Kashgar Transportation: Get to Kashgar and Travel Around

Kashgar, once a prosperous trading center on the ancient Silk Road and a convergence point of widely varying cultures and empires, is a mysterious land with a multi-ethnic atmosphere. Of course, authentic Uyghur traditional culture is well-preserved as well. It is wildly recognized that northern Xinjiang is famous for nature while southern Xinjiang is attractive with culture. Kashgar is the biggest highlight of southern Xinjiang and also the gateway to other parts (such as Korla, Kuqa, Aksu, Hotan, etc.) of southern Xinjiang. Though the transport system in Kashgar is not as developed as some big modern cities in China, it can be reached conveniently from several major cities, and operates a quick access to some of its neighboring cities. Here we provide you with specific transfer information about Kashgar, including how to get to Kashgar from major gateway cities, such as Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Urumqi etc., as well as how to get around Kashgar. Read our ultimate Kashgar transportation to help you better travel Kashgar in 2024.

Where is Kashgar – Kashgar Location

Lying at the western end of the Tarim Basin, Kashgar Region is the westernmost place in Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province. It is also situated at the foot of the Pamirs where Tianshan Mountain and Kunlun Mountains join. Kashgar Region borders with 4 foreign countries (namely Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Pakistan) in southwest and several other cities in Xinjiang (including Aksu in the north, Kizilsu Kirghiz in the northwest, Hotan Region in the east). It is about 1,470 km (driving distance) from Urumqi, the provincial capital and the transfer hub in northern Xinjiang.

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Get to Kashgar by Flight

Since there is no high speed train operating in Kashgar currently, taking a flight is the most efficient way to reach Kashgar. There are 2 airports in Kashgar Region and Kashgar International Airport is the most frequently-used one.

Kashgar International Airport (喀什国际机场, IATA: KHG, ICAO: ZWSH)

Address: Yinbin Avenue, Kashgar City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 新疆维吾尔自治区喀什地区喀什市迎宾大道

It was open to traffic in 1953 and became the busiest transfer hub in southern Xinjiang. It operates or receives about 24 airlines to/off about 20 cities, including Urumqi (2 h), Lanzhou (4 h), Beijing (4.5 h), Chengdu (4.5 h), Xian (5 h), Nanjing (5 h), Shanghai (8.5 h), Bole (2h), Korla (1.5h), Toumchouq (1), Yining (2h), Aksu (1h), Shache (40 m), etc. etc. Learn more about Kashgar Airport: Location, Flight Schedules, Transportation>

Major Kashgar Flight Schedules:

Shache Yarkand Airport (莎车叶尔羌机场, IATA: QSZ, ICAO: ZWSC)

Address: Zirefuxiati Village of Zirefuxiati Tajik Township, Kashgar Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 新疆喀什地区莎车县孜热普夏提乡

Shache Yarkand Airport serving Shache County (Yarkant) is connected with Korla (1.5h), Kashgar (40m), Urumqi (2h), Aksu (2h), Xian (4.5h), etc. by direct flight. If you want a quick access to Shache for sightseeing, taking a flight is a good idea.

Besides, there is another airport - Tashkurgan Pamir Airport(塔什库尔干帕米尔机场) under construction. When it is open, it will operate flights to some destinations in Xinjiang, such as Kashgar, Shache, Urumqi, Yining, Aksu, etc., and maybe some other big cities like Beijing, Xian, Shenzhen, etc.

Kashgar International Airport

Kashgar International Airport

Kashgar International Airport Location

Kashgar Airport Location

Get to Kashgar by Train

For travelers who are interested in a relaxing train journey or a budget transfer, traveling by train is a nice choice. At present, there are only two railways, Southern Xinjiang Railway and the Kashgar-Hotan Railway. These railways link Kashgar with Korla (9.5~16hours), Kuqa (7~12 hours), Aksu (5~9 hours), Shache (2~2.5 hours)and Hotan (5.5~6.5 hours). It is also available to take trains to Kashgar from Urumqi (14.5~24 hours), Turpan (12.5~22 hours), Xian (38.5 hours), Chengdu (48.5 hours) and some other cities through combined railways.

Kashgar Railway Station 喀什站

Address: North Shijie Avenue, Kashgar City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (新疆喀什世纪大道北路)

Kashgar Railway Station is the only railway station serving Kashgar City. It is about 12 km, 20 minutes’ drive to downtown Kashgar and Kashgar Old City; around 13 km, 25 minutes’ drive to Id Kah Mosque; about 15 km, 20 minutes’ drive to Kashgar Livestock Bazaar (Sunday Market); about 8 km, 15 minutes’ drive to Abakh Hoja Tomb; about 300 km, 6 hours’ drive to Tashkurgan; about 200 km, 4 hours’ drive to Karakul Lake.

▶ Kashgar Train Station

Kashgar Railway Station

Kashgar Railway Station

Get from Urumqi to Kashgar

Linear Distance: 1,100 km (about 684 miles)

Travel Time: about 2 hours by nonstop flight, or 14.5~24 hours by train

Urumqi to Kashgar Flight

Urumqi is the transfer hub in northern Xinjiang and Kashgar is the transfer hub in southern Xinjiang. Since Urumqi can be reached easily by flight from many big cities in China's mainland, many travelers choose to travel Uruqmi first and then transfer to Kashgar. In order to have a quick transfer between Urumqi and Kashgar, flight is the most recommended way. Urumqi Diwopu International Airport operates more than 25 flights to Kashgar Airport. You can easily catch a flight from 07:00 to 22:30. The flight duration is about 2 hours.

Urumqi to Kashgar Train

There are over 6~8 daily trains running from Urumqi Railway Station to Kashgar Railway Station, and all of them are normal trains (including K-trains, T-trains and Y-trains). The fastest train takes about 14.5 hours and the slowest train takes about 24 hours. Remember to book your ticket in advance and choose a faster train to save your time. If you want an in-depth Xinjiang discovery, you can have a stop in the midway cities, including Turpan, Korla, Kuqa and Aksu.

▶ How to Get to Urumqi | Urumqi to Kashgar Travel

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Urumqi Airport

Urumqi Diwopu International Airport

Get from Dunhuang to Kashgar

Linear Distance: 1,600 km (1,000 miles)

Duration: at least 8 hours by connecting flights, or 19.5~23.5 hours by train

Dunhuang to Kashgar Flight

Currently, there are no direct flights operating from Dunhuang to Kashgar. There are only connecting-flights between Dunhuang and Kashgar, and you need to make a transfer in Lanzhou or Xian. The tickets will be a little expensive and the time won’t be short exactly.

We suggest you take a high speed train to Urumqi first, and then take a flight to Kashgar. Liuyuan South Railway Station (about 2 hours’ drive from Dunhuang City) operates 3 daily high speed trains to Urumqi Railway Station, with a duration of about 4.5 hours. It is worthwhile to spend 2~3 days touring Urumqi and its beautiful surroundings (like Turpan and Heavenly Lake).

▶ How to Get to Dunhuang | Dunhuang to Kashgar Travel

Dunhuang to Kashgar Train

Travelers can take a train from Dunhuang to Kashgar, but only normal trains are available. Every day, two daily trains run from Liuyuan South Railway Station and arrive at Kashgar Railway Station on the next day. One train needs about 19.5 hours and the other train needs 23.5 hours. Liuyuan South Railway Station is about 130 km away from Dunhuang City and you can get there by bus or driving.

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Dunhuang Transportation

Liuyuan South Railway Station

Get from Beijing to Kashgar

Linear Distance: 3,400 km (about 2110 miles)

Travel Time: about 4.5 hours by nonstop flight

Beijing to Kashgar Flight

Flight is the most convenient and most efficient way to transfer between Beijing and Kashgar. There are 2~3 daily flights flying from Beijing to Kashgar. Beijing Daxining International Airport runs one nonstop flight and Beijing Capital International Airport runs one nonstop flight and one stopover flight. All the flights arrive at Kashgar International Airport and the nonstop flight takes about 4.5 hours. If you fail to book a direct flight, you can book a connecting flight and make a transfer in Lanzhou or Urumqi.

Beijing to Kashgar Train

Till now, there is no direct train (neither high speed train nor normal train) operating between Beijing and Kashgar. If you insist on a train trip, you can take a high speed train to Xian or Lanzhou first, and then take a normal train to Kashgar. The whole trip needs about 3 days.

How to Get to Beijing | Beijing to Kashgar Travel

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Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport

Get from Shanghai to Kashgar

Linear Distance: 4,200 km (about 2,610 miles)

Travel Time: about 8.5 hours by stopover flight

Shanghai to Kashgar Flight

Traveling between Shanghai and Kashgar, taking a flight is the most recommended way. There are around 3 stopover flights from Shanghai to Kashgar. 2 flights from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport will take a stop in Urumqi and the other flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport will take as top at Lanzhou. It is about an 8.5 hours' trip.

Shanghai to Kashgar Train

Shanghai does not operate direct trains to Kashgar and you need to make a transfer. It is quite popular to take a high speed train to Xian first and then take a normal train to Kashgar. Because of the transfer in Xian, we suggest you spend 2 or 3 days exploring beautiful Xian.

▶ How to Get to Shanghai | ▶ Shanghai to Kashgar Travel

Get from Xian to Kashgar

Linear Distance: 2,950 km (about 1830 miles)

Travel Time: about 4.5 hours by nonstop flight, or 38.5 hours by train

Xian to Kashgar Flight

Because of the long distance between Xian and Kashgar, taking a flight is most recommended if you want a quick Xian Kashgar trip. Xian Xianyang Airport operates 5~7 direct flights to Kashgar International Airport and 1~2 of them will take an about 45 minutes’ stop in Korla or Aksu. The nonstop flight trip is about 4.5 hours.

Xian to Kashgar Train

There is one daily train running from Xian Railway Station to Kashgar Railay Station. The whole train trip takes about 38.5 hours, and you will depart from Xian at the first night and arrive at Kashgar in the afternoon of the third day. Because of the long train trip, we suggest you book a Hard Sleeper or a Soft Sleeper (better).

▶ How to Get to Xian | ▶ Xian to Kashgar Travel

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Get from Chengdu to Kashgar

Linear Distance: 2,720 km (about 1,690 miles)

Travel Time: about 4.5 hours by nonstop flight, or 48.5 hours by train

Chengdu to Kashgar Flight

Just like traveling from other cities far from Kashgar, taking a flight is the best way to get to Kashgar from Chengdu. There are 2 daily flights from Chengdu Kashgar, including one nonstop flight and one flight with an about 1 hour's stop in Urumqi. Both flights depart from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and arrive at Kashgar International Airport. The nonstop flight trip takes about 4.5 hours, and the stopover flight takes about 7 hours.

Chengdu to Kashgar Train

There is only one daily normal T-train running from Chengdu Railway Station to Kashgar Railway Station. There are 27 mid-way stations and the whole train trip takes about 48.5 hours. Spending more than 2 days on the train, you are suggested to book a Hard Sleeper or Soft Sleeper to enjoy a relatively quieter environment.

▶ How to Get to Chengdu | ▶ Chengdu to Kashgar Travel

Get from Kashgar to Tashkurgan

Distance: 300 km

Travel Time: about 5.5 hours' drive

Tashikurgan is a significant historical town on the ancient Silk Road, which still keeps its old tradition. A Kashgar tour without Tashkurgan is not complete. Since there is no train or flight available at present, driving is the only choice to get to Tashikurgan. The road connects Kashgar and Tashkurgan is National highway 314 which is well-paved and in good condition. During the driving journey, you will see some amazing landscape on the way, including Baisha Lake, Karakul Lake, Muztagh Ata, etc.

▶ Kashgar to Tashkurgan

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Get from Kashgar to Karakul

Distance: 190 km

Travel Time: about 4 hours’ drive

For travelers seeking for the natural landscape of Kashgar, Karakul Lake is a must. With reflection of the nearby snow-capped peaks, it shows a different side of Kashgar. There is no flight or train Kashgar to Karakul directly, and driving is the best choice. It is available to take a Kashgar-to-Tashkurghan bus and get off at the lake, but it’s not recommended because leaving the lake will be a problem. Traveling with a local travel agency like China Discovery, you will enjoy worry-free transfer and freedom to stop on the way for sightseeing if possible.

Some travelers might get to Tashkurgan first, and then travel to Karakul. The distance between Tashkurgan and Karakul is about 100 km (about 2.5 hours’ drive).

▶ Kashgar to Karakul

Inner Transportation in Kashgar

In Kashgar City, you can easily travel around by using public transfer means like public bus and taxi. Metro is not operated in Kashgar at present.

Public Bus: There are many public buses able to take you to different sites in the city area of Kashgar, such as Kashgar Railway Station, Kashgar Bazaar, Kashgar Old City, Id Kah Mosque, etc.

Taxi: If you want to visit some places a little far from the downtown area, calling a taxi will be more time-effective.

Warm Tip: The bus and taxi drivers don’t speak English usually, and we suggest you use the private transfer from a local travel agency like China Discovery.

Kashgar Bus

Kashgar Bus

How to Plan A Kashgar Xinjiang Tour

How to Get to Kashgar: From mainland cities - you can take domestic flights from Beijing (about 6~7 hours), Xian (about 4 hours), Chengdu (about 6~7 hours), Shanghai (about 8 hours), Guangzhou (about 8 hours), Jinan (about 7 hours), Zhengzhou (about 7 hours), etc., or provincial flights from Urumqi (about 2 hours), Korla (about 1.5 hours), Yili (about 1.5 hours). From the borders - you can also get to Kashgar from land border ports, such as Kalasu Port, Irkeshtam Port, Torugart Port, Khunjerab Port. If you need transfer, we can send a tour guide and driver to pick up you from the borders.

Best Time to Visit Kashgar: suitable for travelling all year around, but May to October is most comfortable and beautiful.

Top Places to Visit Kashgar: Kashgar Old City, Karakul Lake, Tashkurgan (Stone City, Golden Grassland), Id Kah Mosque, Kashgar Bazaar

Plus arrival and departure days, you’d better plan at least 4 days for your Kashgar trip. If you want to extend your trip to Tashkurgan, you need at least 5 days. You can spend 2 days exploring attractions in Kashgar city and its old town, such as Kashgar Bazaar, Kashgar Old City, Id Kah Mosque, Abakh Hoja Tomb, Ancient Tea House, etc., then have a day trip to Karakul Lake from Kashgar. If you want to experience something more authentic, Tashkurgan, about 3.5 hours’ drive from Kashgar, is strongly recommended.

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After Kashgar tour, you can take a flight to Urumqi to marvel at the alluring Heavenly Lake and visit the mummy and Silk Road exhibitions in Xinjiang Regional Museum, then keep traveling to Turpan to see the grape valleys, visit historical Jiaohe Ancient City, etc. For an in-depth Silk Road journey, you can travel from Kashgar to Hotan, Kuqa, Taklamakan Desert, etc., which usually need about 8~13 days. If you love landscape, don’t miss out the Kanas Lake in northern Xinjiang.

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Kashgar and Xinjiang regions can also be connected to other Silk Road destinations easily, such as Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Zhangye, Xian, etc. Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia are also some recommended extensions of Kashgar Xinjiang trip. Find recommended Silk Road tours here or contact us to tailor-make a trip of your own if you want to discover more destinations.

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Travel with China Discovery

Want to enjoy a worry-free Kashgar tour? Traveling with China Discovery is strongly recommended. Our local travel guide and driver will pick you up at the airport or train station as you arrive with an air-conditioned and non-smoking vehicle, and then escort you to your hotel or every attraction listed in your itinerary. Great freedom will be given to you whenever you need to stop for sightseeing and photography. You are sure to enjoy a comfortable, safe and efficient experience.

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Kashgar Transfer

Private Transfer from China Discovery

Recommended Kashgar Tours

Top 3 Kashgar tours chosen by most customers to explore Kashgar in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Tashkurgan Fort (Stone City Ruin) in the morning of September

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Id Kah Mosque is the most influential Islamic mosque in Xinjiang

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Urumqi / Kashgar / Karakul Lake / Tashikurgan / Kashgar

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