaicun Hotel 天外村酒店 ★★★

Address: 75 Longtan Road, Tai'an City 泰安市龙潭路75号

Service: Tai'an Tianwaicun Hotel is located in Tianwaicun village, and it is the entrance and tourist bus terminal to Mount Tai. The facilities of the Tianwaicun Hotel are old but the transportation here is very convenient. You can walk 5 minutes to start your Mount Tai hiking. There are direct buses to Zhongtianmen, Daimiao, Hongmen, Fengchan ceremony shows, and other scenic spots. The Hotel has free WiFi, is also equipped with a small conference room and parking lots.

Taishan Hotel Ramada Plaza Tai'an Taishan Hotel Tianwaicun Hotel

Jinjiang Inn Tai'an Longtan Road Tianwaicun 锦江之星 ★★

Address: 45 Longtan Road, Tai'an City 泰安市龙潭路45号

Service: Jinjiang Inn is located at the foot of Mount Tai, in the north section of Longtan Road, and each room at Jinjiang Inn is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV with cable channels. You will find a kettle in the room. Rooms come with a private bathroom. For your comfort, you will find slippers and free toiletries. There is a 24-hour front desk at the property. The hotel has clean and comfortable guest rooms, clean restaurants, as well as two-storey large parking lot, providing you with a safe and comfortable accommodation environment.

Taishan Hotel Jinjiang Inn Tai'an

Other recommended hotels in Tai’an City: Ibis Styles Hotel (Tai'an Daimiao Temple) 五星假日酒店(泰安岱庙店) (Location: 36 Qingnian Road, Tai'an City泰安市青年路36号); Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel 泰安蓝海御华大饭店 (Location: No.77, Dongyue street, Tai'an City泰安市东岳大街77号); Yuzuo Hotel 泰安御座宾馆 (Location: No. 50, daimiao North Street, Tai'an City 泰安市岱庙北街50号); Dongdu Hotel  泰安东都宾馆 (Location: No. 279 Daizong street, Tai'an City泰安市岱宗大街279号); Taishan International Youth Hostel 泰山国际青年旅舍 (Location: 65 Tongtian street, Tai'an City泰安市通天街65号)

Option 2: Accommodation Area on Mount Tai

Though the accommodation options on the peak are much less and way more expensive, many people still make their mind to stay there, only for witnessing the stunning sunrise. If you are planning to do so, please book a room in advance. Among the several limited hotels in the peak area, Shenqi Hotel is the newest with the best facilities, and Yunchao Hotel has a nice spot viewing the sunset.

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Shenqi Hotel 泰安神憩宾馆 ★★★★

Address: No.10, Heaven Street (Tianjie), Mount Tai Scenic Area, Tai'an 泰山顶天街10号

Service: Located at the top of Mount Tai, Shenqi Hotel is surrounded by the gorgeous natural circumstance of the mountain. It can be the best hotel in the peak area. The favorite spot at the mountain top to view the sunset is just about a 5-minute walk away, while the cable car station is 20 minutes’ walk away. Staff will wake you half an hour before sunset and then leads you to the spot where to watch sunset best. It boasts different guestrooms and suites, as well as a restaurant, bar, and beauty salon.

Yunchao Hotel 泰安云巢宾馆 ★★

Address: No.1, North Tianjie, tianmenli, Daiding, Taishan Scenic Area 泰山景区岱顶南天门里北天街1号

Service: Tai'an Yunchao hotel is located in the peak area of Mount Tai, in the north of the heaven street (天街). It is adjacent to the upper stations of Taohuayuan cableway and Zhongtianmen cableway. The courtyard in front of the gate is the core scenic spot of the sunset in the Daiding area. With pavilions and flowers and trees, an elegant environment, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise here. The hotel has a variety of clean and comfortable rooms. The guest rooms are equipped with facilities such as a private bathroom, TV, WiFi, air conditioning, 24-hour hot water, etc. You can watch the sunset of Mount Tai from the observation room directly.

Taishan Hotel Shenqi Hotel Taishan Hotel Yunchao Hotel

Other recommended hotels in Mount Tai Peak Area

Qixiang Hotel 泰山气象宾馆 ★★
Address: about 50 meters to the South of Sun-Viewing Peak, Mount Tai, Tai'an 泰安市泰山顶日观峰南行50米

Baiyunju Hotel 泰安白云居宾馆 ★★
Address: East section of Heaven Street (Tianjie) in Mount Tai Scenic Area, Tai'an 泰山景区天街东段

Xianju Hotel 泰山仙居宾馆 ★★
Address: No.5, South Gate to Heaven (Nantianmen), Mount Tai Scenic Area, Tai'an 泰山景区南天门天街5号

Taishan Diantai Hotel 泰安电台宾馆 ★★
Address: The west of Jade Emperor Peak (Yuhuangding), the top of Mount Tai, Tai'an 泰山山顶玉皇顶西

Nantianmen Hotel 泰安南天门宾馆 ★★
Address: No.1, Heaven Street (Tianjie), Mount Tai Scenic Area, Tai'an 泰山顶天街1号

Yuyequan Hotel 泰安玉液泉宾馆 ★★
Address: Opposite the parking lot of Zhongtianmen scenic spot in Mount Tai Scenic Area, Tai'an 泰山景区中天门景区停车场对面

How to Plan Your Mount Tai Tour

How to Get to Mount Tai: You can take both high-speed trains and normal trains to Tai’an from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Jinan, Weihai, Yantai, Zhengzhou, etc.

Best Time to Visit Mount Tai: From March to mid-October. It might be very crowded on weekends and the Chinese holidays.

Located in Tai'an City, Shandong, Mount Tai (aka Taishan Mountain), is regarded as the greatest of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, and listed as a UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage Site in 1987. The highest Jade Emperor Peak is recorded about 1545 meters above sea level. Hiking uphill you can trek along the worshiping spots path the ancient Chinese emperors had come for; Reaching the top, you can have a panoramic view of the whole Taian city and enjoying the stunning sunrise and sunset, and it is recommended to spend 2 full days exploring the best highlights of Mount Tai including the Daimiao Temple (Museum of Taian City) at the foot of Mount Tai. You can also visit Mount Tai in a single day by taking sightseeing bus to Zhongtianmen, then hiking to the summit and descending by cable car.

✔ 2 Days Most Classic Mount Tai Hiking Tour
✔ 2 Days Enjoyable Mount Tai Hiking Tour

Taking a high-speed train and spending 2 more days, you can extend your trip to the nearby “City of Spring”, Jinan which nourishes a number of famous springs and lakes of China, such as Baotu Spring Park, Daming Lake, Black Tiger Spring, etc. Also, about 85 km to Mount Tai is Qufu, the hometown of the greatest sage of China, Confucius, and you may understand the deep-rooted Chinese culture as you stepping into the Confucius Temple, Kong Forest, and Kong Mansion.

✔ 2 Days Taishan & Qufu Tour from Beijing by Bullet Train
✔ 3 Days Confucius Culture Exploration with Sidetrip to Mount Tai
✔ 4 Days Cultural Discovery in Jinan, Taishan & Qufu

Besides these cities near Mount Tai, Shandong greets you with not only the splendid culture but also the beautiful coastlines. The refreshing ocean air from Qingdao blows the fragrance from the old Beer factories; the colorful kites fly over the city Weifang and swans in pairs nestle in the havens of Weihai by the shimmering sea...all of these highlights of Shandong can be covered in about 8 days. Beyond Shandong, travelers often extend trip further to Beijing, Xian, Datong & Pingyao (in Shanxi), Luoyang & Shaolin Temple & Kaifeng (in Henan) and more stunning heritages and nature sights in China.

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✔ 9 Days Shandong Panorama Tour
✔ 11 Days China World Heritage Tour in North China

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Recommended Mount Tai Tours

Top 3 Mount Tai tours chosen by most customers to explore Mount Tai in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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