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As an important trade and cultural centre of Xinjiang as well as the Silk Road for more than two millennia. Kashgar is one of the most popular and interesting destinations in Xinjiang even in China. There is the largest bazaar in Asia, the famous master Abakh Hoja Tomb, the holy Id Kah Mosque of Muslims, the peaceful Kashgar Old Town which keeps the most athentic trandition of Kashgar. If you want to add some stunning landscape, don't miss the Karakul Lake where you can also get a glimpse the "Father of Iceberg" - Mt. Muztagata.

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Id Kah Mosque

No.1 Id Kah Mosque

Type: Religious Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 1.5 hours

Id Kah Mosque is the largest mousque in China, and one of three largest in middle Asia. It is located on the west of Id Kah Square in Kashgar. Getting close to Id Kah Mosque, you will be impressed by the elegant blue gate of mosque. Id Kah Mosque is the holy land for the Muslims. Everyday, there are thousands of muslims worshipping here. In the history, Id Kah Mosque used to be a school where taught Islam culture. Many scholars and honored clergies graduated from here.

Karakul Lake

No.2 Karakul Lake

Type: Bodies of Water

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Karakul Lake is located about 190 km from the Kashgar City, Xinjiang. It seats at the foot of the Muztagh Ata (7546m), and along the China Pakistan Highway. At an altitude of 3600m, Karakul Lake is the highest lake of the Pamir plateau. It also features in the amazing combination of lake and snow mountain views. At its surrounding, there are three giant mountains - Muztagh Ata (7546m), Kongur Tagh (7649m) and Kongur Tiube (7530m) which remain snow-covered throughout the year. The best season to visit Karakul LakeThe lake are Summer and Autumn when travelers come in great numbers to see the unreal scenery and the clarity of its reflection in the water, whose color ranges from a dark green to azure and light blue.

Abakh Hoja Tomb

No.3 Abakh Hoja Tomb

Type: Historic Sites, Religious Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

Abakh Hoja Tomb is located in Korgan village(5km from Kashgar city). It is a typical Islamic architectural complex, as well as a famous tomb groups of a large Islamic family of five generations. It was known as Abakh Hoja Tomb because a local Islam master whose name was Abakh Hoja buried here. He had strenghened the spread of Islam in Kashgar area, which later earned a great reputation for him and his family.

This site is also famous for the lengend that one of the imperial concubines of Qianlong(Qing dynasty) - Xiang Fei who married Qinglong for national unity. Qianlong was attracted to Xiang Fei because these concubine smelled fragrantly. Later Xiangfei died in Beijing, then was transfered back to Kashgar and buried there.

Kashgar Old Town

No.4 Kashgar Old Town

Type: Historic Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hour

Old Town is a block of tranditional houses, shops and streets which have ages more than hundreds years. It is the best place to experience authetic custom and livings of Kashgar people. Among all buildings, the Gaotai Ancient Homes is the best. Located on a slope of 40 meters' height and 800 meters' length, these homes can be dated back to about 600 years ago. Houses stacks one on aother.

The Old Town is the best place for take a leisure strolling, photographing lovely kids, chatting up with the locals and admiring the craftsmen...

Sunday Market

No.5 Sunday Market

Type: Market

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hour

Sunday Market is the most crowding place in Kashgar. The market has already existed for more than 2000 years. In ancient time, Kashgar Sundy Market was renowned as the largest market in Asia. Merchants of Silk Road who came from China, Europe and other countries gathered here to exchanged needed goods with each other.

If you want to buy some interesting stuffs, go to the northern side of the market where you can find everything of interest to foreign visitors, including the spice market, musical instruments, fur caps, kitschy souvenirs and carpets.

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