How to Get to Dongchuan Red Land from Kunming

Dongchuan Red land (东川红土地) is located 150km to the northeast of Kunming city, under the jurisdiction of Dongchuan district of Kunming City. It is considered the most imposing red land in the world besides Brazil and a real paradise for photography lovers.

Those who want to get to Dongchuan Red Land would go to Kunming first. How to get to Dongchuan from Kunming? What’s the most convenient way to travel around Dongchuang Red Land? Now, let’s look together how to get to and around Dongchuan Red Land through private cars and buses.

Where is Dongchuan Red Land?

Location: Huashitou Village, Dongchuan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China (云南省昆明市东川区花石头村)

Kunming to Dongchuan Red Land

Map of Kunming to Dongchuan Red Land

When we are talking about Dongchuan Red Land, it refers to the more than 20 square kilometers of red terraced fields around Huagou Village (花沟村) and Huashitou Village (花石头村) in Hongtudi Town, Dongchuan District, Kunming City. The center of the scenic spot is about 21km from Hongtudi Town, 40km from urban area of Dongchuan District and 150km from Kunming city center. Renting a car or taking the bus is the two most common ways for travelers to get to Dongchuan Red Land.

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Get to Dongchuan Red Land

By Private Car - Most Recommended and Chosen by Most Travelers

Dongchuan Red Land is about 150km from Kunming, takes about 3 to 3.5 hours by car. There is no railway station or airport in Dongchuan, plus the large covered area and the scattered scenic spots of Dongchuan Red Land, that makes most travelers choose to rent a private car to get there and around.

We China Discovery, with rich experiences in ranging Yunnan tours for our customers, can provide you the best travel experiences. Our professional English-speaking guide and experienced drivers can pick you up anywhere in Yunnan at any time you want. Booking a private car service, you don’t need to waste your time and energy on planning the trip or waiting tour buses; you will have more time to enjoy the scenery alongside the road and the highlights in Dongchuan Red Land. Based on your own preferences, our experienced travel guide will find the best shooting points for you and escort you to the perfect place at the perfect time. The car can also park at any time according to your photography needs. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us and tailor your trip with us.

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Kunming Private Car Service

Kunming Private Car Service

By Bus - Choose by Backpackers and Hikers

For independent travelers who want to get to Dongchuan Red Land from Kunming can take the bus at Kunming North Bus Station (昆明北部客运站) to Fazhe (法者) and get off at Huashitou Village (花石头村). There are two shifts each day in the morning, takes about 5 to 6 hours to get to Dongchuan Red Land.

If you missed the bus to Fazhe, you can take the buses which headed to Dongchuan (东川). After get off at Dongchuan District Station (东川区客运站), take the bus to Majie (马街) and get off at Huashitou Village, there are two shift a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It takes about 3 hours to get to Dongchuan district from Kunming and another 2.5 hours to reach to Huashitou Village.

Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land

From To Departure at Estimated Time Frequency
Kunming North Bus Station (昆明北部客运站) Fazhe (法者) Huashitou Village (花石头村) 5 - 6 hours 2 shifts a day
Kunming North Bus Station (昆明北部客运站) Dongchuan (东川) Dongchuan District Bus Station (东川区客运站) About 3 hours Rolling Start from 6:50 to 18:00
Dongchuan District Bus Station (东川区客运站) Majie (马街) Huashitou Village (花石头村) About 2.5 hours 2 shifts a day

Get Around Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land covers more than 20 square kilometers with 3 touring routes, scenic spots in this area are considerably dispersed. It’s an opened area therefore there is no scenic tour bus in Dongchuan Red Land. Huashitou Village is at the center of Dongchuan Red Land Scenic Area, about 1.2km from Yuepuao (乐谱凹), 3.8km from Qicaipo (七彩坡), 9.6km from Damakan (打马坎) and 8.6km from Luoxiagou (落霞沟).

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After arrive at Huashitou Village, backpackers and hikers can tour this amazing land on foot. Tourists who want to visit all attractions within a day can rent a car, takes about CNY 300 a day.

In order to save time and energy, you can book a private car service with us. Whether you want to tour this “God’s Magic Palette” within a day or linger here for more days to fully appreciate every inch beauty of this area, we can arrange for you. Contact us if you need any help!

Dongchuan Red Land Tourist Map

Click to Enlarge Dongchuan Red Land Tourist Map

How to Plan Your Dongchuan Red Land Tour

Dongchuan Red Land covers a large area and most tourist would get there from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, therefore need at least two day to explore the whole area, enjoy the stunning sunset at Luoxia Valley (落霞沟) in the first day and get up early in the second day to appreciate the first ray of dawn shinning on Damakan (打马坎). Shuipingzi, Jinxiu Garden, Qicai Slope etc. are also the amazing spots you can’t miss!

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Before or after your Dongchuan Red Land tour, you can spend 1-3 days in and around Kunming. Pay a visit to the 1200 year-old Yuantong Buddhist Temple, leisure yourself in the picturesque Green Lake and meet the black-headed gulls from Siberia in November and December, then drive to the Flowers & Birds Market to feel the romance of the “Spring City”. Don’t miss the typical Karst landform nearby Kunming - the overground Stone Forest and the underground Jiuxiang Scenic Region.

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Besides, you can also head to Ancient Nanzhao Dali city to feel the culture of Ba minority, experience the romance of exotica in Dali. Then continue your trip to Lijiang, visit Lijiang Old Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge to feel the magnificent of nature force.

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Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land


Stone Forest in Kunming

Travel Dongchuan Red Land with China Discovery

To help you enjoy a worry-free holiday to Dongchuan Red Land, we highly recommended you travel with us China Discovery who is a professional about the local condition of Dongchuan Red Land and the whole Yunnan. Our local experienced drivers will escort you to Dongchuan Red Land from Kunming or other places with comfortable car directly with speed and safety. And our English-speaking tour guide will accompany you all the way, showing you the best travelling route and introduce all highlights of Dongchuan Red Land so you can focus all your attentions on the highlights. The tour can be tailor-made according to your group size, time, physical conditions, plan, interest, budget and every special need. If you have any other ideas about the trip or you have other places or cities wanted to visit such as Sichuan, Tibet, Guilin or Xinjiang, our experienced travel consultants are very glad to offer their help. Please feel free to feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Dongchuan Red Land in Yunnan

Dongchuan Red Land in Yunnan

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