Things to Do in Mount Tai

Listed into world natural & cultural heritage site in 1987, Mount Tai (Taishan) is the Foremost of Five Sacred Mountains, while actually it’s not the highest one within altitude of only 1545 meters. The reason why people named it as "First Mountain under Heaven" is because of traditional religion dating back to ancient emperors, like Qinshihuang-the first emperor in China, Wu zetian-the only female emperor, Qian Long emperor in Qing dynasty, etc. It was regard as the symbol of power.

Nowadays, things to do in Taishan can be vary and different. Visitors climb Mount Taishan would rather to appreciate stunning views of sunrise, clouds and witness ancient scenic spots, like South Heavenly Gate, the Heavenly Street and Jade Emperor Peak, and more Taishan Attractions awaiting you for visit.

Taishan Attraction Map

Climbing Mount Taishan

Climbing Mount Taishan

All activities need sweat, especially for climbing. Mount Tai is only for 1545 meters, but before you reach the highest point, the Eighteen Twistings with over 1600 steps is the must-do for Taishan Climbing, costing about 4 hours. Also you can skip that by taking cable-car according to your physical energy and time arrangement. There is an old saying “You cannot know the depth of the world until you stood upon the peak Mount Tai.” If you are luck to see sunrise and clouds, you will be much delighted with this exhausting experience.

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